Rivals Camp Miami Update

Rivals Camp Miami Update

I've been kicked out of the Rivals Camp. According to Rivals, I'm not allowed to interview players until after the camp but they're interviewing players during the camp....... #HatersGonnaHate

Anyway i'm gonna post my thought of the Camp and who caught my attention and who didn't

- 2017 Miami Commit Navaughn Donaldson: Donaldson completely dominated 1on1, he's too strong and too mobile for DE & DT. Clearly the best OL men at the camp and he was shutting down everyone.

- 2018 LB Robert Hicks: Hicks was going against OL men in 1on1 and he performed well. Hicks was coming off the left side and was dominating LT. He was showing great technique and great burst off the edge.

- 2017 WR Jerry Jeudy: i'm convinced that he's the best WR in the nation, every DB that matched up against him couldn't stand a chance. SPEED, good route running and hands.

- 2017 WR Mike Harvey Jr. SPEED is the world that describes him. He was blowing by players and he was making incredible catches. I had an interview with him set up but......

- 2017 DT Kedonis Haslem: He really showed up today. He was bull dozing over defenders and he showed proper technique and great first step ability. The only player that was able to contain him was
Navaughn Donaldson.

- 2019 QB Bryan Gagg: Larry Blustein showed me this kid and i was amazed at his ability. Accurate, good footwork and HES YOUNG. He's only a freshman and he started for Sarasota HS. Larry was telling me this kid has the potential to become the next big time QB in Florida.


Who didn't impress me

2017 QB Jake Allen: I really don't understand the hype around this kid, he over throws kids left and right. He throws to many ball in traffic. He's shouldn't be a priority for the Canes. The Gators are going to have fun with him lol

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There is already a thread for this what the ****
So post them in the Miami rivals camp thread at the top of the recruiting board. ****.
It might not be a bad idea on second thought.
Jake Allen is completely overrated, at some point I have to expect people to stop being as high on him.
Thanks for the info lil homie. I don't know what that other poster was on..the more insight the better.
Drop the bags at JJ house and DO IT RIGHT NOW.
Was Slaton there?

Blades will be the best DB we have signed in 10 years when we sign him.

Bandy.. IMO he should be offered. CB class of..


Maybe 1 of Wilson or Roberts
Can't believe 2018 RB Camron Davis is committed to Oregon St...

Jeudy is a must get IMO.. Calvin Ridley part 2
#RivalsCamp Miami DL MVP Owen Carney (@Giftedowen_)

#RivalsCamp Miami DB MVP Al Blades Jr. (@AlBlades_Jr)

#RivalsCamp Miami RB MVP Camron Davis (@polo_man_cam)!

#RivalsCamp Miami OL Kai-Leon Herbert (@kherb17)!

Jake Allen got QB MVP

Grimes got WR MVP
Hearing that about Owen carney doesn't surprise me, you see what I wrote about him in a thread about him? [MENTION=3193]nvlahos[/MENTION]
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