Xavier Restrepo Predicts National Championship for Miami

Xavier Restrepo Predicts National Championship for Miami

Xavier Restrepo is one of the top wide receivers in South Florida in the 2020 class. The 5’10’’ 186 pound athlete recently transferred to Saint Thomas Aquinas, which is never an easy transition to make, especially academically.

“It was a huge difference but I managed to end the second semester with A's and B's.”

Just as with academics, the football field at Aquinas is more competitive.

“The biggest difference I would say is the atmosphere, and what I mean by that is just the people that I am around just want the same goal as me.”

Everybody has something that motivates them toward their goals. Restrepo refers to this as his “why.”

“Well of course my guardian angels that are watch above, but also my coaches, my teammates, my last name, all the people that doubted me, and most importantly my parents that have been grinding their whole life and that is the reason why I am where I am today.”

Restrepo was not the only receiver to transfer to Aquinas this year. He is joined by 5-star Marcus Rosemy. Rosemy and Restrepo are going to be a matchup nightmare for people these next two years at Aquinas and they are making each other better on the practice field.

“Well we both are always challenging each other with whatever we're doing. Whether it is stretching; we are seeing who can stretch the furthest, or if we're running sprints; who can beat one another, etc. We are always challenging each other and that is going to make the both of us better.”

One question everyone will be asking these two over the next 18 months is are they going to play together at the next level? As for now, we still do not know the answer.

“No we are not really concerned on that, we still have two more years. We are just concerned on contributing the most we can to the team to help us win a state championship and keep the legacy of the school going on for the upcoming classes that are looking up to us.”

Restrepo is friendly with a few current Canes such as Mike Harley, Gregory Rousseau, and others, but perhaps his biggest recruiter right now is Al Blades Jr.

“Well Al Blades Jr. I know very well and he said it's just an amazing atmosphere.”

After receiving his UM offer in late January, Restrepo visited Miami for Underclassman Day back in March.

“It was a great visit. The campus was nice and I learned a lot about it.”

On this visit, Restrepo was able to witness one of Miami’s spring football practices.

“Coaches were awesome and we got to see some live action. I wish I could've just threw on some equipment and went on the field that's how exciting it was.”

Restrepo also spoke of which receivers stood out to him the most.

“They all were doing good but the ones that stood out were Mike (Harley), number 7 (Brian Hightower), and number 18 (Lawrence Cager).

Like most recruits, Restrepo was pleasantly surprised at Miami’s 2017 season.

“They really impressed and shocked the world... hoping for a better season this year.”

As for his prediction for Miami’s upcoming 2018 season, Restrepo was not shy in where he sees UM ending up.

“They are going to go undefeated and win it all this year.”


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Need to get this kid on the field at Paradise and see what he's got.
LIked him more on defense but it seems like he wants to play offense.
LIked him more on defense but it seems like he wants to play offense.

As a little add-on, last time I spoke with X, he said he didn’t really care which position he plays at the next level, wherever the coaches think he can help most type of thing. Going off that, he also said the reason he was going to mostly play offense this season is because that’s where STA coaches told him they need him the most, and that certainly makes sense with their loaded DB’s and even Avery Huff likely playing some safety too
The alcoholic in me keeps reading his last name as Reposado.
Naw, he's More athletic, Physical, and versatile than Berrios..He's a straight Savage imo.
More athletic than berrios? That’s hard to be I dont Know about that