Tito’s Tidbits Pt.2

Tito’s Tidbits Pt.2

Tito Benach
Miami is still very much in play with Immokalee (Fla.) defensive back JC Jackson. Jackson was recently visited by Paul Williams and Mark D’Onofrio for an in home visit. Technically speaking, Al Golden can still visit JC Jackson for his in-home as all head coaches are granted one in-home visit per prospect. Jackson will be looking to officially visit Miami sometime in January and possibly visit Florida as well. Do not count out the Seminoles in this position. Jackson is very comfortable with their staff and they are now open to him playing defensive back, which they originally weren’t. One advantage for Miami is that his parents are in favor of the ‘Canes right now due to the close distance and appealing depth chart. This one will go on until signing day.

JUCO DL Claudeson Pelon is planning on announcing his college choice on December 18th. It looks like Miami will get his last official visit with schools like USC, Washington, UCF and Arizona State in play. This looks like a two-man race as of right now with Miami and USC in front. Washington fell out of the mix when Steve Sarkisian took the job with the Trojans and brought along defensive line coach Tosh Lupoi. If Miami can sway him enough on the opportunity for early playing time and playing in front of family, the Canes will be in great shape. Pelon is an early enrollee for those wondering.

Miami is beginning to get its early enrollee’s in place and here are the confirmed ones so far: Joe Yearby, K.C McDermott, Trevor Darling, Braxton Berrios, Brandon Powell, Juwon Young and Darrion Owens. While many may not see this as a big deal, getting these guys in early is a tremendous boost of help for Miami considering that it helps in positions of need. Miami will need to rotate one true freshman next year in the offensive line and with Darling and McDermott heading in early this gives them an opportunity to gain experience and learn the playbook earlier.

For the linebackers group, both Young and Owens are most likely going to have to play right away next year with Perryman most likely leaving to the NFL and with Jimmy Gaines and Tyrone Cornelius graduating. That leaves Miami only with Raphael Kirby, Alex Figueroa, and Thurston Armbrister as returning experienced players. Granted Jermaine Grace can step in from playing mostly special teams last year, but it’s definitely clear that Owens and Young will be called on early.

While Miami is still in the mix for Central running back Dalvin Cook, I would still expect them to push heavily for Sony Michel to take an official visit. Michel’s interest still remains low right now, but with his brother most likely staying at UMass, it opens the door for Miami to keep pushing for him. As of right now, the chances Michel officially visits are slim, but it’s something to monitor going forward.

2015 Tidbits

-From speaking with multiple people, I have confirmed that 2015 Westminster (Fla.) TE Devonaire Clarington does in fact hold an offer from Miami after some confusion on my part. Clarington is very high on Miami’s board in terms of recruits and they are mainly recruiting him as a TE.

-Staying at Westminster, keep an eye out for 2015 Westminster (Fla.) RB Jordan Cronkrite, while he currently doesn’t hold an offer, I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets one later in the year.

-After Miami finally offered Monarch (Fla.) 2015 ATH Calvin Ridley, they are in a great position already for both him and his teammate 2015 ATH Shawn Burgess-Becker. Don’t expect a commitment any time soon, but just know the Canes are sitting well right now.

-Be on the lookout for 2015 WR Jovon Durante heading into the spring. There are rumors that Durante may transfer out of Jackson which would be his 2nd transfer. I reported last April that someone told me Durante had serious grade issues, whether or not that still is the case remains to be seen, but when someone has grade concerns and has transferred twice, a red flag always pops up.

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I can't see Jc going back to FSU for the same reason Rudolph won't come back to Miami
Update: Pelon actually is an early enrollee, thats my mistake
eh i don't feel to well about pelon...he can now play for the head coach and dline coach he was already leaning to and now its at a better school
Thanks Tito, are u sure Owens is confirmed? He said in an interview on 247 that Golden's visit made him want to EE but he had to take 3 online courses and finish by Jan. Even when I read that I wondered how he could do that unless he was already taking them? Idk, I'm confused
I can't see Jc going back to FSU for the same reason Rudolph won't come back to Miami

I thought the same thing, Jackson to me has better upside at wr and unlike UM UF and FSU could easily put him at wr the day he signs his NLOI

I like him at saftey all the way... we have 4 studs coming in potentially at wide out..

cant have them all cluster facked

Exactly, Jackson sees that too so he knows he's on defense no matter what but im keeping him at cb though
Barry Jackson states in his newest article that Dixon is leaning toward Bama per a source of his. Can you confirm that?
-After Miami finally offered Monarch (Fla.) 2015 ATH Calvin Ridley, they are in a great position already for both him and his teammate 2015 ATH Shawn Burgess-Becker. Don’t expect a commitment any time soon, but just know the Canes are sitting well right now.

Tito, I have a question concerning Perryman.

So many on here are saying he is leaving early, mainly because he just had a kid. Although some on here who say they know him or his family personally and he is not leaving what so ever. I also understand some might act like "insiders".

My question is, has anyone here (you, Pete, etc) talked to him specifically or is him leaving just speculation?
Isn't that funny.

Tito's Tidbits is the name of Paranos's favorite porno.
SO, it is believed that Perryman will leave? Is this simply due to him having a child? Not being greedy or selfish for the program but I believe he would benefit from another yr of college! I know, I know... Everyone will say he aint getting any better under D'Onofrio. But I think he needs another yr and he will only improve his draft stock.
I saw on another site D'Nofrio was in NJ visiting and trying to recruit WR David Njoku. With the talented WR's we currently have and in position to secure, couldn't his time be better served sticking to defensive players. Is there no chance for Thomas Holley, Cory Johnson, Kai Hester etc? Wouldn't his time be better served 100% on the defensive side. In fact how about him not recruiting and going to some kind of DC training school.