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South Florida '18- The RBs

South Florida '18- The RBs

South Florida has a rich running back tradition. Three of the Top 12 runners in the NFL last year were from Dade County. No other state had more than one. But last year's RB class was as thin as it's ever been. Now we know why-- the talent was concentrated in the Class of 2018.

I wouldn't be surprised if more than a dozen kids sign FBS scholarships, with many of them landing in the Power 5.

*NOTE- I used verified heights and weights where I could, but many of these numbers are from the athletes' sophomore years. I will update them as new measurements become available.

Camron Davis (Carol City)- 5’10, 190 lbs, 4.64*- Physical specimen. Strong build with the long speed to pull away (11.06 as a sophomore). More than a size/speed freak – he's very nimble and coordinated receiver on the 7on7 circuit. Exploded during Carol City’s run to the state title. Willis McGahee/Lamar Miller-style runner who has the horsepower to get away with lack of wiggle.


James Cook (Central)- 6', 181 lbs., 4.71* Similar burst and acceleration to his brother but not as strong. Makes fast defenses like Booker T look slow. 9.2 yards per carry. More of a slippery runner than Dalvin. Not asked to carry the load (only 68 carries). Talented receiver in camp settings.


Shaun Shivers- 5’7 169 lbs., 4.49* (Chaminade)- Home-run threat who plays to his timed speed. 10.47 100M, 21.13 200M as a sophomore. Outruns angles against good defenses. Doesn’t have much wiggle. Stocky and strong for his size. Big-time production (1,213 yards, 10.7 ypc). Competitive.

V8 Jr. Slide Shiv - Shaun Shivers highlights - Hudl

Johnny Ford- 5’5, 166 lbs.* (Coral Gables)- One of the biggest playmakers in Dade County. Whereas Shivers has track speed, Ford has electric feet similar to Darren Sproles. Despite his lack of size, Ford does most of his damage lined up in the backfield in traditional sets. Also an outstanding kick returner. Rumored to be transferring to Booker T.

JUNIOR SEASON HIGHLIGHTS - Johnny Ford highlights - Hudl

Miles Jones- 5’8, 163 lbs., 4.67* pounds (American Heritage) - Reliable playmaker with verified speed (4.53) and quickness (4.04 shuttle). Used in a variety of roles for Heritage- in the backfield, at receiver or coming across on jet sweeps. Also a good kick returner. Huge performance in the state semifinals with 101 yards rushing and 107 yards receiving. On the season, he had 1,325 all-purpose yards and 8 TDs for the state champion Patriots. Early offer from Georgia.

Junior Season Highlight - Miles Jones highlights - Hudl

Lentivone Lesane- 6’1, 186 lbs., 4.79* (Mater)- One of the more intriguing size/speed prospects in the area. Converted WR with raw, wild horse-type running style. Relative of Tommy Shuler and Denver Kirkland. High upside athlete.

HUMBLE BEAST - Lentivone Lesane highlights - Hudl

Keshaun Clarke- 5’9, 193 (Western)- First-team All-Broward pick. Tough runner with excellent balance and quick feet. Led Western to the playoffs. Conventional, squatty running back frame. Not a burner but a well-rounded back.

JUNIOR SEASON HIGHLIGHTS - Keshaun Clarke highlights - Hudl

Craig Cooper- 5’8, 168 lbs., 4.89* (Norland)- Highly productive back for McArthur who has transferred to NFL factory Norland. 1,011 yards, 7 yards per carry as a junior. Live feet with the quickness to make a man miss in the hole. Good contact balance for a slender back.


Corey Cola, Jr.- 5’8, 170 lbs., 4.78* (Park Vista)- The Johnny Ford/Shaun Shivers of Palm Beach. Elite quickness. Excellent effort and toughness. Strong for his size. First team All-County. Could project as slot receiver.


Davonne Kendrick- 5’9, 185 lbs. (Miramar)- Traditional, compact back with verified size and speed (4.61). Nothing fancy or creative, but hits the hole with vision, burst and toughness.


Keyondre White- 5’9, 216 lbs., 4.9* (Chaminade)- Versatile HB/FB who was the Thunder to Shaun Shivers’ Lightning in the Chaminade backfield. Bowling-ball runner with lower-body stoutness and good balance. Has the feet to run the ball and is also a capable blocker. I spoke to one of his old coaches who raved about his talent and attitude.


Dawson Hill- 5’11, 190 lbs.* (South Plantation)- Big-play back who ran a 11.26 as a sophomore. Missed time due to injury as a junior but had huge game against a fast Miramar defense. Likes to get to the perimeter and use his speed. Early Pitt offer.


Lawrence Papillon- 5’9, 183 lbs., 4.70* (Hallandale)- Dynamic jump cutter who reminds me of Shawnbrey McNeal. Excellent stop-and-start quickness. 942 yards (8 ypc) and 10 TDs as a junior. Like Ereck Flowers, Ryan Mayes and Kevaughn Dingle, he has since transferred from Krop to a better football school (Hallandale). Also a standout kick returner.


Te’Cory Tutson- 5’7, 150 lbs., 4.8* (Southwest)- Cousin of Frank Gore who has similar cuts in the open field. First Team All-Dade as an athlete. Contributes in all facets- 1,472 all-purpose yards, 15 TDs and 2 INTs on defense. Dangerous kickoff returner. Excellent hands. Size and lack of elite speed limits him but he is one of the better pure football players in area.


Trey Flowers- 5’9, 205 (Palmetto)- Pure power back who is very difficult to bring down. First team All-Dade. 1,023 yards (5.5 ypc) and 12 TDs. Has some quickness in the hole but not a second-level threat.


Jakyus Johnson- 5’11, 198 lbs. (Everglades)- Smooth athlete with ideal size for the position. Made a lot of noise as a young player but was set back by a knee injury as a sophomore. Runs hard. Natural in the passing game and can adjust to the ball. Could emerge if he regains top-end speed.


Jeremiah Coleman- 5’11, 190 lbs.- (South Broward) Big-bodied back with room to grow. Not elite burst but good elusiveness for his size. Reminds me of a poor-man’s Mike James.


Comments (34)

Ford just told me he has officially transferred to Booker T
Ford will be a very nice third down back and return specialist.
Excellent work, Demetrius "Big" Money. It's gonna make me a little sick to not have room for an explosive homerun threat like Shivers or Ford. Those are the kinds of guys who can steal a game for you with a KR TD.
Excellent work, Demetrius "Big" Money. It's gonna make me a little sick to not have room for an explosive homerun threat like Shivers or Ford. Those are the kinds of guys who can steal a game for you with a KR TD.

Hopefully we can make room for Shiver
No Jakari Norwood or Nate Stubbs, both over a 1000 yds and averaged over 10 yds a carry, Nate Stubbs, was All-County! Really?
Too bad some of this talent wasn't spread over the last couple of seasons. Good stuff D.

Am I the only one that laughed at "Craig" Cooper? Just remembering the Tennessee thing back in the day.
No Jakari Norwood or Nate Stubbs, both over a 1000 yds and averaged over 10 yds a carry, Nate Stubbs, was All-County! Really?

Norwood was a tough cut for me, he has speed. I may regret that one when we look back.

Stubbs definitely produced and I'll admit that Coral Springs was not exactly on my radar. IMO, his physical tools didn't pop off his highlights. But I'm hoping to see him and the other Coral Springs guys like Kaplan and Stage live now that they've gone to bigger schools.
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Are we recruiting Ford? Because damn. And the gloves.
Excellent work, Demetrius "Big" Money. It's gonna make me a little sick to not have room for an explosive homerun threat like Shivers or Ford. Those are the kinds of guys who can steal a game for you with a KR TD.

Shivers is such a gamer too. He's a guy you make room for in this class.

The only thing is that he isn't a great receiver.

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