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    1 million tested.

    Agree, great discussion! I just wonder why people In those conditions aren’t pushed more to get tested?
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    1 million tested.

    So they’d ideally also would like to test healthy people voluntarily? I’ve never gotten that sense.
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    1 million tested.

    About testing, why so many issues about a shortage if they're only testing really sick people. it's not like they want more test to test healthy people. thats a confusing argument being made
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    Federal social distancing guidelines extended until April 30th

    If sports with fans start by say, July would you all be willing to go out and about sans a vaccine?
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    Herbstreit doesnt think NFL or College will be played this year.....

    Depends on how you define done.
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    What if there's no season...

    Tad, I also see that as rather likely, it would make for interesting scheduling dilemma
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    Weather for tonight...

    Says 60-70% chance of rain in the gables from 4 on...
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    Ed Reed's National Signing Day Presser

    If by part time he means he’s here everyday for spring practice then we see him a few days in June then a few more in July and from August on he’s there almost everyday except say Sunday and Friday what’s wrong with that?
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    What record would erase the stench of last year?

    Especially in the minds of recruits? I say they’d need to go undefeated and make the playoff. I’m not saying they will! I’m saying that’s the remedy. I also think if we have a good season they should put fiu back on the schedule within the next 3 seasons and run up the score if possible.
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    *Two-Zero E Reed, Boi...Hired as Chief of Staff*

    If you think this was the role discussed with highsmith, you're an idiot. Also if you think Manny would muzzle or ignore Ed reed I'm pretty sure it would ONLY cost Manny, not Ed
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    Latest on Highsmith

    I think Highsmith is coming here, but I think you either have to wait til someone gets fired to know the scope of his authority. Cause the press release will sound like his hire was James’ idea.
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    Interesting tweet

    I don’t think shalala wanted to lose. However, let’s not pretend she wanted to win big either. She was heavily involved because image was everything. She seemed to firmly believed revenue generating athletes were no different than other students. Sometime after paul Dee died, the university...
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    Interesting tweet

    Who is he referring to shalala or BOT?
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    Why is this fan base obsessed with Mario Cristobal?

    The logic for wanting Mario for sane people is he knows how to recruit here and he’s recruited for the best team in the best conf. He knows the (winning) culture not the fake swag crap manny discusses. Hire Campbell or Clarke you take a step back in recruiting. Ignore his fiu stint! He reached...
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    Is Ferman calling for Cristobal?

    I think most coaches around the country see south Florida as a recruiting Bermuda Triangle. Guys like rhule and Campbell would probably turn us down because of lifestyle not money.