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    UPDATE: STILL MY OPINION: Hurts decision expected tomorrow/martell by Tuesday

    Hurts is here, posted up in style, and being shown around town tonight. That is all.
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    More like Team Party😂

    Passed the players waiting outside on the way to the gym, idk what mannys doing but he had that indoor field bumpin
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    The real Kurt Hester

    And he can demonstrate a drill without going into cardiac arrest
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    The real Kurt Hester

    Tired of reading threads by porsters wanting Kurt because he’s some Cajun Rambo badass. While it’s true he’s one tough SOB, he’s also a leader in his field and a desciple of a growing trend in the new El Jefe regime: Data driven analytics. Here’s a interview of Hester analyzing the NFL draft...
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    Staff Changes - 1/2 PM Update

    Ah, so you were in saltwater, yea crocks are pretty elusive unless they want you to see them....whole different ballgame with alligators though.
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    Staff Changes - 1/2 PM Update

    You obviously weren’t looking very hard....I went last weekend and had a 12 footer follow me like a puppy for 3 miles before he was finally convinced he wasn’t getting any snacks
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    Familiar face

    “You come into our house, you should get your behind kicked. You don't come into the OB playin that stuff....You can't come over to our place talking noise like that. You'll get your butt beat. I was about to go down the elevator to get in that thing.....I say, why don't we meet outside in the...
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    Larry Fedora: A Closer Look

    Miami has had significantly better talent every year on that list except for 1: 2015. When fedora had quality talent in 2015 with switzer, marquise Williams, trubitzky, and Elijah hood he beat the breaks off every team in the ACC. After rewatching the highlights from the 2015 ACC championship...
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    Ponce-Diaz 2019!

    We need this level of savagery at the U
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    4 reasons why Manny Diaz is a bad hire

    Idk how or why so many people can just “brush over” the fact that manny just came off back to back seasons where he was nominated for the Broyles award and had THE NUMBER 2 DEFENSE IN THE NATION. Top 3 defense is in no way average. The reason that hasn’t translated into better performance in big...
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    Could it be possible that Richt is actually worse than

    We beat Fla state twice because FSU is significantly worse than when golden played them not because we’re better
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    Social media culture has to change with the players and coaches

    Idk about snap, but When you have 20k+ followers 10-20 minutes isnt exactly "swift." Kids these days are addicted to social media and check it multiple times an hour (yes an hour). It was up long enough for someone to screen grab it (like a screenshot but a video for you oldtimers) and permeate...
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    The banner is flying today boys!!!!!!!!

    Starting a gofundme for Anti-aircraft installments in Blue lot. A Ukrainian surplus suppliers running a 2-1 bogo on surface to air missles. Who’s in?
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    " They don't know football "

    Not going to give this its own thread, but a friend of mine works for the team and had a opportunity to talk to some BC analysts at the game. On Miami (Offense), one said “you were the easiest team we’ve ever gameplanned against in my career.”
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    So you're Mark Richt

    Not going to insinuate anything about perry, but as someone who lives on campus, he’s someone you see buying bagel bites and gummy bears at 3am from outtakes. -someone who also buys bagel bites at 3am