The More You Know...About USF

The More You Know...About USF

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously

The Canes are 5-5 after ****ting themselves against Virginia of all schools. This week Miami hosts USF on senior day in their final non-conference game of the year. Things can always get worse. Supposing that they do, lets see what USF is all about and what to expect from them. Oh and I will only be referring to these guys as USF, not South Florida. They aren't located in South Florida.

1. Where they are in the standings/rankings:

Big East ConferenceConferenceOverall

Another week, another cellar dweller. If last week proved anything it was that this Miami is capable of losing to anybody, and I mean anybody. You can bet the jokes in Tampa would be happier than a pig in **** to land a steamer on our chests again to make themselves feel better. They had a bye last week after beating UConn. Lets see what UConn fans said after the game.

From: The UConn Blog

Andrew Porter said:
USF got its first two interceptions of the season -- and both came at crucial times in the fourth quarter. Jon Lejiste got the first with 6:27 left in the game. That pick led to a 50-yard field goal from Maikon Bonani to put the Bulls up 13-6.

...UConn, for the second time in four Big East games, failed to score a touchdown. The result is that the Huskies return home in sole possession of last place in the Big East and losers of four straight conference games for the first time in seven years.

Jesus that conference is a joke. Whenever you read/hear someone suggest that we never should've left the Big East, slap them in the face with the back of your hand.

2. What happened the last time Miami played USF?

From the Associated Press:

Jake Wieclaw's second field goal of the game, a 36-yarder as time expired gave Miami a 6-3 victory over USF and made the Hurricanes bowl eligible on Saturday.Wieclaw finished a clutch drive that quarterback Jacory Harris kept alive with a couple of crucial third-down conversions. The junior calmly sent the game-winner through the uprights after USF (5-5) used a pair of timeouts to try to rattle the kicker, who earlier had missed on a 41-yard attempt that was tipped.

Last year we were 5-5 and needed a victory over USF in the second-to-last game to become bowl eligible. 1 year later, we're in the exact same spot.

3. Who to be scared of:


Player to be Named Later

This is where I was gonna talk about USF's leading rusher Lindsey Lamar (Sr.), but he broke his clavicle in their loss to Syracuse. Then I was gonna talk about starting quarterback B.J. Daniels (Sr.), but he broke his leg and sprained his ankle in their win over UConn. So it really doesn't matter who I put here. After all Michael Rocco just threw for 300 yards against us, so whichever joke is the next man up these guys will probably light us up too. I'm not all that interested in looking it up. Expect "The Player to be Named Later" to set some school record against our defense this weekend. I wonder what it will be for...rushing or passing. The anticipation is killing me. I'll guess that linebacker Sam Barrington has a big game. He'll probably make 30 tackles and intercept 2 of Phillip Dorsett's passes because Fisch seems to like him throwing the ball to Morris when we get in the redzone.

4. Player that will score against us:


Andre Davis

Miami recruited the Tampa area product during Randy's last year for the 2011 class. Lack of speed was said to have been a factor in not putting the full court press on him, Randy's job security and eventual firing ended any chance of landing him and he stayed home at USF. The sophomore leads the team in receptions (38), receiving yards (478), and receiving touchdowns (6). If Bush/Perryman/Johnson don't play again this week, expect him to uphold the legacy of making our defense look like a joke.

5. Person that will **** you off:


Kayvon Webster

It seems like every team we've played this year has someone from the tri-county area on it that Randy Shannon ****ed up recruiting. Webster was part of the 2009 recruiting class and was slated to join Brandon McGee and Jamal Reid at corner. Late in the process, rumors started to surface that Webster hadn't heard from UM's coaching staff in a while. He eventually decided to take a visit to USF with some of his High School teammates at Monsignor Pace. Then on signing day he chose USF over Miami where he has been a 4 year starter. When you look back at the fact that Jamal Reid was a bust and transferred out, and McGee never really got things together until his senior hurts.

6. Official Internet meme for this game:

Sweet Brown


Just try not to embarrass yourselves.


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i was at last years game in tampa. had a wisdom tooth popping out so was in pain, hungover from the night before, and sitting there in an empty stadium pretty much so high up in that place bc thats where the UM section was that i spotted my car parked next to the yankee practice park next door. wanted to kill someone that game
I watched that video long enough to see spencer whipple. He might be top 10 worst players of this decade...that's hard.
Dan is a loyal individual. Thcik and thin, he is Dan.

He is the life-blood of any succesful organization.

Where were you when I needed you?
Dan is a loyal individual. Thcik and thin, he is Dan.

He is the life-blood of any succesful organization.

Where were you when I needed you?

Schtick sucks.


I traveled to this game last year. Even counting heartbreaking losses, this was the worst Canes game I have ever watched. Please Duke, please go off....give us something to build on for next year. Something like 500 all purpose yards would be perfect.
I'm dreading Webster or Barrington making plays against us.
If Bush/Perryman/Johnson don't play again this week, expect him to uphold the legacy of making our defense look like a joke.

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