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Synopsis of Jobe-Frierson visit from today

Synopsis of Jobe-Frierson visit from today

Peter Ariz
Josh Jobe got to campus today just before noon. Mark Richt pulled him into the office for a one-on-one meeting before he came back to hang out with Banda and Rumph. After that, Diaz took Jobe for a one-on-one meeting.

Gilbert Frierson then arrived and he was there with Jobe, Banda, Rumph, Adrian Colbert (shocker), and Matt Doherty.

Richt came back to bring them into the film room with Rumph and they were watching film together. Trajan Bandy then came into the room and met with them for a while.

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You soft shouldered bytches cry about Tyson Campbell never visiting. Now we have commits visiting and you pvssies are still whining. Foh
Great to get these two on campus again

Dan Sileo approves of these visits
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