USF Game Day - Week 4

USF Game Day - Week 4

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously
The Miami Hurricanes are set to meet the USF Bulls at high noon. It's the team's first game on the road, and final one before starting ACC play.


We're undefeated, ranked in the top 15, and making our first road trip of the year. So exciting to be a Canes fan right now. Confession time; for the past 6 years or so, this is about the time of the season where I mentally check out for the season and start paying attention to NHL training camp. Now there's hope and excitement around the program. Today we have a chance to go the entire month of September without a loss. Don't laugh, we haven't gone an entire calendar month without a loss since October of 2005 when Miami beat USF, Duke, Temple, and UNC in successive weeks.


Where: Raymond James Stadium

Who: #15 Miami Hurricanes (3-0) v. USF Bulls (0-3)

When: 12:00 pm/et


4 story lines for UM in this game:

1. Can Miami shut down USF's running game?
2. Can Duke Johnson have a big day?
3. Can Miami protect Stephen Morris?
4. Can Miami get some non-offensive touchdowns?

USF's passing game leaves a lot to be desired. Former Penn State QB Steven Bench is getting the start, his first of the season. I saw him play against UVA last year, and they pretty much ran the read option every play when he was in the game. Since USF had a bye week, don't be surprised if they worked on implementing the read option the whole time. He's only appeared in 2 games for USF and the bulk of those snaps occurred against FAU where he was 8/23 for 128 yards. If we can shut down Marcus Shaw, their offense shouldn't do anything against us. USF's defensive front 7 is legit. So that will make establishing Duke in the running game, and protecting Morris from USF's defensive ends key to winning the game. USF has given up a defensive touchdown in every game this year. We lead the nation in turnover margin. Ruthlessness.

Last time they met:

Golden would probably deny it, but you could tell in his eyes that he knew UM was about to announce another self-imposed bowl ban. Not that he should be expected to reveal it to the hacks on that broadcast or anything. Still, tough spot to be in. Tough 3 years for him in fact.

What we said in our recap:

Me said:
After USF tacks on a field goal to make it 37-6, Ryan Williams comes in to relieve Stephen Morris. On the first play, Fisch calls a reverse to Phillip Dorsett up 31 points. Me likey. Later, USF jumps offsides giving Williams a free play. He's seen Morris go deep in these situations so many times he figures he'll give it a shot. He finds Kendall Thompkins and floats a pass over the DB. Thompkins makes a pretty sick diving catch with his finger-tips for a big gain.


**** of a way to go out at home by Thompkins. The drive leads to a field goal to make it 40-6. USF kicks 1 more field goal of their own to make the final score 40-9.

I forgot what a big game Thompkins had that afternoon. Also this happened:


Know your enemy: Voodoo Five

What they're saying:

Collin Sherwin said:
4. How can USF beat, or at least compete, with Miami on Saturday?

A 3 bus pile up by the 'Canes motorcade on the way to Ray Jay? Bookies paying Stephen Morris to throw the game? The NCAA finally giving you a resolution on Friday night and banning a big chunk of your team??

We have seen absolutely nothing so far that would indicate this team can even hang around with anyone in the Top 75, much less the Top 15. Hopefully some adjustments were made during the bye week and some wrinkles were put in to help cater to the talent we currently have.

One thing to look for: If the Bulls start running some screens and/or misdirections, that might mean some different things have been put in. We've been wondering where they've been to help force linemen and linebackers to at least somewhat stay in their gaps instead of just flying to the ball without any repercussions.
Those guys are all pretty depressed right now. By the way if you're interested in reading a really good and in depth recap of the USF/UM series, give this, and then this a read. It's a good read and thoroughly sums every game up from the USF perspective.

Miami Notes

1. Stephen Morris is going to play in spite of injury.
2. Beau Sandland hopes to be the next great UM tight end.
3. In 2009 Ryan Williams found out he had a long lost sister.

USF Notes

1. Willie Taggart is still optimistic about this season.
2. Former Cane and former USF assistant coach Kevin Patrick still has mixed emotions about this game.
3. This game is special for the Miami natives on USF's team.


Favorite USF related Image, Photoshop, Video or Gif:

There's too many, so I'll go with 1 of each:









Miami Roster Stuff

2 Deep Depth Chart

Miami Injuries
09/22/13QBStephen MorrisAnkleProbable
09/21/13OLShane McDermottFootDoubtful
09/02/13WRRashawn Scott
ShoulderOut Indefinitely
08/15/13OLDanny IsidoraShoulderOut Indefinitely
08/15/13OLHunter KnightonShoulderOut For Season

USF Roster Stuff

2 Deep Depth Chart

USF Injuries
09/26/13LBReshard Cliett
09/22/13DBJaQuez JenkinsUndisclosedProbable
09/22/13WRAlex MutShoulderQuestionable
09/22/13DEJulius ForteKneeQuestionable
09/22/13DBChris Bivins Jr.KneeQuestionable
09/14/13DLElkino WatsonKneeQuestionable
09/14/13OLThor JozwiakHeartQuestionable
09/14/13FBTye TurnerNeckQuestionable
09/03/13CBJalen SpencerShoulderout for season
08/22/13WRD'vario MontgomeryPersonalhas left the team

Game Day Character:

Mad Max said:
I'm the guy who keeps Mr. Dead in his pocket...



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Morris is more efficient on than road. Completing 61% of his passes, with 9 TD, and only 2 int last season. Given that he is 100% come game time. He should have a comfortable day, with options to put the ball where ever he chooses, against a lack luster opponent.
USF coach Willie Taggart, who played at Bradenton Manatee High, always admired the Hurricanes and many of their players. Did he ever visualize himself playing at UM?

“Nope!’’ Taggart said with conviction. “Not at all. Growing up, I was a florida state fan. I liked some of their players and the way they played. But they were the enemy because they played against Florida State.’’


That's fantastic! I remember seeing that, but can't believe someone caught it to make a gif. Great find Danno.

I think today is the day our O Line needs to get their **** together, and plow some running lanes. And it'd be nice to see Mo leading the way on some runs to wear these LB's out. Let's go Canes!


According to this article we are #1 in the country in turnover margin... The 2nd best stat behind wins. We roll over USF's horrible offense

Aside from anything else, if that stat alone holds to form, USF is toast. USF is #114 in turnover margin. So far they have been masters at shooting themselves in the foot.

That's fantastic! I remember seeing that, but can't believe someone caught it to make a gif. Great find Danno.

I think today is the day our O Line needs to get their **** together, and plow some running lanes. And it'd be nice to see Mo leading the way on some runs to wear these LB's out. Let's go Canes!


I don't get what is going on here? Can someone explain? Looks like a fat Canes girl and some scrawny girl next to her, but I don't know what they are doing?