Valentine Talks 'Canes

Valentine Talks 'Canes

Tito Benach
2014 Bayside (Fla.) Travonte Valentine is considered by many to be one of the best defensive tackles in the state, if not the country. Valentine displayed his talent last season by having ridiculous stats while helping his team.

“It was an alright season, we came down with a couple losses but it was alright. I had 80 tackles, 22 tackles for loss and 16 sacks.”

Valentine uses a combination of his speed and power to get to the ball carrier and talks about how he uses it.

“I just try to run the offensive linemen over and then as soon as I see the quarterback, the first thing I try to do is knock their helmet off.”

The Bayside product was previously committed to the University of Florida, but recently decommitted and spoke about what went into that decision.

“Florida is a good school, but I just want to keep my options open to look at other schools like Miami, Oklahoma and Georgia Tech.”

Other schools interested in the 6’3 286 pound tackle are UCLA, USC, Alabama, Notre Dame and FSU.

While many schools are interest in the former Florida commit, Miami is one school that piques Valentine’s interest.

“I most definitely have interest in Miami, they were my first offer since my freshman year. The tradition with Ray Lewis and the other people is great, I also had a lot of fun when I went to their camp my freshman year,It was amazing.”

Valentine recapped what his first camp experience at Miami was like with coach Franklin.

“Since I was a Freshman, I moved to work with the seniors and I was beating them and coach Franklin kept yelling, “Y’all getting beat by a freshman!, Y’all getting beat by a freshman!.” and thats when Coach Al Golden told me that he saw a bright future in me.

As far as a decision, there is one aspect that Valentine will be looking for and it’s one that is an important one for him.

“It is going to be based off my family, that’s how I will make my decision. How am I going to be treated over there, will it make me feel at home and how the city is.”

Valentine is planning a visit to Miami some time in the future.

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Yeah, i just get the feeling this guy will bea NSD guy that we have to work hard for
“I just try to run the offensive linemen over and then as soon as I see the quarterback, the first thing I try to do is knock their helmet off.”

Please, please, PLEASE get us at least 5 DTs like this guy!
believe we should move on though... Tex said he has little or NO INTEREST in us
Good stuff Tito. Seems like the guy is looking for rosters where there's room. If he can resist the $ec, or not get adopted, MIAMI might have a decent shot.
My friend goes to school with him and said that he is always taking about Florida and USC. Take that how you want to
i take it the same way i took it before. major longshot. won't come down to signing day. will be over long before signing day, as far as UM is concerned.
Well, I'd stay on...just in case. That's a **** good DT film.
Again, when it comes to these S. FL kids....Everything depends on how we perform on the field this year. I believe these kids would love to come play for this team in the early 2000s. If we bring that winning mentality back, they will not wanna leave here.
Valentine and Christmas. Those are first round DT names.