The Work 11-21

The Work 11-21

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
**There has been message board talk about the solidity of Demetrius Jackson’s commitment due to his interest of Arkansas. The budding pass-rushing prospect will visit Arkansas on December 13th, but based on a conversation I had with him yesterday, I would be very surprised if he switches his commitment from Miami. Staying close to him family is an important part of the decision-making process for him and one of the major reasons he is committed to the ‘Canes. Also, Jackson told me he would like to be a Pastor when his football career is over.

**I had a conversation with the brother of 2015 Miami Northwestern CB De’Andre Baker yesterday, who told me his brother is a Clemson lean right now. Baker’s brother says that as of right now, De’Andre is looking to get away from home. Miami has a lot of time to change Baker’s mind, but that is where he stands right now.

**JoJo Robinson is a name that Miami fans have been hearing about for nearly two years now. Robinson was being recruited by Miami earlier in the process, but the staff has since slowed on him so unless something changes, don’t look for him to be a ‘Cane. LSU is a very possible destination right now with the Tigers recruiting him as a defensive back. The one time I’ve seen him play DB, I was impressed. Earlier in his career, he would play only receiver but I think his money position is as a nickel/slot corner.

**I have gone through this story a few times, but just for a refresher and for those asking, here is Tyre Brady’s path to becoming a Miami Hurricane last week.

Freshman Year – Brady attended Columbus, but left due to a number of issues, but mostly because of a low GPA. I was being told by Columbus coaches and players that had seen a lot of athletes over the years, that Brady was the most physically gifted talent that had ever come through Columbus.

Sophomore Year – Brady transfers to South Dade, but needs to sit out because of grades. We continue to hear about his talent level throughout the 7-on-7 and camp circuit, but he has yet to take a snap at the varsity level.

Junior Year – After a huge summer highlighted by an MVP performance for the WR group at Miami camp, the hype begins to build for Brady heading into his junior season with his grades reportedly good to go. A few weeks before the season begins, Brady receives the news that his mother was moving to Houston and he transfers to one of the top programs in Texas, Alief Taylor. Brady plays about half of a season in Texas before moving back to Miami and plays the final 3-4 games of the season for South Dade, playing mostly safety. He made plays here and there, but still hadn’t lived up to his physical ability.

Senior Year – Continues to make waves at camps and 7-on-7 events, but at this point those who had seen him were in “wait-and-see” mode. His grades were still fine and he was working his way up to full qualifying level. This season, he has shown flashes of his potential and has put up good numbers in his first full season at the varsity level. Miami continues to recruit him mostly based on James Coley’s love for him as a prospect. His grades are now where they are supposed to be and he commits to Miami a few months after dropping Kentucky.

**I was at Booker T. Washington practice yesterday and continue to be amazed at Mark Walton’s physical progression. I saw him before the season and didn't know how much bigger he could possible get. His lower body continues to strengthen and he has the build of a “Bama running back”. The Tornadoes have heavily increased his role throughout the season, which shows their belief in him as a younger player on a veteran team. It’s been very interesting to see him spread out as a receiver as well. Miami got a great one. It will be fun to watch him against Dade County over the next two years, as the offense will be built around him.

**The talk about Travonte Valentine being “gone” needs to slow done. LSU is still coming after him, but Miami is holding them off well. Remember last year when LSU took big swings at Artie Burns and Jamal Carter? The staff knows how important Valentine is to the future of this program and they will do everything in their power to hang on to him.

**West Virginia is making a hard run at Miami commit Brandon Powell, but Powell is as solid as can be.

**Congratulations to Miami commit Braxton Berrios, who received his Under Armour All-American jersey yesterday in a ceremony at his school:

**And your weekly Brad Kaaya update...He is still coming to Miami. Nothing has changed.

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Good **** Pete, thanks.
Recruiting board = Sunshine and rainbows

Eye in the Sky = Middle motha****in Earth post-apocalyptic seizure inducing trama

Thanks Petey
" Jackson told me he would like to be a Pastor when his football career is over."

yeah after all those QB's he is going to kill, the kid will need to go religious.
Pete i have ever told you that you're the **** and and post like this is the reason why i love this site? Great job and i hope Jackson wanting to take the preacher route allows him to have a life similar to Reggie White but im hopeful
Thanks as always Pete for your hard work. You guys kill it, keep it up and you will move up quickly.

I love this recruiting class. Rather than think about who we can still land, I'm worried about keeping who we have. We suck. That can't be a good thing as Signing day approaches. How many years in a row can you sell PT before kids catch on?
The team isn't where we want it now but the recruits are coming and Al is building some sorely needed depth
Pete i have ever told you that you're the **** and and post like this is the reason why i love this site? Great job and i hope Jackson wanting to take the preacher route allows him to have a life similar to Reggie White but im hopeful

Reggie White.
Saw him on celebrity jeopardy and one of the categories was the bible.
He pulled an 0fer getting every question wrong.
Reverend Jackson delivers a sermon to the quarterback