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Recruiting Update 3-31

Recruiting Update 3-31

Peter Ariz
**The big news surrounding Miami's 2014 class is Palm Beach Central OT Kc McDermott's formal announcement coming on Tuesday. News leaked of a possible commitment on Friday after Kc had been on-hand for a spring practice. Although the family denied the initial reports of a commitment, it appears as though that was due to the fact they wanted to wait until his public announcement to share the news. Expect it to become official on Tuesday.

**A name that is new onto the board for 2014 is 6'6", 225-lb OLB Sam Hubbard from Moeller High in Cincinnati. Hubbard is a teammate of incoming OL Alex Gall. Hubbard is an intriguing prospect because he has recently emerged as a top football prospect. He is currently committed to Notre Dame for Lacrosse, which just shows his versatility as an athlete. I'm told that commitment to ND won't be sticking for long, though, so it will be interesting to see if Miami can get into the think of things for him. He is very high on the Big Ten, which isn't a surprise.

**With all of the offers going out to the quarterback position, it's obvious that Miami would like to add another one to the class to pair with Hialeah QB Alin Edouard. A prospect that the staff is after right now is Donovan Isom (6'4", 215) from Destrehan High School in Louisiana. If that school sounds familiar to Miami fans, it's because that is the same school that Ed Reed attended. I spoke to someone in the Louisiana area who has seen Isom play multiple times and this person told me that Isom struggles mightily with his accuracy and isn't an incredible athlete. He does have the prototype size though, which is something that James Coley looks for in his quarterbacks.

**Although Sony Michel has said he will announce in April, that is tentative. He will only announce if he is 100% ready and if that is not in April, then he will wait. Miami still wants both him and Dalvin Cook in the class along with current commit Joseph Yearby. I doubt all three wind up in this class, but the coaches will continue to recruit Cook even if Michel commits. This is a Miami-UGA battle down the stretch. For those that continue asking, "what is his draw to Georgia?", he was blown away by the game-day atmosphere in Athens when he visited during the season and likes the system they run with rotating multiple backs.

**Richard Yeargin III (University School) has emerged as one of the top LB prospects in South Florida. He has everything you look for from a physical standpoint and has been very impressive during the offseason camp circuit. To this point, Miami has yet to show much interest. I suspect that they want to see more of him in a game setting before offering because some have questioned his performance in pads at this point in his career.

**Some notable offers regarding South Florida prospects recently include: Tyre Brady - UF, Quincy Wilson - USC (Southern Cal), and 2015 Tyrek Cole - South Carolina

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Pete who do you think is leading for Sony right now? And have you heard anything on Ermon Lane?
Peter... Very nice report. How would you rank, in UM priority, the following offered QB prospects?

Brad Kaaya, David Cornwell, Caleb Henderson, Deshaun Watson, Drew Barker and Donovan Isom (not yet offered)

Tex :cigar:
So, you're saying that Coley likes QBs with prototypical size, eh?

*slow side eye to Winky Flowers and Treon Harris*......
Nice update Pete.

2 of those 3 RBs would be great. All 3 and AG might get a lifetime pass in my book.
I don't understand the draw to a QB who isn't accurate nor a good athlete. There are so many better options out there.
love these updates you do pete. im a little worried about sony but its still early
So USC offered Quincy Wilson, eh? Hmmmm....( side-eye look at Al..)
The coaches are after all of these QB's because they know after a new starting QB is picked in 2014 there will be transfers. I wish they would go after QB's with accuracy and size, rather than going after Donovan Isom who only has great size.
The coaches are after all of these QB's because they know after a new starting QB is picked in 2014 there will be transfers. I wish they would go after QB's with accuracy and size, rather than going after Donovan Isom who only has great size.

Crow and also Williams is a senior after this season
LOL. You knew I had to be the one to break the ice with the first Quincy post!

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