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    Transfer Portal (NCAA Basketball)

    Relying on Miller inside and Sam at the stretch 4 is a scary thought
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    2020 Recruiting.

    I actually think Bill Courtney could be good for recruiting
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    Help has arrived, still more needed.

    Still unsure why we continue to not fill more ships. There’s a bunch of eggs in the Rodney Miller basket.
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    Transfer Portal (NCAA Basketball)

    Not sure what's going on with Juiston. Best available player out there and crickets.
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    Nysier Brooks

    Big get. Big time defender. Another proven big would be good; don't see Brooks getting a waiver
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    2019 recruiting

    Mom supposedly flew in from The Netherlands and went along on all three visits.
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    2019 recruiting

    Spot on points
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    Depth on the way - Keith Stone transfers to the U

    DJ is best served coming off the bench. I’d be surprised if we don’t land a quality 4.
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    Welcome: Harlond Beverly

    Man. Can’t say I’m not pleasantly surprised on this. Have to admit, I had my doubts we’d land him.
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    2019 recruiting

    Pretty much immediate playing time outside of PG to sell to any recruit interested in coming here. Far too quiet lately on the recruiting front
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    2019 recruiting

    I'd be surprised if Beverly signs with us.
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    2019 recruiting

    Not that he was coming here, but Cole Anthony cut us from his list:
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    FInal Ariz St 57 Miami 55 Thank you Lady Canes

    Not a great tourney for Hof. Bring on next season