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    Im sold on Feeley

    Really?! I’m in the exact opposite boat. My brother lives in Dallas while I’m in Miami and I can’t wait for my 2 years to move there. I’m tired of how rude people in Miami are to each other, and am frustrated by the lack of young professionals. My brother and his girlfriend love Dallas and after...
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    OT - Game of Thrones S8

    I have been very critical of this season up to this point, and I've read ALOT of comments and hot takes thus far, but I got to say..................THAT WAS AWESOME. I was in shock the entire episode. I honestly was speechless. I did not think they had the balls to have D go apesh*t and start...
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    Trouble in Gainesville?

    Two instances of Sexual battery, from what I’ve read
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    Gator Tears

    I hope not, punching through the wall of trailer is....well....outside, It's the rainy season, last thing we need is FEMA being called in because Cletus and Billy drowned in their own water beds. Now we're using tax dollars to go rescue cletus all bc some kid donkey punched two busted swamp...
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    OT - Game of Thrones S8

    I give up. HBO has sold out to the casual fan. The level of incompetence on display tn was absolutely painful to watch. So many things that they’ve been building up to for YEARS thrown away with nothing to show for it. Not showing the sisters reaction to learning their brother is not really a...
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    North vs South Florida game

    I’ve always wanted to see a Dade Vs Broward all-star game played at Traz Powell....that would be epic
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    New private school bill passed..

    As with most threads there's alot of trash with a few educated comments, so let's get some things straight so we can continue an actually very interesting OT conversation. I will speak to what I know about Florida schools, specifically Broward, as that's where I've lived my whole life. The...
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    OT - Game of Thrones S8

    Ok if we’re using Total War strategies here, the Dothraki would have been hidden in the woods on either side, with the unsullied phalanx in front of the walls and archers firing overtop. Once the wights crashed the phalanx Calvary rear charges and dragons vaporize everything caught between the...
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    Miami #5, but #1? Really??

    The last thing I wanted to read on CIS after a stat exam was a story on stat, but that study is retarded..... creating a coefficient based on multiplying 3rd party facts by their own ranking creates an inherent bias in the study’s data
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    OT - Game of Thrones S8

    I think a lot of people are saying these first two episodes suck because they want to see the heads start rolling so bad, which is understandable, but I believe these episodes were needed to build up the shock value
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    Orlando Spring Game

    Did they ever say a attendance estimate??
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    Orlando Spring Game

    This is my silent prayer tbh......that our oline is mediocre, so it will perform well against mediocre talent, the problem is we just have 1st rounders on our d so in practice they look like fools
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    Canes vs gaytors: The gaytarded View of Who's Better, by Position Group

    If you look at my above posts, I was pretty consistent with what angle I was comin from....I bet heavy on these games and don't like speculation and "what ifs" where I can avoid it.
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    Canes vs gaytors: The gaytarded View of Who's Better, by Position Group

    Yards and attempts in my eyes are supporting stats for the average. 1/2 a yard per carry more is HUGE. The average for both homer and DJ last year was lower than Scarlett and Perine. Across the board, their running backs performed at a higher level than ours.
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    Canes vs gaytors: The gaytarded View of Who's Better, by Position Group

    Perine and Scarlett were electric together last year, but I don’t think pierce can fill those shoes....believe me I want to see the gaytors lose more than the next cane, but to me the only thing better than seeing the Gaytors miserable come Aug. 25th, is making money off it, so for that reason I...