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    Jake Garcia gets a visit from Lashlee

    I feel it bro.. But I mean unlike UF we had countless former players reach out to him on twitter because the hashtag. Shi* I’m desperate for a top 100 QB not gonna lie
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    James Williams question

    That’s fine let them battle it out. Remember last year everyone said the same thing with Avantae. We put the press on Chase Smith(who we prolly lead for) let the Williams situation play out. If we take care of what we gotta take care of we’ll be good.
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    James Williams question

    I get everyone thinks it’s a lock but my thing is if it was over especially with the current circumstances why not commit now. Even if you look on UGA board their wondering why he’s not committed now. Let the season play out we win him and taylor in my opinion will come. **** even tonight if we...
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    Rousseau Scouting Report

    From things that I read he’s our most athletic edge that we have according to the coaches. I’m gonna watch some snaps of the freshman when I’m free to get a better feel for them but I think he can be that next guy. In my opinion that redshirt year really benefited him and us. With Williams this...
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    Rousseau Scouting Report

    We could be going on a run with first round defensive ends. Barton Simmons was talking about how in a few years we could have a special run with D-Ends. Greg and Roche may both go round 1, pray Phillips comes back is productive, and add in Harvey who coaches love we could be something special. I...
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    D’Eriq King holding teammates accountable

    I know their student athletes and they’re supposed to be working out. It’s refreshing though to have your QB holding his teammates accountable. I pray to God we have a season this year. S/o to the youngins Van Dyke and Keyshawn Smith too. I think they’re gonna be ballers in a few years
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    CB Dawson speaks on putting UM in his top 6

    My issue with Rumph is he never has back up plans. For example this cycle he offers Nathaniel Wiggins legit Rumph prototype out of Westlake in Atlanta. We don’t hear nothing about him maintains communication with him or anything. Fast forward to now Wiggins is gonna be borderline top 100 player...
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    2021 TE Elijah Arroyo Receives Miami Offer, Talks Canes (Commits!)

    TAMU just offered a tight end from Katy. Seems like they peep the writing on the wall
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    Thomas Cole

    From St. Louis Obispo(comp isn't the best) 6'6 plays basketball as well. Four-star by 247. Could be another tackle that's high potential to develop. Mainly has only Pac-12 offers right now.
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    2022 RB Raleek Brown receives offer

    Damn El, you really know the hoods everywhere. I'm from Richmond I wish we would recruit the bay more since the U holds weight out there because since DJ Williams and kids from the bay some dogs.
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    WR's Coach Candidates

    Brennan is a great coach, he coached some of my homies at St. Patrick-St. Vincent my senior year of high school in Vallejo. Great recruiter too, if he were to come here that’d fasho open up even more Cali ties in the Bay Area/Nor-Cal which would she be more of player in.
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    Jarren Williams Into The Portal

    I been helping their team for the past three years as a student assistant.. He’d fit right in 🤣
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    Henry Hattis - Stanford Transfer

    A lot of players are leaving Stanford and graduate transferring because getting into a graduate program their is so difficult. It’s not because of a “toxic” environment. Shaw is even encouraging them to evaluate their opportunities. They just lost their starting linebacker Pryts as well.
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    Joel Williams

    He is a composite four star 6'1 180 pound athlete(I prefer at corner) from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was a Florida commit and now supposedly is leaning to Kentucky. With the lack of options in state at corner, with Blake Baker Louisiana roots should we consider him...
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    It's all about the X's & O's...

    @Liberty City El do you feel like Blake should rotate your boy Sam Brooks in on 3rd and long situations while having Romeo at striker since Shaq is a liability in pass coverage?