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  1. Says the pussy that removed his messages, so nobody can tell how much of a *** you are on your own wall lol. Thats some ***** made, ho shit if I've ever seen it. Cause you really care about your rep on this site you ***!
  2. Why you still butt hurt ho? Your neg rep was well earned. Your dumbass is evident. Keep on posting drivel.
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    Nope not mad at all we own the acc and we own the stage of florida so we will be back next year you on the other hand have no
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    I'm fine we just came off a 26 game win streak a pair of ACC championships and a national title, but I know u losers in miami been waiting 2 years for us to lose so have fun tonight but tomorrow when u wake up miami is still in a losing season
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    6 - 7 ha ha ha ha
  6. You sure seem mad lol
  7. Hey toolbox you are the one that re-engaged, mental midget, LOL. If you have 1 brain cell you would be lucky... I own you and there isn't anything you can do about it. Your my ass puppet and all I have to do is move the strings. OWNED
  8. LOL this coming from the guy that negged me 5 times a day for a week because I got you mad. you can try to down play it however you want. I'm making you mad and you can't get rid of me. You thought I cared about your ass site rep and even tried to make up afte I verbally abused you. You're just so much fun to make fun and get angry...ohyea, I forgot you're not angry lol. You're a mental midget and my's working, cause you can't stop thinking about me, ***boy
  9. LMAO @ you fucktard. You are running around repping people, 10 to be exact so you can grey bar me... like a fucking puppet on a string. Do as I say now, I need another grey bar. LOL
  10. One of your mommies must be proud of your grey bar talent, keep it going cum guzzler.
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