The Work 5-13

The Work 5-13

Peter Ariz
**The QB recruiting scenario is developing quickly and I expect the Canes to lock in on a couple of targets in the near future. Torrance Gibson is not coming to Miami and Brandon Wimbush just committed to Penn State. Who is up next? One name in the mix is Dwyer QB Daniel Parr. Parr is a personal favorite of James Coley’s and he very well could wind up being the QB in this class. I know Canes fans might not think highly of Miami’s chances with Parr due to the program’s lack of success recruiting Dwyer over the years, but I think this situation is different. Parr is still slightly under-the-radar and Miami was his first big-time offer, which will be a huge recruiting point. If he continues to progress the way Miami thinks he will, then he will garner more offers but Miami will always have the point of emphasis that they were on him first. Last recruiting cycle, we saw what happens when James Coley makes a lightly recruited QB his priority and my hunch is that we will see something similar progress here with Parr. On the field, Parr put up great numbers last season with 42 TDs and 6 INTs and helped lead Dwyer to a 7A state title. We will learn a lot about him this season when he does not have his three big weapons in Johnnie Dixon and Clint Stephens Good athlete with some juice on his ball.

**There are reports out there that suggest Carol City CB Rashad Fenton could be committing to Miami soon, but I have been told that he does not have a committabe offer at this point. Miami likes him, but would not take a commitment from him at this point. I am personally a big fan of Fenton, but Miami has prospects higher on their board at the moment

**When Quentez Johnson called Al Golden a few weeks ago to commit, Miami was stunned because they liked his upside, but had not necessarily been expecting him to commit without visiting. His decommitment was not a surprise to them because they accepted his pledge knowing it would be extremely difficult to hold on to. In my opinion, Johnson will end up at a lower-level SEC school such as Mississippi State or Kentucky.

**The first summer session begins at UM next Monday, and that means more incoming recruits will be officially beginning their college careers. Here is a list of prospects who are expected to move into their dorms over the weekend and start classes on the 19th:
Tyre Brady
Marques Gayot
Brad Kaaya
Kiy Hester
Malik Rosier
Demetrius Jackson
Chad Thomas
Courtel Jenkins
Nick Linder
Michael Wyche
Mike Smith

The second summer session begins on June 30th, where Terry McCray, David Njoku, and Darrell Langham are expected to enroll. Trayone Gray’s status is still up in the air. Any of these names are also subject to change depending on any clearinghouse issues that have not come to light.

**New Jersey WR Irvin Charles is an absolute priority for Miami right now. The coaches view him as Tyre Brady 2.0 with his size. Between Brady, Langham, Herndon, and Njoku it is obvious that they are trying to get as big as possible at the position. Berrios had to be SPECIAL to warrant an offer and he was.

**The full court press has been on Tim Irvin for some time now and I am told that his mother is really pushing for him to stay in Miami. The Canes have the upper hand at the moment.

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Do you like Parr over Tiano at this point? Skill and chances.
Are we out of it for Gibson or just your gut feeling?

No reason not to bring in the other local kid (Sunshine) with Parr if this is true. Please cut the deadweight with Crow as well.
Pete do you think our depth chart at the QB position is what's pushing Gibson away? I didn't think we had a chance at him but I thin the depth chart is the overall obstacle.

Any buzz leading up to AG's camp? Can we expect some good news?
the Irvin/Clarington/Johnson trio are going to be a very hard trio to pull. UF is fighting hard especially for Johnson
Are we out of it for Gibson or just your gut feeling?

No reason not to bring in the other local kid (Sunshine) with Parr if this is true. Please cut the deadweight with Crow as well.

I doubt that they see Crow as "deadweight" at this point, given that he is the only QB who is not a freshman without any experience in the offense. As limited as he might be, I'd feel a lot better with him on the roster until the younger guys get some experience with the offense. Bluntly, there's more to the position than talent. There's knowledge of the offense. I know it's weird to say that, but I'e seen quite a few UM QBs who had mediocre talent yet contributed significantly because of command of the offense and could manage it in a game situation.
The QB recruiting this cycle looks pretty concerning. We won't be able to afford to miss on our elite targets in 2016, especially if Kaaya doesn't redshirt.

The staff is placing too much of an emphasis on size at WR and not enough on explosiveness, IMO. Charles is obviously a talented player, but we already have Spence committed and are reportedly in good shape with Peete as well. That's three big-bodied possession receivers who don't blow the top off the coverage and have very similar profiles.

If we don't land someone like Cain, then it seems way too duplicative. We should always have speed and home run ability at the skill positions at Miami, and it seems like Carroll in particular is obsessed with size over everything else.

Really hoping that Irvin decides to stay home. Can't afford to lose him.