• Recruiting Update 1-11

    Here are a few of my thoughts as we are in the stretch run of the 2013 recruiting cycle

    **As of right now, I don't know of anybody that is scheduled to make a visit to Miami this weekend. That could of course change and we will update if anybody makes the trip unexpectedly.

    **January 18th will obviously be Miami's big visit weekend and this is the expected list thus far:

    January 18
    ATH Ray Lewis III
    OL Alex Gall
    DE Tim Williams
    TE Standish Dobard
    RB Alex Collins
    S Jamal Carter
    DB Artie Burns
    QB Kevin Olsen
    OL Denver Kirkland
    DL Dee Liner
    DT Keith Bryant
    DT Jaynard Bostwick

    One name missing from that list right now is Matthew Thomas. While he has not officially canceled his visit to USC for next weekend, I expect him to take his official to Miami along with teammate Denver Kirkland. This will be something we monitor throughout the week.

    I've had a few people ask why Miami is setting up this big weekend for the 18th, rather than later in the process so that the 'Canes get the last crack at them. I would venture to say that the staff has set it up this way so that if something comes up where one of the prospects can't make the visit that weekend, they still have two weeks to reschedule it. There's no doubt that though that the coaches set this up strategically so that all the big names left on the board come on the same weekend.

    **While Miami may not be hosting a group this weekend, many of the top targets will be visiting elsewhere. Denver Kirkland will be at USF, Keith Bryant will be at Florida State, and a trio of Matthew Thomas, Tim Williams, and Jaynard Bostwick will be at Alabama. The most worrisome visit for Miami out of these is Thomas' trip to 'Bama. The Booker T. Washington linebacker has always had the Crimson Tide up near the top of his list despite never visiting. I wouldn't be surprised to see them make a big move for Thomas and I'm told they are prepared to make a huge final push for him. Miami is still in very good shape with him, but this is just something to keep an eye.

    **While Eddie Jackson is not a Miami target at the moment, it's going to be interesting to see what transpires from his visit to Florida State this weekend. The 'Noles offered a few weeks ago and he nearly committed. The reason this is a situation of interest for Miami fans is that Jackson is very close with 'Canes target Stacy Coley, who is high on Florida State as well. Jackson was offered by Alabama this week so it remains to be seen if that will affect his decision.

    **On a positive note, Miami will hold its first junior day of 2013 this Sunday, which will include a tour of the campus, meeting with coaches, and the 8 o'clock basketball game against Maryland. It was on this day last year that Miami received commitments from Alex Collins, Keith Bryant, and Jayron Kearse, so it's not of the the question the Miami could receive a commitment. Obviously none of these are still committed to the 'Canes, but it is still a huge day nonetheless. You can find the expected visitor list here: http://canesinsight.com/showthread.p...list-(Jan-13th. A name not on that list is Quinton Flowers from Jackson, but he told me today that he will be there. I exchanged messages with a coach at Homestead and it's also a possibility that Ermon Lane will be at the event as well. We will have complete coverage and updates of the event.
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    1. CaneTillIDie's Avatar
      CaneTillIDie -
      Awesome job Pete
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      kev13108 -
      We really need Thomas!!
    1. allbouttheu83's Avatar
      allbouttheu83 -
      Peter if you had to put a percentage of how confident you are in Thomas cancelling his visit with SC and coming here the 18th. What would it be?
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      This thread makes me feel like a winner. OP is a BOSS.
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      jerzeycane -
      Feel like Bama is the biggest challenger for everyone, but what did Al say about inferiority complex?

      "What? Are we not supposed to beat Alabama down here?"
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      hasena75 -
      I don't want any commits on Junior Day. Our Junior Day Commits seem to decommit.
    1. hasena75's Avatar
      hasena75 -
      Ah who am I kidding. Let's get our 2014 class wrapped up haha.

      ALA Texas back a couple years ago when their class was done before this years signing day.
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      jerzeycane said: View Post
      Feel like Bama is the biggest challenger for everyone, but what did Al say about inferiority complex?

      "What? Are we not supposed to beat Alabama down here?"
      Que the Deon Bush in-home visit photo with Saban/Golden
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      dg151 -
      Thomas has maintained the importance of early PT throughout the process which I think will keep him from seriously considering Bama. They lose 1 guy from a stacked 2 deep and is probably 20 pounds away from being able to contribute in that defense consistently.
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      theuksu -
      Hopefully Quincy Wilson makes it to Junior Day!
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      Gamineal -
      I love the recruiting season...but these are young man and its hard to get caught up in all this until signing day...Pete great work as always
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      Lol they sent an entire cake to keefs hotel room. Smart move
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      i thought coley was visiting this weekend?
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      canesboyfromiowa said: View Post
      i thought coley was visiting this weekend?
      He already official'd in December.
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      It will be interesting to see what happens after those guys come back from that Bama visit...
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      Appreciate the update Pete.
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      Thomas mother not going to Alabama = no chance for them
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      CCity said: View Post
      Thomas mother not going to Alabama = no chance for them
      **** yeah...thanks for the info.
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      Cane Convict said: View Post
      Lol they sent an entire cake to keefs hotel room. Smart move
      They copied that **** from UM. Lol, that program is pathetic. I had never heard of FSU doing that and I know UM does.