The More You Know...About Florida State

The More You Know...About Florida State

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously
Miami faces a big test in the annual meeting with Florida State. Lets see what they're all about.


It's still awesome to see us ranked #7 in the BCS. Although if you listen to ESPN we shouldn't even be ranked. Too bad we couldn't schedule Utah this year. That way we could lose to them and get ranked in the top 5. It seemed to work out for Stanford, why not us? If anyone is bitter about not moving up after Missouri's loss, this is the week to shut people up and show them we belong by winning.

1. Where they are in the standings/rankings:


Florida State got jumped by Oregon in the latest BCS rankings. I can't wait to LOL if FSU goes undefeated, but gets shut out of the BCS Title game. There's a pretty steep drop off in the rankings between Ohio State and Stanford. So it's a good thing for us that there's some big games involving top 10 teams in the next few weeks. Both Stanford/Oregon, and Baylor/Oklahoma face each other on November 7th (a Thursday night). Then Alabama faces LSU on November 9th, which is the same day that we face Virginia Tech. If we can somehow get through the next 2 weeks unscathed, we could be staring a #3 or even #2 ranking in the face by mid November.

Getting back to the 'Noles, they're coming off of a 49-17 blowout win over NC State. Here's what NC State fans are saying about the 'Noles:

From: Backing the Pack

Akula Wolf said:
...Florida State was unstoppable in the first quarter, and NCSU turnovers only compounded matters; by the time the Seminoles had a 21-0 lead halfway through the quarter, the game was over. Jameis Winston carved up some soft NC State coverage, and twice burned Juston Burris on long post-route touchdowns. It was 35-0 after one quarter, and Winston was well on his way to some insane records, had FSU wanted to keep its foot on the gas.....

No doubt this game can quickly go off the rails if our offense can't string some drives together. If our defense gets stuck out on the field like it did against Florida it could be long a night.

2. What happened the last time Miami played Florida State?


From the Associated Press:

...The Seminoles clawed back, taking a 13-10 lead at the break despite two offensive pass-interference calls -- there was a third in the second half -- and even after losing top rusher Chris Thompson to a left knee injury. Wilder's 17-yard touchdown run tied the game at 10, and Hopkins hit a 46-yard field goal to end an eventful flurry in the final seconds of the half...

James Wilder sucks. There was also this:

...The first half had a little of everything: Nine Florida State penalties, four Seminoles fumbles, two departures by the entire Miami roster for halftime before time actually expired, two coaches livid with officiating decisions made in the final 9 seconds alone, and one fan running onto the field during a play...


What a tool.

3. Who to be scared of:


Telvin Smith

Telvin Smith isn't even real. He makes plays all over the place. He'll be the guy blitzing up the A gap to force Morris into a bad decision. He'll be the guy that runs down Duke and/or Dallas to prevent them from turning the corner on the outside. He'll be the guy that blows up screen plays before they can develop. **** him. Here's some of his highlights from last year:

I forgot how much that forced fumble on Morris :)48 mark) changed last year's game around. We were near midfield after forcing a turnover and looking to add to our 10-0 lead. FSU goes the other way and finally gets on the board with a field goal. We probably still lose, but the change in momentum was obvious after that moment.

4. Player that will score against us:


Rashad Greene

Greene is a junior wide receiver out of St. Thomas Aquinas. He came out the same year as Phillip Dorsett, but showed no interest whatsoever in Miami. He's also just one of several really talented wide outs the Seminoles have at their disposal. He leads the team in receptions (39), yards (690), and touchdowns (8) through 7 games. He seems to have a knack for turning short, to intermediate passing plays into big touchdowns. His 72 yard touchdown against Clemson is an example of that:

That play reminded me of his game winner against the Hokies last year on a Thursday night game in Blacksburg. Here are his sophomore highlights:

5. Person that will **** you off:


Nick O'Leary

Nick O'Leary sucks. The only reason people even know he exists is because he's the grandson of a geriatric Buckeye golfer. His second greatest accomplishment is not dying in a motorcycle accident. Here is a video of him not dying:

That was pretty classless of him IMHO to tear up that lady's Lexus like that. It's a shame that Florida has helmet laws. That way the world could have 1 less midget-ginger.

6. Some guy:


Famous ****

Redshirt freshman Jameis Winston is having a phenomenal year. He's completed 128 of 183 passes (69.9%) for 2,177 yards. He's also got 23 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions. To top it all off he made history a couple of weeks ago when he became the 1st current college football player ever to get voted into the Hall of Fame. And who could deny his legitimacy? I mean he led his team to a blowout win over Clemson, people. No one has done that...EVER! The media credited this contrived pre-game "speech" for inspiring his teammates:

Gif that sums up that video:


What a choad.

7. Some other guy:


Timmy Jernigan

Even though they lost some guys to the NFL last year, FSU still has a lot of really good defensive players. Jernigan is the best one of their interior defensive lineman. Here are some highlights of his sophomore season:

For the past few years, Miami has struggled mightily when trying to run or pass protect against stout front 7's. This year's Florida game was proof that while it's gotten better, elite defenses are still a problem. Miami is going to have to be able to run the ball in this game to have a chance at winning. If we struggle at blocking him then it's a wrap, folks.

8. Official internet meme for this game:

Ladies, Please, Contain Your Orgasms



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I'm gonna need convincing throughout the week to feel better about this game.

I've lost all confidence in Morris to get the job done.

I also think D'ohno's unwillingness to be aggressive along with his refusal to play AQM and McCord on early downs will kill us this game.
I'm gonna need convincing throughout the week to feel better about this game.

I've lost all confidence in Morris to get the job done.

I also think D'ohno's unwillingness to be aggressive along with his refusal to play AQM and McCord on early downs will kill us this game.

what we need is this game to be sloppy as ****. I want torrential rainfall, a muddy field, a ****load of penalties and controversial calls. A complete slopfest. I want the crowd to have their jimmies rustled as we steal one in Doak.
Great stuff.
Must tackle.
Must run the ball.
Convert 3rd downs.
Win field position battle.
Win turnover battle.

**** fsu.
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I must say that Winston kid, as *** as he sounded in that video, kind of reminds me of an ALI type personality. He seems boisterous, and confident. Hopefully we can be his Frazier!

I am personally really excited to play these guys. I think we will surprise the world when we play them VERY tight. We have the ability to play with anyone and I think it will show this weekend. I am looking forward to a lot of nickel that has all three of our CB's on the field and a lot of DP smashing people like O'Leary in the face!
I want us to win like this


And then we celebrate @ Doak like this

Great work as usual, this is the game you let the big boys on the ol take you to the promise land.
No turnovers/win turnover margin
Run the ball effectively
maximize red zone opps
get it into the 4th, the 4th is ours
Great stuff.

We have no business winning this game. Which will only make it so much sweeter when we do....

Miami is going to have to be able to run the ball in this game to have a chance at winning.
Word. Do what WF did, and keep the offense on the field. Control time of possession = less Famous ****.

This is not a bad idea but it is easier said than done. Over the last two weeks we were able to keep our offense on the field in the 4th quarter and sustain closing drives that took a bunch of time off the clock.

If our OL can open up holes and Duke is healthy the whole game, this can be done.
We have to run right at stretch plays...right at them. Telvin Smith is undersized, and Jernigan isn't an overpowering DT.
Three things:

1. Tough/Physical football, the whole game. Leave it all out there.

2. No turnovers and the Morris we saw against USF.

3. Successful ground attack.


Great stuff Dan!