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    Friday night was the highly anticipated matchup between the nationally ranked St. Thomas Aquinas Raiders and the Booker T. Washington Tornadoes. The game was televised on ESPN and another 6,500 in attendance watched the Raiders dominate the Tornadoes and win 35-3. With 30+ future Division I football players on the field, I take a look at some of the game' stop performers,

    St. Thomas Aquinas:

    WR Sam Bruce: Did you really expect this list to start with anyone...
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    When asked to describe his game 2017 Columbus (Fla.) linebacker Guy Thomas says he’s fast and physical. While most would assume he would compare himself to a current NFL edge rusher, Thomas was more specific with his selection.

    “I play like Lawrence Taylor because when I’m standing up I don’t think anyone can stop me or block me,” said Thomas. “I’m quick and I’m fast.”

    Thomas recently transferred to Columbus this past offseason coming from Hialeah and has noticed the talent level increase on his new team.

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    **Saturday night will be the second and final scrimmage of fall camp, so these next few days of practice hold more weight than usual, according to Head Coach Al Golden.

    “Today and tomorrow are moving day. Thursday is basically a walk-through and Friday is a game simulation for 40 minutes…This time and tomorrow, it’s time to move because when we wake up Sunday, we’re setting a team,” said Golden.

    **Golden was asked about the depth at linebacker and mentioned a freshman LB as someone who has stepped up.

    James King has been a real bright spot for us. Physical,...
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    **Quan Muhammad, Mike Badgley, and Standish Dobard were in the red no-contact jerseys today. Golden said that Muhammad and Badgley are dealing with minor hip flexors and Dobard has a hand issue. Juwon Young did not participate in practice at all due to what Golden said was an effort to reduce swelling in his foot.

    --Golden on the difference between being cautious with guys and letting them play though pain: “It’s a fine line…during that stretch of Thursday, Wednesday, Friday, they only had 30-40 reps so that’s a little healing time there. We have this next little push and then we’ll break before we get to the next scrimmage.”

    **Chad Thomas...
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    **A standout player from Thursday night’s scrimmage was TE David Njoku, who caught a pass from Brad Kaaya on a fade route near the goal line for a touchdown.

    “David is doing good. He’s 240-something pounds now and he’s got body control like a wide out, but he’s gotten tougher and stronger,” said Golden.

    --Golden on Njoku’s potential role this season: “Just think of Clive (Walford) as a sophomore where he can flex out and move and just kind of a lighter version. He’s doing a lot of those things.

    --James Coley on Njoku: “He’s a great leaper, he’s explosive, he’s fast, and he’s got great hands. I just want to see him over the course...
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    **Thursday will mark the team’s first scrimmage. Golden continued to praise the work of freshmen in practice, but noted the importance of seeing them in the live situations.

    “For us, we gotta see what happens Thursday when the lights are on and who can react without the coaches,” said Golden.

    **Golden calls these “situational scrimmages” where they put the team in different spots on the field in order “to see if they can act accordingly”.

    **The length will be “close to a half, but not quite a half.”

    **Golden explained a that although the team is focused on 3rd down, he wants them to be efficient before that, adding “don’t underestimate the effect that 1st and 2nd down have on 3rd.” He wants them avoiding 3rd and longs. ...
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    Roger Harriott and his St. Thomas Aquinas Raiders came through Miami Dolphins high school media day last weekend as one of the main attractions. With 14 of his top players accompanying him, Harriott fielded questions for nearly an hour from numerous media outlets including myself. Below is our brief Q&A session.

    Nash Williams: Coach, it's your first year at St. Thomas, but you've also won a state title at University School, what are your expectations for the team and for yourself this season? ...
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    When I first met Navaughn Donaldson, he was a 14-year old, 6-foot-3, 300-pound lineman trying to get some exposure at local Nike SPARQ combine. Fast forward a year and a half and Donaldson is a 6-foot-5, 315-pound mammoth committed to the hometown Miami Hurricanes and is just starting to show his full potential.

    "Oh well you know I had to commit to the Hurricanes because it's 'The U' and it's Miami. My mother doesn't ...
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    **Some fans had hope that Miami would speed up the pace of their offense, which was statistically one of the slowest in college football last season. Al Golden says that is not something he is concerned with, rather he would like to see an improvement on 3rd downs, where the Canes ranked 92nd in the country in conversion rate.

    “I’m not interested in that (tempo). I think for us, our time of possession was good. I think we needed to convert a couple more on third down, which would have tilted it in our favor…I think our pace was right where we wanted it to be. We mixed it up the way we wanted to, but that wasn’t the issue,” said Golden.

    --Golden said he believes it is more difficult for a defense to have to defend just one speed, which is why he does not want the offense to just go full speed ahead every play.

    “I think from our standpoint, just being a defensive coordinator, ...
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    **Day 4 of fall camp is complete. Al Golden was not available to media today due to his recruiting responsibilities with the day-long UDay recruiting event going on. Nonetheless, there was still some quotable material from speaking to players after the completion of practice. Note: Only the first 15 minutes of practice was open to the media.

    **Rayshawn Jenkins has been an early bright spot for the Canes defense through the first few days of camp. Coach Golden has mentioned positive changes that Jenkins made in the offseason during his return from back injury.

    “It was very hard as far as the consistency part to stay on top of it so that was my main focus. I didn’t want to have a setback. There are no problems right now and I feel really strong,” said...

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