South Florida '17- The DEs

South Florida '17- The DEs

South Florida has a pretty good crop of DEs this year. There is no slam-dunk star like Joseph Jackson, but there is good depth and some high upside players.

Jordan Wright- 6’6, 210 pounds (Dillard)- Basketball player with rare length. Bats down a ton of balls and generally causes havoc with his wingspan. Still awkward at times and needs to grow into his body, but the potential is enormous. Teammate of Miami commit Jonathan Ford.


K’Jakyre Daley- 6’3, 215 pounds (Suncoast)- Natural pass rusher from Devin Hester’s old school. Elite first step. Has some similarities to All-American Eric Striker (Oklahoma has offered).


Owen Carney- 6’4, 225 pounds (Central via Miramar)- Aggressive player with a big frame and closing speed. Reminds me of a poor man’s Chad Thomas. Ran into trouble last year when he pushed Flanagan’s head coach during a heated game. Good upside.

Still Loading... - Owen Carney highlights - Hudl

DeAndre Johnson- 6’3, 220 pounds (Southridge via Killian)- Excellent balance and coordination. Plays under control. Was stabbed in his chest at school by his girlfriend but has since recovered. Not a freak athlete but a really good football player.

Junior Highlights - Deandre Johnson highlights - Hudl

Lashawn Paulino-Bell- 6’3, 235 pounds (STA via Coconut Creek)- Athletic pass rusher who reminds me physically of former Canes DE Jamaal Green. Also plays some LB and shows good change-of-direction. Potential riser now that he’s at St. Thomas.

Junior Highlights !!!!! - LASHAWN PAULINO-BELL highlights - Hudl

Deslin Alexandre- 6’6, 225 pounds (Deerfield Beach)- Like fellow Buck Jason Pierre-Paul, Alexandre is a converted basketball player with loads of raw potential. Excellent frame and some burst.

Jr Mid-Season - Deslin Alexandre highlights - Hudl

Guy Thomas- 6’4, 210 pounds (Columbus)- Flash player with very good tools and uneven production. The brother of FSU LB Matthew Thomas. Will make an eye-popping play and then disappear. Boom or bust or player at the next level.

Sackman - Guy Thomas highlights - Hudl

Noah Curtis- 6’5, 210 pounds (Palm Beach Lakes)- Versatile player who also gets snaps at QB and TE. Good athlete and productive.

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Jordan Wright is a big Miami lean right now. IF Daley is offered he'll be a 'Cane. Guy Thomas could be spectacular under Kool.
Jordan Wright is a big Miami lean right now. IF Daley is offered he'll be a 'Cane. Guy Thomas could be spectacular under Kool.

Im a big Jordan Wright fan. He has stud on the next level written all over him. I always bet big on a guy who is that size and is a stud on the basketball court and aggressive enough to play football too. Is he staying at Dillard or going to STA?
Jordan Wright is a big Miami lean right now. IF Daley is offered he'll be a 'Cane. Guy Thomas could be spectacular under Kool.

In that case, I hope we offer Daley. He shows good recognition skills and a great nose for the ball. He looks very natural and has a nice frame and long arms. Get this kid in the weight room and under Coach Kool's guidance and we could have ourselves a very nice player.
Wright, Daley and Thomas as ends

Colson, Ford and one OOS DT.

Do we all sign off on that?
Daley is an animal! Good hands and great quickness off the ball. He has a savage in him it's only right a savage coach gets his hands on him
We should be as hard after K. Daley as any defender in this class IMO. He and the other DE from Satellite should be the focus. Others are all guys with "potential" label.
1.) Wright looks like he will be a beast. Great combo of length and athleticism, with what seems like a frame to add legit weight. Want

2.) Dillard's defense looks like Dallas Carter in Friday Night Lights. Just a bunch of grown *** men out there

3.) I hope Daley's measurables are accurate, because if he can get to a decent size with that first step, then he is a must get

4.) Unbelievable how many guys are transferring schools every year
Both Daley and Wright would be excellent pick ups..
Here are some more DEs I copied from posts with permission from 247. They belong to stoutbeast. I think I have covered many but I may have left a few out. In addition, some have already been mentioned. He should be over here posting as he literally has hundreds of files of most all S. FL prospects from freshmen to seniors and many others from around the state. He showed me an email from one of the owners of CIS asking him to come over as he really like his posts.

He has been doing this for 15 years. He is not on an ego trip of who posts first or what, etc. just loves the U.

His posts contain people from so-so players to the very top. He lets the reader decide on who he likes. Also kids at this age can really grow from year to year in many instances. Some kids may have grown more or moved to other schools from what is listed below.


(2017) Jordan Wright....DE/TE...6-6/220....not super explosive but athletic
Junior Highlights - Jordan Wright highlights - Hudl

(2017)....Frendly Darelus.....DE...6-4/210....little playing time with the talent in front of him bear watching for the future
Frendy Darelus - Hudl

(2017) Stephon Zayas ...DE....6-6/210...has the height and length
Mid-Season 2015-2016 - STEPHON ZAYAS highlights - Hudl


(2019).....Btaylen Ingraham...DE...6-3/225.....good size for a freshman
Braylen Ingraham - Hudl


Hollywood Chamanade Madonna--2017 - 2019

davoan-hawkins .2018...DE..6-4/240...I like the quickness and size and he is just a sophomore
Davoan Hawkins - Hudl


christopher-whittaker ...2017....DE...6-4/250


Boynton Beach 2017
(2018)...DE...6-4/215....needs more time weight room


Jensen Beach 2018
(2018)....George Bento....DE/OLB....6-3/220..growing towards DE...grew an inch and added 20 lbs since previous year.....learning how to play DE this year.


(2017) Jarez Parks....DE...6-4/245....discus 168-8 (national elite 150)...shot put.......51-8 (national elite (50-6)...everyone is after this guy...

Now 6-5/262

Joseph Benjamin---Okeechobee...DE/DT...6-3/255....2017

(2018) James Head....DE....6-5/210... plays with leverage and is very quick and athletic......posted on him before


(2018)..Randy Charlton....DE...6-4/215...he and Head give them a real set of young talented DEs.

South Sumpter High---

(2017).... Carson Wells -DE...2017...6-4/232

Seminole Ridge
(2017) DE/DT... Dyllon Lyons - 6-5/ of the top HS wrestlers in SE Florida


Miramar High
Owen Carrey...DE....6-4/225 ....2017....NIKE Combine February 2015...40--4.86
Now 6-4/238 benching 315
Lucas Terrell .....Miramar---DE/OLB...6-3/231....2016...strong and fast... benches 355..committed to Duke 12/15/2015


Herman McCray...OLB/DE....6-5/230.....2018... is very large for his age

Cambridge Christian High
Tampa small Christian school (2018) DE...6-5/255 way over matched against smaller kids.


(2017) DE....David Lichenstein... (2017)... 6-5/240....has a very good first step, fast, and plays with leverage..

Ed White --Jacksonville

Terrence Curry...2017 Junior DT/DE..6-3/250 Ed White High School Jacksonville, FL---Now at Trinity Christian High School Jacksonville, FL


Apopka Wekiva
Dante Johnson....2017.. DE.....6-5/252......Apopka Wekiva...


Dwyer Palm Beach
Jamal Gates 2017 Sophomore DE WR ---6-2 and 215....Dwyer High School


Palm Beach Lakes

Noah Curtis 2017 Sophomore OLB...6-5 and 205...very fast and quick...needs more bulk...may grow into a DE in 2 years.
Updated---he is now 6-6/220 and a true DE


Leigh Acers--Ft. Myers
DE...2018...6-3/210........52.61--200m and 5-8 high jump as a freshman


South Miami
Angel Fandino....2017..Sophomore DE DT..6/2 and 230 South Miami Senior High School

St, Thomas Aquinas
(2017)..Nick Bosa...DE........6-4/265

(2017) Jason Dooling...DE.......6-3/255

(2018)..... caden-blanchard....DE.....6-3/230


Olympic Heights
(2018)....Chris Dascher....................DE..........6-2/225...just learning the game


Deerfield Beach
(2017)... deslin-alexandre ......DE...6-5/225


(2017)... jamari-rouse ............DE/DT....6-3/265---probably growing in to a DT has the frame


Boynton Beach
(2018)..... jason-mercier ...DE...6-4/215....needs more time weight room

Treasure Coast (9-3 record)



Western High --Broward
(2017) ......Kevin Oliver...DE...6-4/255......... transferred over this year from South Plantation


(2017)....Matthew Hanson....6-3/245...transferred over this year from South Plantation
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Lashawn Paulino-Bell is the type of DE I think we need in this class. His ceiling is NFL Hall of Famer if he sets his mind to it. Would be great to get him and red shirt him properly and get him developed. I really think we only go after one though and with coach Kool it might be a real diamond in the rough.
Lashawn Paulino-Bell- 6’3, 235 pounds (STA via Coconut Creek)- Athletic pass rusher who reminds me physically of former Canes DE Jamaal Green. Also plays some LB and shows good change-of-direction. Potential riser now that he’s at St. Thomas.

Junior Highlights !!!!! - LASHAWN PAULINO-BELL highlights - Hudl

Check out Paulino playing WR at the 2:50 mark against Gilbert Frierson. Really athletic player.

RCS Miami: WR vs. DB - Part 1 - YouTube

IMO it should be 1A and 1B between him and Jordan Wright if we only take one DE this year. I really like his possible ceiling though, could easily be the next big time draft prospect.
Career reviews

Jordan Wright - Signed with Kentucky. Redshirted first year. Backup in '18. Starter last 3 years & one of the better pass rushers in the SEC. 2022 NFL Draft prospect.

K'Jakyre Daley - Signed with Oklahoma. Redshirted 2017. Did not play in 2018. Entered portal & looks like he played at ASA Miami in 2019. Current status unclear.

Owen Carney - Lovie Smith's first commit as Illinois head coach. Part of rotation first 3 years. Came into his own last two seasons as one of the best pass rushers in the Big Ten. Draft prospect.

DeAndre Johnson - Signed with Tennessee. Part of DE rotation first 3 years. Ascended into starting spot in 2020 & led the team in sacks & TFLs. Transferred to Miami, where he was pretty much a traffic cone most of the season.

Lashawn Paulino-Bell - Signed with Michigan State. Injured in freak jetski accident in the Bahamas before he even enrolled in East Lansing & was hospitalized for some time. Redshirted in 2017. Attended JUCO in 2018 then signed with Vanderbilt, where he was part of the rotation in 2019, then opted out in 2020. Entered the portal summer 2021 and has yet to find a suitor. Status unclear.

Deslin Alexandre- Signed with Pittsburgh. Redshirted in 2017. Was a reserve in 2018. Started every game in 2019 & put up numbers. Dealt with injury in 2020, then regained his first team status in 2021. Draft prospect off size & traits, his stats have taken a hit the last 2 seasons.

Guy Thomas - Signed with Nebraska. Redshirted first year. Reserve in 2018. Enrolled in JUCO in 2019. Transferred to Colorado in 2020. Has been in the DE rotation last two seasons.

Noah Curtis - Signed with FIU. Redshirted first year, then started at DE from 2018-20. Declared for the 2021 NFL Draft. I don't even think he got a tryout.