Recruiting Recognition 10-3-13

Recruiting Recognition 10-3-13

Kyle Liburd
The Future, 2014 Recruiting Recognition

Future Hurricane Pass Rushers

DE Trent Harris: Game Statistics: 8 tackles, 3 sacks, 1 forced fumble; Season Statistics: 39 tackles, 15 for loss, 10 sacks, 1 forced fumble; 1 reception, 12 yards, TD

DE Demetrius Jackson: Game Statistics: 6 tackles, 1 sack; Season Statistics: 25 tackles, 9 sacks, 1 forced fumble, 3 pass deflections

DE Mike Smith: Game Statistics: 5 tackles, 3 for loss, 1 sack; Season Statistics: 22 tackles, 11 for loss, 6 sacks, 1 forced fumble

LB Terry McCray: Game Statistics: 10 tackles, 2 for loss, 2 sacks; Season Statistics: 28 tackles, 8 for loss, 5 sacks

LB Darrion Owens: Game Statistics: 6 tackles (all solo); Season Statistics: 30 tackles, 2 for loss, 1 sack, 1 INT, 1 forced fumble

DE Chad Thomas: N/A

- The production of our pass rushers speaks for itself. An interesting thing to note; in the 2011 and 2012 seasons combined, Chad Thomas had a total of nine sacks. Demetrius Jackson who hadn't played football since middle school, currently has nine sacks through 5 games this year.

- Due to Darrion Owens's length, pursuit, and athleticism, I expect his sack production to significantly elevate once he becomes a starter at Miami. Not if he becomes a starter, once.

- These listed players indicate the change in defensive recruiting. The staff went out looking for specific defensive roles, and I believe they found them. Nevertheless, two top targets the staff are really looking to sign are Anthony Moten and Cory Johnson.

Gator Boys

• Ermon lane

- There is growing concern from Gator side over Lane's commitment. A gator source told me the worry comes from the belief Lane will flip to Miami or Bama. The latter is unlikely imo. Moving forward, the key is to follow Lane's actions, not his words. An OV in December or January would be ideal for the Canes. The people around him will be happy for him either way, but make no mistake they would prefer him to be at Miami.

- The Homestead coaches have been in contact with the Miami coaches. Coach Barrow, Coach Coley, and Coach Carroll will be the ones communicating the most with Lane moving forward.

- Some posters have been attempting to degrade Lane's talent by his lack of production recently. Lane is still an elite talent asked to do many for his high school team. High school production can be helpful when projecting players for the next level, but it's not the determining factor. The coaches know this as well, and that's why they are still going after him hard.

- Highlights:

• Jc Jackson

- Jc is a UF commit that visited Minnesota this past weekend. He has an OV planned for Miami for later on in the year. The visit will most likely be in December. UF currently has four corners committed. Corner is not a position of dire need for Miami. With the exception of position changes, decommitments, and attrition, the Canes will have 11 corners on their roster next year. 8 of the corners will be underclassmen. Jc Jackson could possibly come in as a safety here if he flips due to our lack of depth at the position. Jc is currently a game changer on the offensive side of the ball, but has immense potential at CB.

- @CarlBleich: JC Jackson has 244 yards receiving and four TDs after that 34-yard TD catch. Immokalee leads it 35-7. #npfnf #Gators

- @CarlBleich: JC Jackson strikes again. 75 yard TD. Has 5 catches for 210 yards and 3 tds as well as 46 rushing yards. #npfnf

- Another possible position of Jc is WR, a position with a shortage of numbers at the moment. From his recent quotes, the staff is recruiting him as a DB solely, but don't rule out WR for the future. Jc is electric with the ball in his hands and some believe his better position is WR. He still has the ability to succeed on either side of the ball. He decommitted from FSU partly because he didn't want to play WR, so IF he makes the flip to Miami he will definitely start out at DB.

- Jackson's commit at this point is 'firm', but Immokalee kids are unpredictable. We will wait and see how this plays out. Jc was previously committed to FSU before flipping to UF. Trifecta looming?

- Highlights:

WR Recruiting

• Johnnie Dixon

- Johnnie Dixon, 5'11 200 pound receiver who was once considered a heavy UF lean, named Miami his leader in the summer. Dixon now boasts a top three of Miami, Bama, and Ohio State in no order. Since April 2012, Dixon has been on Miami's campus a reported eight times. Dixon and Malachi Dupree are the two main targets left on Alabama's WR board. Dixon plans on visiting Alabama on the November 8th weekend, when they play host to LSU.

- Miami has been considered the frontrunner for Dixon for a substantial amount of time, but the battle for Dixon has opened up a bit. Alabama and Ohio State are legit contenders for his services. After his visits to both schools in the summer, the possibility of him leaving south Florida arose.

Travis Rudolph

- Travis Rudolph is one of the most versatile playmakers in Florida. He succeeds on both sides of the field, and in the return game. Rudolph's refusal to play db tells me that he wants to attend a college that will put the ball in his hands. Miami has made a push with Rudolph recently, and there is renewed interest on both sides. However, FSU and UF are the front runners at this moment. I expect Rudolph to stay in Florida for college. Another Big 3 battle for a south florida playmaker...wonder how many times we've heard that one.

Tyre Brady

- With his decommitment from UK, the hurricanes emerged as the clear front runner. There had been some questions whether or not UK accepted the commitment, but that is insignificant information now. Barring a significant change, I anticipate Brady to be in this class. Brady has led his South Dade team to a 5-0 record this year, and Miami coaches have scouted him at his games.

Braxton Berrios

- Braxton Berrios is announcing his college decision on October 12th. The prolific slot receiver has an unofficial top four: Miami, USCe, Tenn, and Oregon. I believe Berrios will commit to Miami.

Ohio State visitors

- Travis Rudolph, Mike Geisicki, and Johnnie Dixon all took OVs to Ohio State this past weekend. The prospects got to watch Lebron James give a pregame speech to the team, which they all seemed to enjoy. Ohio State are major contenders for both Dixon and Geisicki. I expect Rudolph to stay in Florida.


Claudeson Pelon and Cory Johnson are two very important JUCO DL recruits. Although unlikely, Miami has a legitimate shot at landing both of them. We are the frontrunner if Johnson flips from UK, and are in the top 3 for Pelon. With Luther Robinson, Justin Renfrow, and Curtis Porter graduating, Miami is currently looking to replace those players by hitting the JUCO ranks.

Claudeson Pelon

- Pelon is a versatile lineman that can play SDE or DT. Pelon would play a similar role to Olsen Pierre for the 3-4 look Miami is moving to. Pelon would be a great addition to the defensive line for the hurricanes.

Cory Johnson

- The 6'3 290 DT, Cory Johnson committed to UK this summer. Johnson was once a temple commit, back when Golden & his staff were still at the school. Johnson has been recruited by Golden, D'onofrio, and Jethro Franklin since 2010. This is why his commitment to UK shocked Miami fans. Johnson is taking an OV to Miami on December 22nd. A flip to Miami is very possible. If Johnson believes he can come and compete for a starting job at Miami, he will have himself second guessing his commitment to UK.

All Star Games - Miami Commits & Targets

Under Armour All American Game on Espn - January 2nd, 2014

• Recruits
- Joseph Yearby
- Dalvin Cook
- Ermon Lane
- Braxton Berrios
- Kc McDermott
- Travis Rudolph (announcing)
- Chad Thomas
- Trevor Darling
- Jc Jackson

- 7 Michigan commits are scheduled to play in this game. Da'shawn Hand, a Michigan lean is also scheduled to play.

- 10 Alabama commits are scheduled to play in this game as well. That number will go up.

- I omitted a lot of players Miami doesn't sit well with, but this UA game is loaded with talent.

- Link -

Army All American Game on NBC - January 4th, 2014

• Recruits
- Travonte Valentine
- Johnnie Dixon
- Kentavius Steeet

- The Army All American page has not been updated.

Semper Fidelis All Star Game - January 5th, 2014

- East

• Reilly Gibbons - OT.
• J.J Cosentino FSU QB commit. Obviously not a target or commit, but we get to see him go up against Kaaya.
• Kendall Randolph - DB
• Lamar Parker - WR. Not necessarily a target, but good to see the BTW WR is getting some recognition.

- West
• Brad Kaaya

Link -

Early Enrollments

• There's been a lot of buzz about potential 2014 EE candidates. Here's the list I've come up with through Tito & Pete's respective interviews, tweets from multiple people, etc. The recruits that fall under "confirmed" are the kids I believe will be at Coral Gables in January without a doubt. The recruits that fall under "potential" still have wrinkles to work out.

- Confirmed: Kc McDermott, Darrion Owens, Brandon Powell, & Ryheem Lockley

- Potential EEs - Juwon Young, Brad Kaaya, Joseph Yearby, Derrick Griffin, Nigel Bethel, Trevor Darling, & Dalvon Stuckey

- Targets looking to EE - Johnnie Dixon, Dalvin Cook, & Braxton Berrios

Final Notes

Anthony Moten

- There has been no updates on the recruiting trail for Moten. Last update a person close to Moten gave me was that he is currently playing hurt. Moten and his team are focusing on winning a state championship. Once the season is over, Moten will focus on recruiting. The Canes are still out in front for the moment, but I've been told Moten likes FSU & USCe as well. Moten values playing time as his top priority. On a positive note, I've heard the STA staff really likes D'onofrio.

California Recruits

- Bryce Dixon and Olajuwon Tucker will be taking OVs to Miami. Dixon should take his OV to Miami after the season. Dixon will be a very tough pull. He loves Miami, but the distance is just too much for him. Tucker will be taking his official visit to Miami this weekend. The Canes are in the thick of things for Tucker. Tucker is projected to be a 3-4 OLB at the next level.

• Brad Kaaya

- From what I've heard from credible people, UCLA is a real threat. Some of the respected people have even gone as far to tell me Kaaya is gone. UCLA is still evaluating Brad hard. If UCLA makes Brad a top priority after his season is over, there is a legitimate chance he flips. Coach Coley is one of the best recruiters in the nation, and has built a good relationship with multiple members of the Kaaya family. However, the offer from the hometown favorite, UCLA, has made Brad's path to Coral Gables a shaky one. There is no need to panic. The show will move on with our without him, but the show with Kaaya is superior to one without.

Travonte Valentine

- Expect Valentine to take an OV to LSU later on in the year. Like Artie Burns and Jamal Carter, Valentine has interest in LSU. From everything I'm hearing, this situation will play out the same way as Burns & Carter's situation. Valentine was made a top priority by the coaches, and he has built good relationships with multiple coaches. The people around him want him to stay home, and so does he.

Juwon Young

- Linebacker Juwon Young: Game Statistics: 16 tackles, 4 for loss, 1 pass deflection; 1 reception, 15 yards; Season Statistics: 61 tackles, 4 for loss, ½ sack, 2 pass deflections, 1 blocked field goal; 21 carries, 166 yards, 4 TDs, 3 two-point conversions; 3 receptions, 65 yards
- The production speaks for itself. I expect Juwon Young to be used as a ILB at Miami. Young is versatile enough to play OLB if needed. With Gaines and Cain leaving, expect Young to get playing time behind Kirby from the jump.

- Highlights:

Darrion Owens

- While looking at his senior tape, he looks considerably bigger. Owens looks to be up to about 225 right now. A safety converted to linebacker, Owens had made the transition look seamless. In my opinion, Owens is the best player in this 2014 recruiting class, and also has one of the highest ceilings in the class.

- Highlights:

As always, to end on a good note

- @JGJr9: So Miami’s two RB commits, Brandon Powell and Joe Yearby, lead Broward and Dade counties respectively in rushing yards. Good stuff.


Comments (90)

He's gone. Done. Fin. I hope Golden realizes this and doesn't get played. No hat tricks for this clo9wn. Rescind the offer now!
Damn HG I knew you were gonna go hard but I didnt know it was gonna be like this!!!!! One guy you forgot though was Lance Mcdowdell the JUCO dt from NY who list us in his top 4 but other then that Ill be honest this may be the best update I've seen
Damn HG I knew you were gonna go hard but I didnt know it was gonna be like this!!!!! One guy you forgot though was Lance Mcdowdell the JUCO dt from NY who list us in his top 4 but other then that Ill be honest this may be the best update I've seen
Appreciate it. I didn't include Mcdowdell because I don't think we have that great of a shot
Damn HG I knew you were gonna go hard but I didnt know it was gonna be like this!!!!! One guy you forgot though was Lance Mcdowdell the JUCO dt from NY who list us in his top 4 but other then that Ill be honest this may be the best update I've seen
Appreciate it. I didn't include Mcdowdell because I don't think we have that great of a shot
I mean I feel you but I couldve sworn he said he'd visit so idk maybe we don't have a shot but it's somebody I still think we gotta keep an eye on
i'm getting the engine warmed up for a 2015 QB prospect. The bandwagon COMIN...stay tuned.
i'm getting the engine warmed up for a 2015 QB prospect. The bandwagon COMIN...stay tuned.
Kaaya is far from decommitted. However.....

Look out for Brandon Wimbush....will update the unique situation in the 2015 RR.

Torrance Gibson and Christian Alexander are the other two names to watch out for as well at this time. Alexander is a guy I can see us bringing in as the #2 qb for the 2015 class.

Staff offered Cinjun Erskine but don't make much of it. Coley will want to see him throw in person, and his passing production last year was terrible.
"The Homestead coaches have been in contact with the Miami coaches. Coach Barrow, Coach Coley, and Coach Carroll will be the ones communicating the most with Lane moving forward. "

Sans Golden, there are no coaches on staff I'd rather have handling this recruitment. Hurlie is right up there, though.

I've said multiple times I'd love to have Lane, but won't be crushed if we don't get him. That being said, we can always use more SFL playmakers.
Darrion Owens is sick. Favorite lb tape since Josh Witt.
Brandon Wimbush is legit. Saw him at Taints Friday Night Lights. Threw the best ball out of everyone by far. His throwing motion is smooth to say the least.
Rudolph wants the ball in his hands but is a UF lean......does not compute.
So do we have a real shot at lane? We need to get him despite what other people say dude has a ton of potential. I think we are good at te if griffin gets in and the dude is still growing is 230 now and would be maybe 240 by the season. Also hg do you think godfrey from miramar will get a offer?

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