UM commit Seymore excited to attend Miami-FSU, updates commitment status

UM commit Seymore excited to attend Miami-FSU, updates commitment status

Stefan Adams
2021 4-star offensive guard Laurence Seymore has been committed to Miami since March, but the Canes had been his favorite school since childhood and the Miami Central star couldn’t see himself anywhere else. In the past few months, Seymore’s commitment status has only grown stronger, and he has also developed his relationship with offensive line coach Stacy Searels.

“Things are going pretty good,” Seymore said of his UM recruitment. “They loving me, showing me love. Coach Searels, we both get along well and have a great connection.”

Last time Seymore was on campus, the 6’1” 300 pounder was dominating a talented field at Paradise Camp in July and he bullied most anyone he went up against, including the upperclassmen. Seymore made our list of top performers in the end, however, he’s already planning for an even better performance for next season’s camp.

“If you thought that was good, just watch for the upcoming Paradise Camp, it’s gonna be a movie,” Seymore said. “I’m gonna make sure I make a show.”

Seymore has claimed South Carolina and FAU as offers in the past, but recently added an offer from Louisville and is now gaining interest from Oregon as well. However, Seymore knows he has to keep improving his game to truly reach his full potential.

“I’m getting bigger and stronger, that’s my main focus,” Seymore said. “I'm also focusing on getting my max up and getting my footwork faster. My expectation is for me to be the number one player in my class and I'm going to be the leader of this recruiting class because I'm a different type of breed. I bring a different type of style and swag to the game.”

Miami Central has continued their dominant play this season and has run out to a 5-1 record, with their only loss coming in a 5 OT heartbreaker to Washington, DC powerhouse St. John’s. Despite the setback, Seymore only sees championships in the Rockets’ future.

“This year’s team is going all the way no doubt,” Seymore said. “Our bond is amazing and my performance gets better and better each week.”

After seeing Miami take on FIU two weeks back, Seymore will be making his return trip to Hard Rock Stadium to watch the Miami-FSU rivalry unfold on Saturday, along with a star-studded cast of commits and targets of course. Seymore is close with his own 2021 classmates, but is looking forward to getting to know some of the older commits that he will be teammates with in the coming years.

“It’s going to be amazing being with all the commits, just bonding,” Seymore said. “I also know some 2020 commits and two of the 2019 class and all them say they have respect for me because of the way I play.”

As for the game itself, how does Seymore see the matchup playing out?

“I’m expecting for the Miami lines on both sides to go crazy and that will let the backs go do their thing,” Seymore said. “34-12, Miami.”


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Wow! That is perhaps the most exciting interview I’ve ever heard from a commit.

He ain’t lacking confidence or ******** around. Got ****!
The sky is the limit for this future monster.
Great outlook for the future of the program. Richt looking ahead unlike some past corches. 6'1 300 lb sophomore?!
Wow! That is perhaps the most exciting interview I’ve ever heard from a commit.

He ain’t lacking confidence or ******** around. Got ****![/QUO
That is because we are back to recruiting like we're suppose to, when the "troll" shalala was around, she intentionally nuetered the football program, the recruiting focus started shifting more north and northwest of Miami, coach shannon tried to bring it back so they made sure to railroad him when it came to support so he couldnt hire a better support staff. The last moron/jersey shore crew regime were pathetic as they come, come nsd, wanted to tell everybody and they momma how great a recruiting class that was just signed, a few days later axing those same great freshmen and sophmores. Wouldnt even give them a chance to grow up, notice the difference with coach richt, imagine if gwIII was being handled by the moron regime, he'd probably be outta college football by now, claretting.

It's great having a headcoach that's from South Florida, born here, played here and understands the players, folks, it's only a matter of time, coach richt is on a mission, he has alot to prove in his mind!
This kid is 2021?? Wow I thought he was 2020! Sheesh! Man-child.
Loved the article. Kid sounds like he would slap the **** out of someone if they didn’t join him at the U. Love it
I’d love to slap your gif. Of course, I’d definitely be equal opportunity with her.