Richt previews Appalachian State game

Richt previews Appalachian State game

Peter Ariz
As expected, Mark Richt had nothing but positive things to say about Miami’s upcoming opponent, Appalachian State. Here are some notables from today’s press conference.

**Richt credits App. State's coaching staff and says they have a roster full of talent.

“It starts with recruiting – they got guys who can really play the game of football. They play with high energy. The defense plays tremendous fundamental football. They are great tacklers. They do a great job in coverage. They’re really not a team that is trying to fool you with what they do. It’s a sign of a good team, one that lines up and does what they do, and does it so well that people really struggle with it. They’ve done a tremendous job stopping people.”

**Appalachian State has an experienced defense and the atmosphere in Boone, North Carolina will be buzzing on Saturday afternoon.

“They have eight returning starters on defense back, and I know their two middle linebackers have played side-by-side, I think, for as many as 30 games together. Just a bunch of guys who have been to war – a lot of different battles in a lot of different venues. For them to be home, and us go there, and the excitement I know that’s drawing, from what I understand, it has got to be a huge day for their program.”

**Richt has known App. State's quarterback's family for some time.

“Offensively, they’re going to run the ball. I think they were second or third in the nation in rushing yards per game. Taylor Lamb is a young man I know through his grandfather, Mosley, who worked for me at Georgia for years. I love that family, and he’s a typical coach’s son playing the quarterback position. He doesn’t make mistakes, he gets them in the right place, he’s tough mentally and tough physically. He runs the ball well, throws the ball well…first-team All-Sun Belt preseason guy, and deservedly so."

**Stopping the run game will be a focus of Miami's defense on Saturday.

"Their running back, [Marcus] Cox, last two games over 100 yards apiece. As a matter of fact, a year ago, I think he had 100 against Clemson and might have been the only back to have 100 against Clemson last year. He’s got some crazy numbers. Just a super player, as well. Their offensive line, most of them have been around. They do have a left tackle who is starting as a freshman in Victor Johnson. The rest of them have been around a good bit…three of them have started at least 22 games, so a lot of guys with experience."

**CMR discusses App. State's skill position players, including a former HS teammate of Chad Thomas and Demetrius Jackson.

They have a veteran tight end coming back in [Barrett] Burns, an honorable mention Sun Belt player, a 6-foot-4, 245-pound junior and a guy that plays big for them. All their receivers do a great job of blocking and route-running. Deltron Hopkins is a Booker T Washington product, and they use him a lot on speed sweeps and things of that nature. He’s a guy that has a lot of speed and a lot of ability.

“We definitely got out work cut out for us. Everything seems to be escalating game by game, which is pretty typical. We know it’s going to be a battle, plain and simple.”

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this is going to be a big test to our run D. good timing too as we got a bye week next to fix any problems we may have, then GT and FSU.
he said this will be one of the best teams we play this year when alls said and done, and he said Tennessee will say the same thing
Thanks, Pete. Richt is as straightforward as ever. They could probably beat more than a couple ACC teams. But if we're prepared, and we don't turn the ball over, we'll be fine.
OH Lawd, day got south Florida GuYS on their roster. Buckle up, it gonna be a bumpy ride.