Wydermyer readies for official visit, updates recruitment

Wydermyer readies for official visit, updates recruitment

Stefan Adams
****inson (TX) 3-star TE Jalen Wydermyer has been a key piece of his high school team’s 6-0 start that included a 35-7 drubbing of Texas powerhouse Katy Taylor. With a 28.4 yards per catch average in 2018, Wydermyer has put on display his skills as a big play threat, but is always looking to improve his game.

“I’m having an okay year so far. Not too high, not too low,” Wydermyer said. “I have a lot more blocking highlights. I had a big game against Katy Taylor though, I had like 150 yards.”

Since he got his offer back in December of 2017, Wydermyer has been treated as a priority by UM tight ends coach Todd Hartley and, despite the distance between the two parties, their bond is still as strong as ever.

“It’s going good,” Wydermyer said of his UM recruitment. “Me and coach Hartley still talk a lot, he’s one of my favorite coaches to talk to. He asks me how my family is doing, about my classes, stuff like that.”

Wydermyer has set up his first official visit of the process during ****inson’s bye week, and that visit will go to none other than Miami. The 6’5” 230 pound target will be in Coral Gables for his first visit to UM’s campus on November 2nd weekend, when Miami takes on Duke.

“It’s going to be really awesome, I can’t wait to get out there for my official,” Wydermyer said on his UM official. “It’s probably going to be the one time I get down there before I make my decision. I want to see everything I can: the culture around the school, the coaches’ attitudes, the academics that they have. I’m thinking of majoring in criminal justice or business.”

The Canes are known for being one of the few college teams that heavily utilize their tight end and Wydermyer is very aware of that fact. True freshman tight end Brevin Jordan is second on the team in both receptions (15) and touchdowns (4) and Wydermyer has noticed.

“Yeah, I’ve been watching the season, I saw they lost a tough game (to LSU),” Wydermyer said of Miami. “I’ve seen them use the tight end a lot.”

As for other trips, Wydermyer recently took an unofficial visit to College Station to watch Texas A&M take on the Clemson Tigers last month.

“I went to the A&M-Clemson game, it was awesome,” Wydermyer said. “I liked the whole atmosphere.”

Does Wydermyer claim any leaders yet?

“No, but Miami’s still very high in the picture. They are the only official visit I have set up so far.”

Wydermyer is currently in the process of setting up his second and third official visits to Texas A&M and Ole Miss. He doesn’t know exact dates yet, but one thing is for sure: they will take place after the season so Wydermyer can focus on his senior year.

“Well, I’m not planning on taking any more officials during the season,” Wydermyer said. “I’m going to try to take my officials after the season and before the early signing period in December, but if I can’t, then I’ll wait until February to sign. My dad’s been telling me not to rush the process. So, I do want to sign in December, but we’ll have to see.”

What will it take for Miami to win him over and get him to choose the Canes in the end?

“If I fall in love with the campus, the coaching staff, and the atmosphere,” Wydermyer said. “If the coaches can show me what they can do with me on the field when I get there and what I’ll be doing, that’ll be nice.”


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Land him or Zip and we'll have 6 TEs on the roster next year (Irvin and Polendey back from knee injuries). Nice depth.
Ill take the 3 TE if we wiff on Haselwood. I also only take 1 TE next year, the kid from Naples. All 3 can be productive here if they compete n redshirt.
Exactly. If Zip is trolling, he’s gonna feel trolled once he sees Wydermyer there as well. We got picks so don’t trip.
I want both.

They can’t possibly take both with Hodges already committed right?
I’ll take either him or Zip. Def find it interesting they are visiting the same weekend.
28.4 ypc for a tight end in Texas..... Yeah he's a beast and he has 1st round potential so yes you take him. Now he's going with Zip that weekend and it's a gutcheck weekend for both guys and why? Simple you come here at te the standard is greatness and if you're not about it, if you're scared trust you'll shrink to the pressure but if you want to be a part of a legacy you'll both sign
Nice looking TE.

A lot of you are sleeping on Hodges. He's a natural football player and play maker. His film pops play after play. Only reason he's not big time is his height. All our TE's gonna have to compete with that kid to earn PT. Balla.
If he's signing in February I don't like the early visit unless he's coming to commit
Ill take the 3 TE if we wiff on Haselwood. I also only take 1 TE next year, the kid from Naples. All 3 can be productive here if they compete n redshirt.
That’s crazy. That gives us 7 TE’s with Dominic Mamarelli coming in ‘19
Would love this kid to be apart of this class. Are his parents coming on his OV?
Hartley already said UM is taking at least 2 TE's this cycle and we never know how well Irvin will recover.
Him visiting the same time as zip is exactly what UM wants for all types of reasons. Will give them a chance to form the same bond as brevin & mallory, will let both of them know the competition is real. If he wants to see how he will be used, he'll be hype than once he visit, and zip already know what time it is, for him its just a matter of is he willing to put the work in, or can he come in and beat out jordan or mallory :)

Both would actually be doing themselves a favor by signing with UM. They'll have 2 of the best tightends to learn from while they are able to get their body's right and the playbook down pat so when they come on the scene they'll start off looking like 1st round draft picks out the gate. I realized what got brevin ready so early besides his talent, going up against joe jackkson and garvin everyday in practice will do that for you!

If we end up with bogle & weaver alone, those 2 are going to wreck havoc, credit coach diaz, coach rumph, banda and jess simpson, cause the type defense we playing and have played on the big stage with recruits being able to witness it with their own eyes, this is the exact type of defense that if you Miami/South Florida/Cane(no matter what state they from)you want to play in.

I want Fsu to get back to being Fsu under coach taggart, hope they win the rest of their games, we use to dominate college football because we were always good, it wasnt just because we had good athletes, it was mainly because we had and are getting back to having the most dominant mindset. That Fsu game showed that, if perry played against lsu, that game would've been a whole lot different.

The team got down after lsu scored that first touchdown cause it didnt seem like the team believed that rosier could bring them back. With kosi, the offense/team knows they can put up points at anytime, which is why jaquan knew if the defense didnt give up no more points, we win the game.

One of the most impressive things about that Fsu game was the fact that we protected a 1 point lead (no thanks to cager) for over 11mins:30secs, lol.