The Work 7-17

The Work 7-17

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
**There were some reports out there that Jordan Cronkrite would be visiting Ohio State next week, but Cronkrite’s father told me today that those rumors are false. Miami coaches invited the Cronkrite family in next week to hash out any lingering issues regarding the recruitment of the RB position. I get the sense that we will hear less and less rumblings about Cronkrite being “unhappy”, especially following next week’s meeting.

**Gulliver LB Dominic Sheppard is a kid that Miami fans have been asking about recently. Sheppard does not have an offer right now and the status of a potential offer will hinge on his senior tape. Sheppard has intriguing size, but the questions about him are about his speed (5.0 40) and up to this point in his career he has not used his physicality to dominate games. Some good performances senior year could land him an offer from Miami.

**Rashad Fenton is in the same situation as Sheppard. Miami likes him, but he just is not the most explosive athlete, which has become a prerequisite to play DB under Golden. He could also earn an offer with good senior tape.

**I mentioned Ricky DeBerry last week as a prospect who had some Miami interest but would be an extremely difficult pull. While I still wouldn’t say that the Canes are the frontrunner, Miami feels very good about how DeBerry’s unofficial visit went earlier this week (Monday). It could be enough to land an official visit from him, which would then give them a real legitimate chance.

**I wanted to touch on Miami’s recruitment of Tarvarus McFadden, which I have posted about multiple times. Miami “offered” McFadden a few months back but since then have not really recruited him. Now some of you may say “Rivals has him as a 5-star and he has offers from every school in the country, why isn’t Miami on him?” First off, McFadden has not produced at the level of a 5-star up to this point in his career. Some people have speculated that Miami does not like him because of a “bad attitude”, but it has absolutely nothing to do with that. They just don’t like him as a football player. I have seen McFadden in both the camp and game settings and I tend to agree with Miami. He has the size, but is not very physical and does not run particularly well either. That is not a good combination for a defensive back.

**Miami has a legitimate chance with JUCO DL Jeremiah Ledbetter. He has emerged as one of their top targets. I will have more on that over the weekend.

**Carlton Davis is at the top of Miami’s board at corner along with Tyrek Cole. Good chance with both right now.

**Side note: It seems like people have forgotten about Corn Elder. Do not be surprised to see him starting by the middle of the season. Coaches absolutely rave about him. He will be involved in the return game as well.

**Quick note on Michael Wyche: I’ve seen some debate about what he was actually weighing right now, and I can confirm that he is at 360.

Twitter Questions
1)From @Catch_One9 - do you see yearby playing week 1
Yes, I see Yearby getting a few touches from the start. He is the 2nd most talented back on the roster and will be a great change of pace threat off the bat.

2) From @Therula99 - Why aren't the canes recruiting that 2016 4 star cb from Booker T. His film is pretty impressive also
This question is in reference to Dontye Carriere-Williams, who I have posted about a few times on here. Carriere-Williams is a supremely talented cover corner who has shined in the 7-on-7 circuit. Miami likes him, but they are waiting to see his varsity film. I would be very surprised if he does not have an offer by the middle of the season.

3)From @RBaehrle - Not recruiting related, but predictions for PR and KR this season?
I expect Stacy Coley, Corn Elder, Malcolm Lewis, Herb Waters, and Phillip Dorsett all to be involved in the return game. No surprises there.

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can wyche play at 360? Also, i heard some of the guys really like different physically, are they really doing well in weight room?
How realistic is a DB class of Carlton Davis, Cole, Irvin, and Johnson at this point?
pete you said tim irvin was going to be on campus either yesterday or today .. any info on that
He looks pretty good to be 360lbs.

At 360 and looking like that dude would have to be either 7'2" or 120% muscle. But assuming benefit of the doubt, he's an absolute monster and should provide what we need at NT.
I know wilidcat went in depth about TMac but really if you watch games dude literally have no impact. You watch him in camps and I see ...... Quincy Wilson . I think our defense can have a big upgrade if we add Ledbetter & his teammate
Porter was barely over 6 feet - Wyche is 6'4
At least we should be taking some kicks to the crib
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Good to hear on Cronkrite, but not really sure how much we should care in the long run. Assuming Walton makes it in 2015, and the other three stick, one of them is not going to see action. I'm all for using Williams creatively and keeping the miles down, but I just can't see us keeping all four happy.