Under Armour All-American Game Recap

Under Armour All-American Game Recap

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
Here are the highlights from Miami commits/targets at this year’s Under Armour All-America Game.

1st Quarter
**Denver Kirkland got the start at RT for Team Highlight. He got beat on an inside move, allowing a sack on the second drive for Team Highlight.

**Kevin Olsen AKA “Baby Jesus” started for Team Nitro, who was coached by Steve Mariucci. Olsen came out looking a little shaky on the first series, as he had three incompletions. On the second series, Olsen went 1-2 with his completion coming on a swing pass to WR Sebastian LaRue. Michigan commit Shane Morris then took over on the next series after a muffed punt by Team Highlight. Team Nitro’s offensive line wasn’t doing any favors for the QBs.

**Matthew Thomas had a tackle on a HB dive. The running back try breaking out to the outside, but Thomas was there waiting for him.

**Tim Williams made a big hit on the running back.

2nd Quarter
**Matthew Thomas had a great interception on an attempted screen pass to the running back. He read the play and showed off his closing speed to make the play. He probably should have scored, but stumbled on himself. It was a play that illustrated the combination of his instincts and athleticism.

**Kevin Olsen checked back in around the 6-minute mark for the first time since the first two series. The first pass he threw was a deep ball, which was incomplete. It looked like there was some miscommunication on the route. Despite the incompletion, it was a nicely thrown ball. On third down, Olsen tripped over himself on a play-action pass and fell down in the backfield for a 3-yard loss.

**Near the end of the half, Matthew Thomas nearly decapitated Shane Morris. Morris attempted to tuck it and run, but Thomas was right there waiting for him and picked the QB off his feet for the devastating hit.

3rd Quarter
**Kevin Olsen’s first action of the 2nd half came at the 4:30 mark. Team Nitro took over deep in their own territory. Olsen was sacked on the first play, then on the second play he threw a pass intended for Stacy Coley which was low and behind him. The third play of the series was a run play and then a punt ensued.

4th Quarter
**Olsen came back in around the 10-minute mark and was sacked on the first play of the drive while stepping up in the pocket. Like I said earlier, the offensive line wasn’t helping the QB out. On 2nd down, Olsen felt the pressure, rolled to the right, and threw a beautiful touch pass about 15-yards downfield over the head of a linebacker. It was a tough play to make, but the pass was dropped by Ryan Green.

**Artie Burns pushed Kelvin Taylor out of bounds on a 3rd down screen play near the goal-line. Burns played safety in the game.

**Olsen back in the game with 2:30 remaining. Throws two completions near the sideline for 9 yards, both to LaQuon Treadwell. On 4th and 3, Olsen hit Treadwell on a slant pass about 10 yards downfield. On the next two plays, he threw two incompletions towards the end zone. A high snap and scramble for the ball led to a 4th and 43, where Olsen attempted a Hail Mary pass.

Overall Thoughts
**Something that really stood out to me is Kevin Olsen’s size. It seems like he’s gotten bigger from when I saw him over the summer at the Al Golden camp.

**I don’t put too much stock into Olsen struggling because it’s tough for quarterbacks to get into a rhythm in these all-star games considering they are being rotated so frequently and they only have a few days to get familiar with their receivers. On the positive side, Olsen was the only QB on his team not to throw an interception. He is very polished.

**Kirkland seemed to settle in after struggling earlier in the game. I still think he is a guard all the way in college, not a tackle like he played tonight.

**Robert Nkemdiche is scary. He is the real deal.

**Ryan Green struggled mightily. He’s considered an all-purpose back, but had a horrendous day catching the ball.

**DE Chris Jones was extremely impressive. He is incredibly quick off the ball and has a nice frame and athleticism.

**Vernon Hargreaves III had a great game and the Gators got a good one.

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Agreed on Olsen's size. I was shocked when I saw him out there.

6 is definitely an instant impact guy no matter the depth or his size.
I know we were trying to get Chris Jones in for a visit but seems like a major long shot. Kid is the goods though.
"On third down, Olsen tripped over himself on a play-action pass and fell down in the backfield for a 3-yard loss. " ... lol i can't help to laugh at this.. don't get me wrong Olsen is smart enough and dedicated enough to be huge for the Canes in 2 years. but that line is hysterical!
I remember watching Hargreaves film and seeing how advanced he was at his technique you can tell he has been around the game and been groomed to play that position. His IQ about route combos, and the like is insanely high. I relate him to Patrick Peterson who was also groomed and had perfect technique on his freaking junior film. He might not be the extreme athlete peterson is (who has insane measureables) but Hargreaves has great measurables also and is a good athlete. Great player, looking forward to watching him play even though he is a slimy gator
We're spoiled by Morris, but I wish I saw a little more arm strength from Olsen.

Then again, it's college football and you don't need a cannon to win big.
These games aren't fun to watch. Just deep ball after deep ball and the defense knows it is coming.

Hopefully tomorrow AQM don's the U hat!!
That was a failed juke by Shane Morris.. Thomas destroyed him
Pretty sure I locked Coley up. Got his wristband to [no groupie]
I saw Cameron re-tweeting these:



Really impressed with Hargreaves. Would have been nice to see him in orange and green!
My recap:

Anyone not named Matthew Thomas, Vernon Hargraves the Trilogy, or Robert Nkemdiche, looked like dog ****.