Scrimmage Highlights not by CanesAccess.

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my dad and little bro walk across the screen at the :20 mark of the first vid

/cool story, bro
I've been trying to stay as optimistic as possible about this season but it's such a crap shoot in my eyes. There is very little talent on this team, and the talent that we have is either still in high school or unproven in game situations. I would even say that to this point Morris is unproven. Two things we have going for us IMO is that our schedule is very favorable (at least compared to the last few years), and I think our coaching staff is the goods and will get the most out of these kids. I really need help believing that more than five wins is realistic though.
I love some of the comments. It is kind of funny to hear what others speak about amongst themselves when watching football.

- Shannon is a douche
- Hope outshined Tracy Howard on the 7-on-7 team
- RG3 and Hankerson is going to be sick
- I don't trust Reggie Bush, I would draft Lamar first round

Just some of the comments made me LOL.

Thanks for posting the video.