The Work 6-30

The Work 6-30

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
**It seems like every year during the Al Golden era at Miami that the coaching staff has a slew of commitments that comes in around summertime, primarily because this is when prospects are visiting schools. As good as the recent haul has been, especially for the 2016 class, I am told that this stretch is not over yet. Look for a couple big dominoes to fall before fall camp begins. Here are my thoughts on each of the recent commits:

LB/DE Claude George – George is in the mold of the type of athlete Golden and staff have shown they love. He is a big, lengthy hybrid pass rusher who will come in physically ready to play out of Hutchinson C.C., one of the top JUCO programs in the country.

LB/DE Jamie Gordinier – The inevitable Jersey commit, Gordinier plays linebacker at 6-4, 230. He shows the ability to locate the ball and get to it quickly. Despite his size, he looks comfortable defending the flats and has very good change-of-direction for being so big. Will be used as a pass rusher as well.

OL Geron Christian – His highlight tape is not the most impressive I’ve seen an offensive lineman have, but his athleticism is apparent. He has the chance to be very good in a zone scheme and could really grow into a player once he receives college coaching. Needs to lower his pad level.

WR Therrell Gosier – A trend that we have seen since Golden has been here is recruiting large receivers. Not only is Gosier tall, but he has a basketball background which the staff also tends to appreciate. Gosier still has a ways to go until he is ready to take a snap at Miami, but the physical gifts are there. He is not a particularly twitchy athlete, but has nice giddy-up for his size.

K/P Drew Galitz – Highly considered as one of the top combo kickers in the nation. Big leg.

QB Jack Allison (2016) – Massive commitment, now let’s see how strong the pledge is if one of the freshmen quarterbacks show promise. I’ve seen Allison throw live and the balls that he throw are extremely crisp. Has drawn some Tom Brady comparisons…

LB Shaq Quarterman (2016) – Quarterman is the total package at MLB. He can run, hit, and cover. Quarterman and Pickney is an incredible start at the position. Miami’s chances to hold on to him probable increase due to his former teammate Darrion Owens being at Miami.

Mike Pinckney (2016) – Pinckney is another top-flight inside linebacker prospect from Florida (Jacksonville) and I am a big fan of his potential. Runs very well and has the frame to add a lot of good weight. Will be a tough fight to keep him committed.

**I want to highlight the hire of Gulliver offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Jorge Baez. I’m not sure if Miami will even announce it, but Baez will take on the role of Assistant Director of Player Personnel, which is a recruiting position. Over the past couple years, I have always talked about adding people to the staff who understand the culture at Miami and the coaches in the area. Ice Harris was a big hire in that regard, but Baez also brings a lot to the table for Miami. Gulliver is loaded with top division-1 talent over the next few years and that is mostly attributed to Baez. He has worked closely with the South Florida Express (a 7-on-7 program that Miami fans have become frustrated at over the years) and also previously worked at Ole Miss. Baez is very familiar with the camp circuit as well. His players at Gulliver were at nearly every event and he will have his ear closely attached to what is happening at these events. Big fan of his addition.

**I have posted this before but I will reiterate it. Miami’s plan with Dexter Williams has always been to use him in a variety of ways. He may be labeled as a “running back” when he gets on campus, but look for him to play a lot of receiver. Mark Walton’s reclassification was a surprise to many, so it will be very interesting to see if Williams continues to buy into the potential of this role, as it seems like he is willing to play up to this point.

**As a whole, Miami is very pleased how the freshmen who came in May have already adjusted to the work ethic required of them. Tyre Brady has been a star in team 7-on-7 work and Marques Gayot has also burst onto the scene in a big way. Joseph Yearby looks like he is back to 100% and Braxton Berrios has recovered to the point where I believe he will see the field this season. Chad Thomas is receiving the reviews that most would have expected of him. Demetrius Jackson is also reportedly extremely locked in and “eager” to learn. Courtel Jenkins came to Miami in very good shape and is looking nimble.

**Trayone Gray is not on campus, but that is no surprise. If he were to get in, it would be for the fall semester. Not all hope is lost, but as I always say with qualification/score issues, we will never know for sure until the kid is enrolled or is flat-out denied. I will continue to update the situation as it goes, but he would be used on the offensive side of the ball at receiver or running back. He is another guy who falls in the category of “offensive weapon”.

**Michael Wyche is in and began class today.

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Here's a rare picture of Wyche arriving at Miami earlier this week.
Told yall not to sleep on Gayot!! Coaches seemed to be really eager to get him on campus during the spring
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Excellent write up Pete, especially the part about Baez
Pete, I know it's early, but do you think Sam Bruce commits to Miami on July 4th.
Lol Pete has eyes everywhere!!
Awesome write up. I think pickney is solid he is a true UM fan to the care the on my difference between him and Sony is the he committed like he was supposed too. Other then that everything is positive. I believe Gray will be in fall camp. Just my hunch. This Freshman class is special man. This the class we needed desperately. A bunch of winners and go getters.
Smart to leave a Kaaya update out of the 7on7 updates. Very calculated. Great to hear the Brady looks solid too.
Pete you stated "the stretch is not over" that in regards to the 2015 class or 2016?