The More You Know...About Louisville

The More You Know...About Louisville

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously
Miami begins 2014 with the team that ended their season last year. Let's look closer to see what has changed about them since we saw them in late December of 2013.


A lot of changes have been going on at Louisville since we last saw them. New QB, new head coach, new offensive coordinator, new defensive coordinator, new playbooks for each side of the ball, new front 7...all kinds of new stuff. If all of that upheaval wasn't tough enough to go through, we also learned that Bobby Petrino hates his new DC that he just hired. Maybe he showed him this:


They were also given a dose of bad news on Friday when their best player, DeVante Parker, injured his foot in practice.


Rob Foldy/USA Today

Petrino initially listed him day to day, but announced this afternoon that he broke a bone in his foot. The subsequent surgery and recovery will keep him out 6 to 8 weeks. Sucks for them. If you don't remember him from the bowl game, just click here to read what I wrote about him last year. Had he not been injured, he'd probably be the subject of sections 3, 4, and 5.

1. Where they finished in the standings/rankings:


Louisville finished 12-1 last season and ranked #15 in both the AP and Coaches polls. They were expected to repeat as champs of whatever they are calling that conference now, but UCF beat them in their own house. They settled for embarrassing us in the Rustled Athletic Bowl as consolation. Here's what we said about Louisville in our recap of that game:

From: Us

Me said:
...Last night is what the culmination of 4 weeks of preparation by this coaching staff looks like. I made reference to it here, as did SFbayCane here, that this game was our 1st chance to see what Al and this staff can do for bowl prep. It was exciting because it is a skill. Some coaches are great and others suck. It may only be 1 data point, but it isn't encouraging. Our team looked soft, scared, and disorganized all game. As opposed to Louisville, who played with passion, emotion, aggression, and any other "-ion" you can think of. Just the opposite of us as a program from top to bottom...including the coaching staff...


I hope that if our guys start to get slapped around we don't just take it. I mean it's one thing to avoid getting caught retaliating, but it's an entirely different thing to let a kicker put hands on you or a teammate with impunity. Now Louisville has joined us in the ACC, along with Notre Dame, to take Maryland's spot over in the Atlantic Division.


LOL at Maryland. Speaking on behalf of everyone associated with the ACC, thanks for that $31.4 million check. We'll try not to spend it all in one place. We'll spend in 14.5 places actually.

2. What happened the last time Miami played Louisville?


Al Diaz/Miami Herald

From the Palm Beach Post

Matt Porter said:
...Bridgewater, who was named MVP and heard “One more year” chants from the crowd after the game, was unflappable. He completed 35 of 45 passes and added 24 yards on six carries, including a 1-yard rushing score. He converted all four drives in the second and third quarters for touchdowns. That drained the life from Miami’s sideline and drew “Teddy” chants from the Louisville contingent among the 51,098 in attendance...

After all that, Louisville coach Charlie Strong left him in the game long enough to set career bests against his hometown team. He left him in long enough to do this against us too.



3. Who to be scared of:


Alex Mendez/Associated Press

Lorenzo Mauldin

Mauldin is from the Atlanta area, and is coming off a season where he recorded 9.5 sacks (Tied for 19th in the country) and 12 tackles for loss. He got named 2nd team All-AAC last year, and has been placed on the Nagurski Award watch list. If there's a silver lining to any of this it's that he's just 1 of 2 returning starters from Louisville's front 7. Here's him after they killed us in the bowl game.


He'll be dancing in our backfield if Gadbois or McDermott can't lockdown the right side of the offensive line Monday night. Sure would be nice to have a more established guy at RT for this game. Malcolm Bunche comes to mind. It's really just a weird twist of fate that I'm even talking about him. If you give this old Jim Rome interview a listen you will learn that we have Jadeveon Clowney to thank for that. Go to the 9:15 mark to hear why:


Thanks comma Jadeveon. Once Spurrier was confident they were going to get Clowney they had to pull somebody's scholie. They chose Lorenzo's. Mauldin's own grade problems put him at risk to begin with. He had to take the SAT/ACT over again late in the process in order to get his
qualifying score. But it was the "look at me" antics the last week or so before and after signing day in 2011 that caused South Carolina's coaches to act. Once Clowney committed a week after signing day Mauldin opened things up and eventually signed with Louisville later in the spring. All of that has allowed you to learn Mauldin is a real live person. You never know what can happen when a school holds a scholarship late for a somebody or pulls one from another. This concludes the Six Degrees of Jadeveon Clowney portion of this post.

4. Player that will score against us:


David Manning/USA Today

Dominique Brown & running game

The redshirt senior returns as Louisville's #1 back after a solid 2013 season. He's a big, tough runner that's listed at 6-2, 230 lbs. and that's what he's pretty much known for. However, he still has the speed to break long plays. Louisville also has a pretty stout offensive line with 4 returning starters from last season. 3 of those 4 returning starters received All-AAC recognition last year. If they get inside the 10 look for them to try and shove it down our throat. Besides, it's not like Petrino runs the "Air-Raid" offense. He likes to run the ball too. Sure he spreads you out, but Petrino spent some of his early years learning under John L. Smith at Idaho and Louisville. And Smith of course learned the one back offense under good ole Dennis Erickson. Here's a short clip of some of Brown's bigger plays in his career:


Michael Dyer was in that video too, but he's out with an injury.

5. Person that will **** you off:


Chris O'Meara/Associated Press

Charles Gaines

You already know Louisville has a bunch of kids from Florida on their team. Some we recruited and some we didn't. For some that was a mistake and others it was the right call. This was the wrong call. A 2-way star at Miami Central, Gaines was thought to be one of, if not the the best, CB's in Dade County for the 2011 class. Randy Shannon avoided Central back then like it was the plague for some reason. He didn't offer his teammate Devonta Freeman that year either. We know how that turned out. Gaines had an offer from Duke so don't try to play this off as some grades thing.

You won't just be mad that he got away. This dude will get you all kinds of jammed up Monday talking **** to our guys. At the bowl game he was in everyone's face looking to start a fight. Our guys looked scared of him and the rest of their secondary from then on. They completely shut down our passing game. Our whole offense too for that matter. You get the point. This was him as a Senior in High School:


Makes sense. Runs way too fast for my liking. Someone might get hurt if he doesn't slow down.

6. Some guy:


Joshua Cruey/Orlando Sentinel

James Burgess, Jr.

There are 2 reasons why this name should be familiar to you. The 1st is that his father played at UM in the mid 90's. The 2nd is that he was committed to UM for about 6 months (Homestead HS) to be in the 2012 class. He eventually flipped to Louisville a month before signing day. The consensus at the time was that his scholarship got pulled because our coaches decided to go in a different direction. They preferred their linebackers to be bigger than he was at the time. At Louisville he saw action in 10 games as a Freshman, starting 4 of them, and played a considerable amount in the Sugar Bowl win over Florida that season. Now a Junior, and listed at 6 ft, 227 lbs, Burgess is ready to build on his Sophomore campaign where he finished 3rd on the team in tackles with 71. Here's a short clip of Burgess being too small to play linebacker at Miami:


Yep, look how small he gets as he starts to decleat our running back. LOL, good call.

7. If Louisville was a dungeon in Legend of Zelda, they would be:


The Shadow Temple from Ocarina of Time

Not altogether that difficult, just frustrating and time consuming. Really emblematic of their whole program. You end up draining so much magic from having to repeatedly use your lens of truth to look for hidden paths. Really annoying. That wasted time is just like the cold hard fact that we are discussing scenarios of what needs to happen to beat a school located in a city whose name ends with -ville. Don't forget this stupid thing:


I still don't know what the **** that thing is supposed to be (or what it's called). You basically have to put yourself in an awful situation to draw it out and beat it. Kinda like losing a bunch of SoFla recruits to Louisville and then trying to beat them. That's like tying your own hand behind your back before getting into a fight. Then there's that stupid boss fight:


You have to shoot it's hands with your arrows before they start to slap you around. Once you've done that you can shoot it in the eye and kill it. This should be our new tactic with Louisville's kicker. I hate it. I really do.

8. Official Internet meme for this game:

So it begins



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Well that sucked. Not the post, but the trip down memory lane.
Now it feels like football season. As always, amazing work!
Great stuff.

I hate loserville.
More you know threads mean one thing, season is here.
God **** this **** reminded of how ****ed I was after we looked scared while they were punking us on the field.
6 days away - let's get some revenge!!!! Go out there and crack some skulls. Let's see Carter knock somebody out on the opening kickoff for old times sake! (Assuming we kickoff)
If we don't come out as strong, if not stronger, than we did against Florida last year, I'll have no faith in the rest of the season.
If we don't beat Louisville it's going to be a very long season.

I hope our staff incorporates different looks in terms of formations. Specifically, more looks to get our most pass rushers on the field (and don't just on third and long when we bring in 6 new guys and everyone in the stadium knows what we are doing) and more 4 WR sets. Creativity and Innovation is needed this year.
We better come out and play with fire and even some thuggery. Tired of watching Shalala choir boys. That mother ****** Gaines was yappin from start to end and we just laid down. New team new leaders let's ball
Long, but worth the time to read it and watch some of the videos. Very well done sir!
Good job Dan! Thanks for putting this together.