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    Ivins: Miami making final push for Roche

    Same for Hill
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    Same argument over and over. He and Haskins were tied going into the spring game and they chose Haskins because he had more game experience. If Urban had not left, Martell would have been the starter but the new coach decided to go in a different direction with the freshman experiment so many...
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    Enos completely messed with his game and I hope he can get back to his old style of play. If it had been me, I would have said bye the minute he started messing with his grip etc.
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    Jett Duffey

    Just when I was glad this was over 🤦‍♂️
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    Julio Frenk Interview

    Admiral James Stavridis. It was between him and Frenk the last time. Stavridis loves athletics while Frenk doesn’t have a clue.
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    Inside the Mind of David Yost & His Fit with Miami

    Wouldn’t have mattered. Williams couldn’t even spot an obvious blitz off the edge but I agree it would be refreshing to see one of our QBs actually processing what is taking place on the field.
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    So what if we lost lingard AND....

    Really? Then please explain to me exactly why Cam was the one on the sideline watching Lo and Lo was gaining to get even more carries until he had the knee injury. The saddest part about the entire situation is that he was the back that stood the best chance of giving us a successful run game...
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    Lo would have been the starter this year if he hadn’t been injured. The only thing I can’t figure out now is did he never recover or did he piss Manny off because Burns ahead of a healthy Lo makes ZERO sense. Dallas is a good back with plenty of determination and leadership qualities but Lo was...
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    OC Candidates

    I agree and disagree at the same time. He did a great job in Carolina calling more plays than credited with. He put in a lot of film study and QB work at FIU and did a great job with their QB. It impressed App State enough to offer him the OC job until Buffalo snatched him up. I would like to...
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    OC Candidates

    With another cupcake schedule next year, there is no excuse for not winning 10 games. We just have to stop being the cupcake and be the one that’s hungry.
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    Never forget the Tate Martell era

    You mean just like JW looked at the beginning of the season against Fla except instead of running just stood there like a statue?
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone
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    Jon Ford

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    Emilion just committed to minnesota

    This is obviously a business decision and kid did his research. Minnesota has at least 3 legit NFL receiver prospects going to be drafted.
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    Jalen Harrell Commits

    So would Jimmy Johnson along with his feet.