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  • Hi DMoney,
    Someone started a negative poll thread about SFBay because of some frank statements he made. I would like to say to you directly that I think SFBay is an excellent moderator.
    Hey sir can you delete my Leadership Post...I was pissed off don't want a 10 page thread about being an asshole..

    I tried to get into the WEZ forum and was denied. Can you explain why and what I need to do to get access to the WEZ.

    Thanks - SENAC
    DMoney, I joined the Xbox dyn that was posted here... but I can't view the thread at WEZ forum. I tried using my CIS name and login an that didn't work nor registering a new account. The new account is under LEGEND and I tried Caneswagg4life neither lets me view the forum.
    I just realized that I wouldn't know how to get your response in a PM.

    Possible you could email me with that info?

    Much thanks,

    DM, I'm kinda new to this board. Can you tell me how to know when you have a PM? Also, how to tell, looking at the list of threads, which ones you've posted in?

    Appreciate the help,D
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