What to Watch for in the Spring Game

What to Watch for in the Spring Game

It is finally here. No more recruiting updates. No more message board talk. We finally get to watch some real football. Well, at least for one day. The spring game has arrived and will be open to the public this Saturday. Here’s something to watch for at each position during the game.

QB: All eyes will be on the QB battle, and rightfully so. N’Kosi Perry has been the guy everyone has expected to challenge Malik Rosier for the job. After one scrimmage in the books, neither Perry nor Rosier performed particularly well. Although it was mostly 7 on 7, Jarren Williams did have the best day of all the quarterbacks. Look to see how many snaps Williams gets in a real 11 on 11 situation and possibly with the first team. If Williams has another strong performance, he may throw himself up there with Perry and Rosier.

RB: Running back is easily one of the deepest and most talented positions on the roster. We already know how good Travis Homer and Deejay Dallas are. As fun as those guys are to watch, it will be interesting to keep an eye on the lower part of the depth chart. How good can Robert Burns be when healthy? Is Lorenzo Lingard the real deal? We will get a glimpse of the answer to these questions on Saturday. Also, we get to see how Trayone Gray looks in his new hybrid FB/HB role.

TE: Tight end has been a weak spot on the team through spring to say the least. Help is on the way, but as far as Saturday is concerned, we will have to live with what we’ve got. Look to see if Michael Irvin, Jr. has taken a step forward and could actually challenge Brevin Jordan and Will Mallory come fall camp.

WR: Like running back, the wide receiver room is deep and loaded with talent. More talent will arrive in the summer, as well as Ahmmon Richards returning from injury. As for Saturday, here are two things to watch for. Lawrence Cager has all the tools to be a dominate receiver. Has he been able to put it all together and become that dominating presence on the field? Also, with all the talent at the wide receiver position, look to see if Richt gets creative in putting all these guys on the field together.

OL: We have arrived in the trenches. This is where football games are won and lost. The offensive line, the right tackle spot in particular, did not perform well in the first scrimmage. Look to see how they bounce back as a unit, but specifically the right tackle spot. Keep an eye on the different combinations Coach Searles uses, and who he puts in at right tackle.

DT: By all accounts, Gerald Willis has been simply unblockable this spring. If he can stay out of trouble, he could be one of the best defensive tackles in the country. While Willis will be the 3-technique, who starts beside him is yet to be answered. Watch the nose tackle position battle between Pat Bethel and Jon Ford. It is a tough challenge replacing Kendrick Norton, but one of these guys has to step up.

DE: Joe Jackson and John Garvin are studs, plain and simple. But that’s not who you should watch at the defensive end position. Freshman defensive end Greg Rousseau has been turning heads this spring. The 6’6’’ lineman is gonna be fun to watch, and that’s what I recommend you do on Saturday. Sit back and enjoy.

LB: Everyone knows how good Michael Pinkney and Shaq Quarterman are. What you should watch for on Saturday is the third linebacker spot. How will Derrick Smith perform in his hybrid S/LB role? Which one of the younger linebackers will seize the opportunity and challenge Zach McCloud for that job in the fall? This too will be fun to watch.

CB: Michael Jackson could very well be one of the best corners in the nation during the 2018 season. While it will be fun to watch him go against the great receivers we have, that’s not where you should pay the most attention. Freshmen corners D.J. Ivey and Gilbert Frierson have impressed since arriving on campus in January. Both have put on a ton of weight and really showed how good they can be during this past month of spring football. Most likely one of these two guys will start opposite of Jackson. Watch the two freshmen corners and see which one will earn the right to start, or at least gain an edge in the battle.

S: Everyone was excited to see freshman Gurvan Hall, but that will have to wait. While Hall is sidelined due to injury, there is still plenty to watch for from the safeties. One thing in particular to keep an eye on is the tackling ability of the safeties. When guys like Lorenzo Lingard and Robert Burns are running downhill at you, will guys like Amari Carter and Sheldrick Redwine step up to the challenge and bring them down? We will start find out this Saturday.

Special Teams: Freshman kicker Bubba Baxa does not arrive on campus until the summer, but there are some walk on kickers trying to prove themselves. Sophomore punter Zach Feagles needs to have a better year than last year, so that will be an area to keep an eye on.

Format: The format for the game will be 1st team offense and 2nd team defense vs 2nd team offense and 1st team defense. The teams will not have one uniform, instead the offense will be in one color and the defense will be in another. This is due to a lack of depth. 2nd team players will sub in on the first team and vice versa.

*Mark Richt said in an interview Wednesday morning that there will be no kickoffs, the offense will just start from the 25 or 30 yard line. Also, the punts will not be live. It will simply be the punter, long snapper, and punt returner.

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Neg for not knowing Williams spent time 11 v 11 with the 2's as well
He had two plays in 11 on 11. Calm down.

Great info! Thanks! It was my understanding from other write ups and Richts press conference that Williams had two sets of REPS with the 2nd team - that's the 6/8 86 yards and 2 TD (to Jeff Thomas) stats. He also had reps with the 7v7 which gave him other stats 5/8 71 yards.
Great info! Thanks! It was my understanding from other write ups and Richts press conference that Williams had two sets of REPS with the 2nd team - that's the 6/8 86 yards and 2 TD (to Jeff Thomas) stats. He also had reps with the 7v7 which gave him other stats 5/8 71 yards.
That's not how I understood it but I could be wrong. Either way I want to see him with the first team on Saturday.
Since we haven’t seen the team on the field in a while, lots of new names/faces, and some jersey number changes, it would be great to put the guys’ numbers with their name so we can follow along better in the stands on Sat. JMO. Thanks for the write up.
What kind of national brand doesn’t televise it’s Spring game?
Is this game being broadcast on TV or radio like the gaggers and fools spring games?
Spring game already here? ****, I haven't been paying attention at all TBH. I been focused on basketball SZN.
Haha tell me about it. It's all good though.
FWIW, I did go back and watch Mark Richt's post scrimmage interview. He stated Jarron got two "shots" with the 2's and was 6 of 8 passing. I'm assuming by shots he meant series, because he separated that from the work he got with the 3 unit. He was 5 of 8 with the 7v7 three unit.