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    Fall practice in July?

    It's pretty damn cold today ngl
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    Texas a & m football players robbed and shot

    You never know on here man😂 one second you’re getting lectured about gator disses from the 60s and the next people are debating the price of ultra tickets
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    Texas a & m football players robbed and shot

    The demographic has changed, ft Lauderdale is mostly state schools, SoBe is all private schools. Kids from NYU, Northwestern, Tufts, etc are already paying 650/night for the Delano and buying cabanas at FB. The main destination this year for UM was a Bimini package at 2k pp + drinks, casino, and...
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    Spring Practice #2

    We’re going to have a true competition now. Days 1-3 is when you hear about things like “zip” and “leadership.” We’ll know who the real leaders are once we hit days 9-12 when Enos is going full download mode on the install, and the guys feel the pressure of the decision mounting in scrimmages 2...
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    Spring Practice #2

    When am I going to see a clip of our new MS-13 hitman bouncing 10 second punts off the ceiling
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    State of Greentree field

    For those of you that don’t get on campus that often and have been wondering about the field... I’m no botanist, but it doesn’t look like we’re practicing outdoors this spring...
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    Tate approved

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    Tate approved

    Football, business, and law are all about leverage and angles 😎
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    Texas a & m football players robbed and shot

    Lauderdale had 100k+ kids on the beach last weekend for spring break, NYU posted on their barstool page they’re changing their name to UM this week Bc of all the people coming to Miami, S florida is showing out IN FORCE this break. And that means aloooooot of money. As long as serious crimes...
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    Texas a & m football players robbed and shot

    Praying for them, the only good thing about getting shot in Miami is the doctors down here are as used to treating them as Air Force PJ’s at this point.
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    Spring Practice #1 Updates

    Welcome to the time of year where people jump to conclusions based off of single reps from twitter vids. I expect all the QBs to actually develop now that they have a real proven Qb coach. Let the man at least review tape with them a couple weeks first geez.
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    All Spring practices indoor?

    If anyone’s been outside today, THIS is why the IPF is a big deal. It could rain every day of spring and fall practice (especially now that it’s been pushed back further into July) and any Floridian worth their salt wouldn’t think anything of it. IPF is a game changer.
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    LSU OLOL foundation

    Crack out the Ventôse decrees we’re reclaimin all the property in this bih
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    2019 Spring Preview: QB

    I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to two of the four listed above (disclaimer one was at a party and one was at school between classes so a very different environment and mental state). From the moment jarren opens his mouth you can tell you’re speaking to an intelligent dude. The second Kosi...