Welcome to CanesInSight 2.0

Welcome to CanesInSight 2.0

Welcome to the new version of CanesInSight!

Today we moved CanesInSight from the outdate vBulletin 4 platform to the modern Xenforo 2. We know the new site is going to take some time to get used to, but we are confident the added features well make it worth it.

The number one goal of the new version was to make it easier for fans to interact. Our previous platform was outdated and not suited for browsing on the many different mobile devices that exist today. The new version of CanesInSight is responsive and will work on whatever size screen you have.

We also wanted a website that was faster, and supported modern standards. Our previous platform was slow, clunky and no longer in development. Xenforo 2 is a brand forum software, with active developers, and supports modern standards. Over the next few weeks we will make changes to our server configuration to full advantage of the new capabilities.

If you have suggestions or need help, please visit the forum below.

Comments (182)

I agree. This is awful.

Consider going back to the other format. This is legit an eye rape. It's so bad it's going to drive people away.
That might be better in the long run. Maybe it will keep more trolls away
i gotta suggestion, fix the ******* "g" in the logo. looks retarded lol. other tan that site looks solid. But I look forward to complaining about whatever goes wrong with it.
I'm sure you work really hard to improve this site but this looks more amateurish then the old version (except for the front page)

- Something I notice right off the bat. There is no tweet or Hudl button to post those direct tweet/video on the site. (or maybe I can't find it)
- The quoting is horrible IMO. It would be cool if you didn't have to expand just to read all of the quotes.
- Just now when I was writing this post I could not highlight something I wanted to erase.
- There are some flashy stuff here and there like the Emojis but there are a lot of grown men on here who don't even care about all that glittery stuff.
- The Forums also showed about 50 threads before the next page. This one shows about 20. It gets annoying when you have to keep flipping next page to find an old thread.

Not saying to not advance things but like they say.. if it ain't broke don't fix it.
My first impression was positive. Not as drastic a switch as others I've seen. But once I open a thread and try to read the posts it definitely is more harsh. I'm blinking frequently while scrolling this thread, and it's not intentional.

Also that sig type face is not large enough. I want everyone to be reminded of the stupidity of third down screen passes so I don't have to mention it as frequently. It doesn't stand out enough here.