The Bank (11/23)

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Anyone wanna hazard a guess as to who the potential surprise might be? Nice work @DMoney
No change at QB.. Emory is it.. expects TVD and Jacurri back..didn't mention Garcia
Now Chris Johnson is most likely RB
Staff would take 2 RBs if another like Fletcher wanted to hop on board
Lyons trending towards Washington..less than 50/50 shot for us now.
Micah Mays battle with wake Forest
No change at DT.. fighting with UNC and SC for Horton and McCloud and Bain is 50/50
Big (good) news in the next week. Didn't give a name but said last time he was given this cryptic info it turned out to be McClain.
LB staquan Clark
CB damari brown is taking his time (AH) but still feels good. Possible flip of Jackson from UF is still on the board)
Didn't address OL (no update on Samson @DMoney?)