Scott Talks Miami Offer

Scott Talks Miami Offer

Tito Benach
2014 East Lake (Fla.) Athlete Artavis Scott was greeted by some good news on Wednesday when he found out that he had received an offer from the university of Miami.

Scott was excited to hear that he finally got the offer considering his interest in Miami.

“Miami has been one of my dream schools so I was pretty excited that I finally got the offer.”

Scott grew up a Hurricane fan when he was younger and loved one of Miami's most notorious features.

“I grew up liking Miami and the swag that they had and just ever since I was a little kid I watched them play.”

The speedy athlete was a main contributor to his team as he helped them to an 11-2 record while playing both sides of the ball.

“I had a pretty good season, I missed having a thousand yards by five yards but I also missed three games so I thought it was a good season.”

Scott is attracting interest from schools all over the country including Florida, Florida State, Vanderbilt, Ohio State and Michigan.

Scott is being recruited by Defensive Line Coach Jethro Franklin and spoke highly of him.

“He is a pretty cool dude, he wants me to come down to Miami and he has a lot of interest in me. It seems like were going to have a good connection when we talk.”

Scott is planning to make a visit to Miami on March 9.

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i read an article in the past last year when he said he loves miami
We just have to win 14 games next year and we can begin taking 'dream school' at face value.
"Scott is being recruited by Defensive Line Coach Jethro Franklin and spoke highly of him." = NO CHANCE
Need to get James Coley on the line with this dude...

Coley > Jethro in Recruiting Mojo.