Washington Excited to Cover Lane

Washington Excited to Cover Lane

Peter Ariz
2014 Killian CB Trumaine Washington (5’9, 175) is a player that made noise at one of the Al Golden camps in the summer, as he garnered a lot of attention from Defensive Backs Coach Paul Williams. Washington was focused on getting his weight up in the offseason.

“I put in a lot of work because when I came in it made it better for the defense. Now were locked and loaded, we’re ready. We would go to the weight room then after practice, me and JaQuan (Johnson) and Malcolm (Vandergass) would go to our neighbor’s house and lift weights.”

Washington says the Cougars have high hopes for the season.

“We want to go 10 and 0. We want to win our district and go as far as we can go. I wanna get a lot of interceptions, but I just wanna win.”

This Thursday night, Washington will be matching up with one of the top players in the country, 2014 WR Ermon Lane from Homestead.

“I’m just ready. They said Lane is the best receiver in 2014 so I’m just ready to stick him and ready to get this win. He is pretty good and all, but I’m pretty good too.”

Homestead isn’t the only game he is looking forward to on the schedule.

“I wanna play Coral Reef, they have a good receiver (Jake McCrary) and I definitely wanna play Southridge.”

Him and fellow defensive back JaQuan Johnson (2015) have developed a good relationship on the field.

“He trusts me to stick Lane and all I gotta do is say ‘JaQuan get over the top’ and he’ll say ‘I got you’ so it’s a lot of trust in our DBs.”

Washington went head-to-head with one of the current Hurricane freshmen last season at Columbus, and had this to say when asked who the best player he’s had to cover was.

“The receiver from Miramar (Malcolm Lewis). He gave me a lot of work.”

Somebody that Washington is close to is Miami safety Deon Bush, who he played with last year.

“We went to Buffalo Wild Wings and I talked to him at the camp. He just tells me that he likes it at UM and for me to keep working because he knows I wanna go there.”

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Good luck buddy.... you're gonna need it

He did a great job against Malcolm in the state semifinals last year and actually had a pick in that game
I wasn't meaning to say he couldn't do it, but with all respect to Malcom, Ermon is on a whole different level it seems. I was also thinking Ermon's size advantage could pose a significant problem for him.