Six Canes Drafted In Disappointing Draft

Six Canes Drafted In Disappointing Draft

The 2012 NFL Draft came to a close today when the Indianapolis Colts choose Northern Illinois QB Chandler Harnish with the 238th overall pick. It is hard to believe that a little over 4 years ago we were still celebrating Randy Shannon's number 1 recruiting class according to ESPN. Over the past 2 days six of those players and some from the 2009 class had their childhood dream finally came true...maybe 3 to 6 rounds off, but yeah they got drafted. Lets first look at who got drafted, by whom and how they contributed at Miami.

Round 3

Olivier Vernon (JR) - 3rd Round - 9th Pick (72 Overall) - Miami Dolphins

Olivier was a 4 star recruit and the 9th best DE coming out of high school in 2009 according to As a true freshman Olivier played in 11 games for the Canes and finished the season with 25 tackles (11 solo) and 1.5 sacks. His sophomore season he played in all 13 games games while recording 39 tackles (25 solo), and 6 sacks. Going into this past season there were some really big expectations on Olivier and unfortunely due to some mistakes he made in the recruiting process and early on in his UM career he was suspended. for 6 games. After his return he recorded 18 tackles and 1.5 sacks, which even for half a season was a disappointment, considering he had some help on the opposite side with true freshman Anthony Chickillo making a big impact. Olivier went in the 3rd round but had he had his house in order or came back for his senior season he could have easily been a second round pick.

Sean Spence (SR) - 3rd Round - 23rd Pick (86 Overall) - Pittsburgh Steelers

Sean was a 4 star recruit and the 5th best WLB coming out of high school. I played on the best team in the country in Miami Northwestern and he turned out to be the best out of the bunch. You can say you want about Miami these past 4 years and you can say what you want about the recruits from Miami Northwestern, but Sean Spence is a man and he played like it. Sean Spence was a leader and will be missed. He was a bit undersized and not the strongest linebacker, but he made it for it by the way the way he played the game. On past Miami teams Sean would have been the 5th or 6th guy taken and we would be talking about how much he deserved it. This year he was the second one taken, but I wish he would have been the first. Sean played in 47 games while at Miami and recording 318 tackles (170 solo). He finished with 10.5 sacks and 4 forced fumbles with 1 recovered. The Steelers got a good one and I can't wait to see how he performs at the next level.

Round 4

Lamar Miller (RS SO) - 4th Round - 2nd Pick (97 Overall) - Miami Dolphins

Lamar was a 4 start recruit and the 7th best RB coming out of Killian High School in 2009. Lamar redshirted during his freshman campaign. It is hard to believe he could have played for 2 more years at Miami. Lamar is a small but quick back and really made an impact the short time we got to see him play. There was some questions about his durability and ability to break tackles, but Lamar showed us there is no substitute for speed. Lamar finished the season with 227 rushes for 1,272 yard and 9 touchdowns. That averages out to 5.6 yards a carry and 106 years per game. Lamar had a good UM career and he had decided to come back he could have contended for the Heisman. Considering his history of shoulder injury and the length that RB tend to last in the NFL I don't many people consider it a bad decision for Lamar to leave early. He is probably the only UM player we can say this about this year.

Travis Benjamin (SR) - 4th Round - 5th Pick (100 Overall) - Cleveland Browns

Travis was a 3 star recruit and the 104th best WR coming out of Glades Central HS. Travis played in all but 1 game during his college career. It is hard not to be satisfied with how Travis's career ended up at Miami. I think you can look at it a few different ways. We got more then what the experts said we were getting when we signed Travis, but after his sophomore season we probably expected a little more out of him by the time he graduated. Who can forget his domination of FSU in 2009 when he ended the game at 274 all purpose yards which is the most since Edgerrin James 310 yards spoiled UCLA's National Championship run in the make up game in 1998. Travis ends his UM career with 131 receptions for 2,146 yards and 13 touchdowns. Travis was a big play threat at Miami and will be the same in the NFL

Round 6

Tommy Streeter (RS JR) - 6th Round - 28th Pick (198 Overall) - Baltimore Ravens

Tommy was a big time WR coming out of high school. He played football for Miami Northwestern in high school since he school did not have a team. He was a 4 star recruit and rated as the 24th best WR coming out of high school. I remember watching Northwestern play Southlake Carroll on ESPN and this was the one guy I wanted most. Tommy was a fast runner with height and could really stretch the field. I think most expected big things for Tommy at Miami. His career started off with an injury to his wrist his freshman year which caused him to redshirt. After that we heard about him each spring but didn't see much of him until this season. Tommy could have stayed for another season but instead he choose to leave and give the NFL a shot. He ended his UM career with 52 receptions for 967 yards and 9 touchdowns. The Ravens are getting a player that hasn't finished perfecting his game. If Tommy can get his route running down and produce over the middle of the field he could have a productive NFL career.

Brandon Washington (JR) - 6th Round - 30th Pick (200 Overall) - Philadelphia Eagles

Brandon was a 3 star recruit and rated as the 14th best OG coming out of Miami Northwestern where he had played for a year since transferring from Edison High School. Brandon had to prep for a year before coming to Miami. In the class of 2009 Brandon was considered the 2nd best prep player in the country. During his sophomore season Brandon really shined at guard and and won ACC Offensive Linemen of the week twice, and first team All ACC. He was switched to OT for his Junior season and playing out of position he really took a step back. Brandon will be a guard in the NFL and should do well. I understand he had some family issues that pushed him to leave early for the NFL but Brandon could have really helped himself by coming back for another season. We wish him the best of luck.


The story of this draft and is not the guys that were taken and not necessarily where they were taken but rather the guys Miami recruited in 2008 that aren't listed above. I don't even know how to desribe it, so all I can do is leave you the list.

Marcus Forsten
(JR) - Not Drafted - 5 Star Recruit - Rated as the #1 DT in the country coming out of Miami Northwestern. Skipped his senior season to be a likely undrafted free agent.

Aldarius Johnson (SR)
- Not Drafted - 5 Star Recruit - Rated as the #7 WR in the country coming out of Miami Northwestern. Suspended his senior season. Never progressed.

Marcus Robinson (SR) - Not Drafted - 4 Star Recruit - Rated as the #8 WLB in the country out of high school. Never made a big impact in college despite playing in 47 games.

Arthur Brown and Gavin Hardin who were 5 and 4 star recruits never made it to this point with Miami. I won't list all the 3 star players that didn't live up to expections as you get the point. I think the future is bright for Miami but today we have to think we could've and should've have been. Go Canes!!!


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I think a lot of these guys took things for granite. I wish them all the best of look and really hope they finish their degree.
Uh...wasn't Holton playing fullback for us during spring ball til he got hurt a few weeks ago?
This class of draftees was the culmination of all the years of awful recruiting, worse coaching, and a caricature of what Miami is all about. "The U" is essentially a parody of the real University of Miami. All of these kids declaring for the draft is a parody of the great Miami teams were you'd have droves of NFL prospects declare or simply be available for NFL teams. Regardless of their personal circumstances, not a single one was ready to go to the NFL. If they are the types of kids that want their work to come with a paycheck, they'll be shocked when that second contract never comes.

Just need to get away from the culture this University has surrounding its football program that runs so deep. It truly is a parody of what it was. There is nothing anyone on this team has done for years to warrant leaving early and the whole mindset of these players leaving to make their work count toward a paycheck might just be a generational thinking, but its permeated this culture and its sickening, really.
Billy Furman ‏ @BillyFurmanTheU
Stay in school

Even the cot **** GA knows
As an underclass player that declares early for the draft, with every round after the first, your chances of getting that second contract becomes less and less. You better bring it quickly, because the league isn't going to wait for your *** to get better. They don't want to be paying you for what you should have learned in college. We're also at a point as a University, where "The U" brand isn't going to carry you to a high pick...that well was pretty bountiful before, but with every passing year, less and less of that nostalgic boost is helping you out, and that's with guys like Calais and C-Murder and others doing better than their draft position in recent years.