The More You Know...About Nebraska

The More You Know...About Nebraska

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously
Miami goes on the road to face an old foe this Saturday night. Lets see what Nebraska is all about.


We've basically only played these guys in bowl games. We've also gotten the better end of that stick over the course of history, winning 3 of our 5 titles by beating them. Most of those bowl games were played in the Orange Bowl, and that's always pist off Nebraska people. They're convinced that some of those Orange Bowls would have turned out differently if they were played somewhere else. It's because of this that they're pretty amped up to beat us, regardless of the fact that we aren't a top team right now. It's pretty stupid if you ask me. It's not our fault our stadium is located where the Orange Bowl is played. No one gives USC or UCLA grief whenever they win the Rose Bowl. If an NFL team wins the Super Bowl in their home stadium, would they etch an asterisk onto the Lombardi Trophy? Of course not. It's stupid, and pretty much the biggest reason why I want Miami to win.

1. Where they are in the standings/rankings:



Those standings mean nothing because the Big Ten sucks. The thing to look at is the fact that they are ranked. Historically, Al Golden doesn't fair so well against teams ranked in the AP. He's 3-6 at UM and 3-11 all time against them, which has been talked about here ad nauseam. So now is as good of a time as any to start changing that. Nebraska is coming off a blowout road win over Fresno State. Here's what Fresno State people are saying about them:

From: The Fresno Bee


First quarter, 13:14: Fresno State had Nebraska stuck in a third-and-9 on its first possession and had a chance to get off the field. The Bulldogs went nickel, putting an extra defensive back on the field — and still left a receiver basically uncovered. Jordan Westerkamp, lined up in the slot, raced up the middle of the field and Tommy Armstrong hit him with a 70-yard TD pass — the opening salvo in a 27-point first half.


My analysis is that they're good.

2. What happened the last time Miami played Nebraska?


From the AP:

Richard Rosenblatt said:
...Dorsey opened the scoring with a 49-yard TD pass to Johnson, then found him for an 8-yard TD with about 3 1/2 minutes left in the half. Between those TD passes, Clinton Portis ran 39 yards for a touchdown, safety James Lewis returned an interception 47 yards for a score and Dorsey connected with tight end Jeremy Shockey on a 21-yard TD pass — all in 3:53...

That bolded section is probably what was so awesome about that whole game...other than winning the national title of course. That Portis TD, Lewis' pick, and Shockey's TD catch where he lined up at FB all occurred in under 4 minutes of play. Knockout punch after knockout punch. If that game took place today the announcers would be screaming, "WOORRRLLDDD STAAAARRRRRRR!!!!" into their microphones.

3. Who to be scared of:


Gary Kazanjian/Associated Press

Randy Gregory

Gregory was a Juco transfer last year from Arizona Western C.C. and led the Cornhuskers in both sacks (9.5) and tackles for loss (16.5). They line him up all over the place. As a LB in space or pinning his ears back to get the QB. Sometimes he's standing up, others he's got a hand in the ground. Here's him against Michigan last season for a frame of reference:


He banged up his knee in the season opener and missed the McNeese State game. In his absence, defensive linemen Vincent Valentine and Greg McMullen picked up the slack in the TFL and sack department. He made his return to the field last Saturday in their blowout win over Fresno State, and now that he's back, he's free to do more stuff like this:


Here are his highlights from last year:


Picture in your mind this guy lined up against Taylor Gadbois. Now go clean the **** out of your pants. We're gonna have a problem.

4. Player that will score against us:


Nati Harnik/AP

Ameer Abdullah

Abdullah is to Nebraska what Duke Johnson is for us. He's a shifty, explosive RB with great speed and vision. He provides a home run threat every time he touches the ball. They're also similar in height/weight at 5'10 and ~200 lbs. He makes their offense go, and the team relies on him to provide big plays. While this McNeese State team aren't exactly world beaters, when Nebraska HAD to score in this instance, he came through.


He had nearly 1,700 yards rushing and 9 TD's last season in 13 games (6.01 ypc). So far this year he's just shy of 400 yards with 3 TD's in 3 games (6.95 ypc). Here are his highlights from last season. There are a lot of them:


We're gonna have a problem.

5. Person that will **** you off:


Tom Osborne, and just about everyone who ever played for him

At first I was just gonna talk about Nebraska's QB Tommy Armstrong. When I see a Nebraska QB with Tommy for a first name, I can't help but think about the 1995 Orange Bowl. Then I realized that there were so many douchebags just on that team alone. For instance the biggest piece of New Jersey trash ever, Christian Peter.


Nearly 20 years later, the only thing this alcoholic and serial rapist is known for is being the lesser talented older brother of Jason Peter, who happens to be a recovering junkie. Then there's Lawrence Phillips, probably the biggest draft bust of all time. The only thing greater than the number of NFL, NFL Europe, CFL, and Arena league teams that this guy played for is the number of years he was sentenced to prison. This dude ran over 3 teenagers with his car after an argument at a pickup football game. LOL.

The biggest scumbag of them all, however, is Tom Osborne. This is the guy who never once disciplined Peter for either one of his 2 rapes of Kathy Redmond in a 2 day span. Not even after she approached the coaching staff and school about them. This led to Nebraska being named in a Title IX lawsuit. Peter also wasn't disciplined for sexually violating Melissa DeMuth after he burst into her dorm room. But good old Tom did suspend him from a scrimmage after he groped former Miss Nebraska Natalie Kuijvenhoven. Can't fondle beauty queens and get away with it. That's what you call he wrote a book about it. Then again he wasn't even talented enough to do that on his own, so he had 2 people write it all for him.


Gotta have standards...unless of course you are about to play Florida in the Fiesta Bowl. That's when you decide not to punish Lawrence Phillips for beating his ex-girlfriend, Kate McEwen, a member of the Nebraska Women's basketball team. He rationalized it all away by basically saying it would do more harm than good, and that keeping him in the structure of the program will be better for him. Better for Him? Huh? What about her? What a load of ****.

He ranks up there with Joe Paterno for guys who went through their careers having a rep for being a man of integrity, when in fact they were giant ********. This guy makes Bobby Bowden look like some kind of hard ***. When the camera cuts to his dried up, liver spotted, California Raisin face, they'll no doubt continue to talk about his decision to go for 2 in the '84 Orange Bowl as a way to undercut our title. No doubt that they'll pump up how virtuous he was to do that, while completely ignoring the fact that he is the world's biggest fan of rape and sexual assault.

**** him.

6. Some Guy:


Scott Bruhn/Nebraska Athletics

Kenny Bell

Bell is a Senior with 4 years of playing experience. He's also 'Huskers top returning wide receiver from last year and their top kick returner. Unfortunately for everyone who has to look at him, he still thinks afros are a thing.


Whatever. Here are his highlights over the course of his time at Nebraska:


He's pretty good. Expect him to make some plays against us.

7. If Nebraska was an Oscar winning Movie, they would be:


Boys Don't Cry

As I already stated, Nebraska as an institution thoroughly enjoys rape and violence against women, so this was a no brainer. The fact that the film takes place in rural Nebraska is just icing on the cake. It's also a reminder to this kid that his favorite team sucks.


This kid is at least 25 years old now. All of his friends probably make fun of him for being the biggest crybaby on television ever. Serves him right for supporting a rape club disguised as a football program.

Nebraska sucks.

8. Official Internet meme for this game:

Overly Permissive Hippie Parents



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That rape cover up thing was bad, Phillips should have been thrown out of school. Don't they have some sort of student council that hears these sort of things like Miami does, one which kicks our players from school?
Bhahahahaha Dan gotta a little chip on his shoulder!!! We back? **** Nebraska!!!
Were gonna get killed with the **** schemes and lack of coaching we have. I'm not gonna have as much hope as I did going into Louisville. We do not play well against good teams. Period.
Yeah, but can Nebraska's DE's cover WRs? I don't think so. We roll....wait, wut?
How do you feel about Nebraska? Im having a hard time understanding.
Not confident. Not sure how anyone could be given Goldens record. Really hope we play well
Salute for calling out Assborne for the slimy douchbag he is.

There isn't a big enough bag to hold all the ****s he can choke on.
Great work Dan, not feeling real confident after reading that piece and watching highlights.