South Florida '18- The Hybrids

South Florida '18- The Hybrids

Everyone knows South Florida is stacked at DB. But this class is also loaded with long, athletic hybrids who can get after the passer and play in space. It will be interesting to see how these guys are deployed at the next level.

* means verified measurables.

Gregory Rousseau- 6’6, 209, 4.87* (sophomore measurables) (Champagnat) One of the most unique athletes I’ve seen down here. WR/S as a junior but projects as a front-seven player. Rare fluidity and coordination at his size. Can track the ball as a receiver. Has the flexibility to break down and tackle in space. Reminds me of Dion Jordan with his length and movement skills. You don’t want to pigeonhole him to a traditional DE role. His strength is his versatility.


Patrick Joyner- 6’3, 212* (South Dade)- Keys Gate transfer who made first team All-State as a junior (18 sacks). Big-time change of direction. Can bend and strike. Manny Diaz saw him live in the spring and offered him on the spot. FSU commit.


Nik Bonitto- 6’3, 204, 4.71* (St. Thomas Aquinas)- Basketball player with spectacular movement skills. 4.26 shuttle and excellent burst. More of an athlete than a thumper. He moves well enough to convert to LB full-time like Ryan Shazier. Some locals have said he doesn’t love football. All I know is that on pure talent, he’s one of the best players in the class.

Mid-Season Highlights - Nik Bonitto highlights - Hudl

Ashtan Pierre- 6’2, 195 (Deerfield Beach)- Love this guy. Converted RB who brings major athleticism to the front seven. Three pick-6s as a DE. High-energy, physical player. Miami offer.

Randy Charlton- 6’3, 212, 5* (Southridge)- Another one of my favorites. Charlton was the best player on the field in the state semifinals against Deerfield Beach. Strong and tough. Reminds of Alabama linebackers like Ryan Anderson. Has the frame to be a healthy 6’3, 240. Not fast but a good athlete (4.38 shuttle).

Jr Season���� - Randy Charlton highlights - Hudl

D’Andre Ragin- 6’2, 204, 4.98* (St. Thomas Aquinas)- Natural pass rusher with very good bend. First team All-Dade. Transferred from Pace to join a loaded STA attack. Springy with 35-inch vertical leap. Reminds me a bit of Darrell McClover at Coconut Creek but not as fast.

Junior Season #9 (1st Team All-Dade) - D'Andre Ragin highlights - Hudl

Dwayne Boyles- 6’2, 209 (Central)- Relentless pass rusher who reminds me of Mike Smith. Plays exclusively down but projects as a LB due to size. Good get-off.

MajorNine - Dwayne Boyles highlights - Hudl

Coleman Crozier- 6’1, 230 (St. Thomas Aquinas)- Very good in a straight line. Has a high motor and wins with effort. A little tight but productive.

Dantae Banton- 6’2, 199, 5.11* (Boyd Anderson)- McArthur transfer with some ability. Better athlete than his 40 would indicate. Long frame that will develop in college. Very productive.

Sam Burton- 6'1, 220 (Spanish River)- Strong and versatile. Lines up at DT, DE, standup rusher, HB, FB and KR. Makes a lot of plays at the small school level.
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I'm just as intrigued with Rousseau as a te prospect
Thanks DMoney. That is an impressive group, to say the least.
Is Rousseau a lock at DE or is there a chance he could play TE
Is Rousseau a lock at DE or is there a chance he could play TE

They want him at the VIPER position, DE who drops back occasionally. I still think he has a chance at SLB. He moves so well in space and covers so much ground.
Is Rousseau a lock at DE or is there a chance he could play TE

Not sure if he is a lock at DE or not, but I imagine that Jordan and Mallory kind of makes it obvious that he won't be playing TE.
Ashtan Pierre ... Ashtan Pierre ..... Ashtan Pierre.

Those are my choices off that list.
Is Rousseau a lock at DE or is there a chance he could play TE

They want him at the VIPER position, DE who drops back occasionally. I still think he has a chance at SLB. He moves so well in space and covers so much ground.

Have you seen anything on film that indicates he has good tackling ability or pash rush moves? Or is Diaz going to be working from the ground up in these areas
Thx D...Joyner is the best player of the aforementioned..any chance we flip him? We all loathe FSU, but ****, they keep landing some studs..
I can imagine Kool waking up in a puddle of goo after dreaming about what he can do with Rousseau. He loves those long armed guys with good bend.

Greg Rousseau - Signed with Miami. Redshirted 2018. Arguably the best pass rusher in college football in 2019. Sat out 2020 under the guise of "COVID concerns." Drafted 1st round by Buffalo. One of the best young pass rushers in the NFL.

Patrick Joyner - Signed with Miami. Redshirted 2018, 2.5 TFLs in 3 games. Injured 2019. Reserve in 2020. Transferred to Utah State. Starter at DE last 2 seasons. He is a true 3-4 OLB but chose bad fits at both schools.

Nik Bonitto - Signed with Oklahoma. One of the best linebackers in college football. Drafted 2nd round by the Broncos.

Ashtan Pierre - Signed with Kentucky. Did not academically qualify. Unclear if he played JUCO ball or at any other school. Arrested in 2020 for going 120 mph on Sample Road with his newborn son in the backseat.

Randy Charlton - Signed with UCF. In the rotation as a true freshman. One of the better pass rushers in the conference in 2019 & 2020. Dismissed from UCF along with Antwan Collier, Kenny Turnier and Eric Mitchell after a campus police officer pulled them over and found assault rifles and marijuana. Transferred to Mississippi State. Started every game last two seasons, one of the better pass rushers in the SEC. Draft prospect.

D'Andre Ragin - Signed with Toledo. Redshirted 2018. Did not play in 2019. Backup last 3 seasons.

Dwayne Boyles - Signed with USF. In the rotation as a true freshman. Had been a starter the last 4 seasons & is one of the best linebackers in the AAC. Draft prospect.

Coleman Crozier - Decided to walk on at UF over a scholarship from Navy. Absolutely TERRIBLE decision. Redshirted 2018. Did not play in 2019. Special teamer in 2020. Did not play in 2021. Appears to have graduated and moved on.

Dantae Banton - Signed with Northwood, a DII school in Michigan. Redshirted 2018. Starter at DE in 2019. Team canceled football in 2020. Transferred to Lawrence Tech, an NAIA school in Michigan. Starter last 2 seasons, average production.

Sam Burton - Signed with Marshall. Redshirted 2018. In the rotation in 2019. Injured 2020. Starter last 2 seasons and one of the better pass rushers in the conference.