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Recap: Virginia Tech Sucks, Canes Win 30-6

Recap: Virginia Tech Sucks, Canes Win 30-6

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously
Duke Johnson set a career high of 249 yards rushing to lead Miami in a lopsided victory over the worst Virginia Tech team I've ever seen.


I think just about everyone thought we should win this game, maybe even pretty comfortably. But I only saw 1 or 2 people outright saying we'd blow them out. I haven't been this happy about a win in a while, probably since the UF game last year. I really don't care that Virginia Tech sucks (and they do), this was a dominant win and probably should have been even more lopsided. Having said that, I'm not taking this game for anything more than being happy about punking Virginia Tech. We owe them another 2 or 3 games like this anyway.




In the gameday post, my official message was to get Stacy Coley involved. LOL, shows how much I know. They did try though. He got thrown at a couple of times and even got a carry on jet sweep. Oh well. Before the game Carter Hucks was down on the sideline and got up into the team huddle at midfield.



We're 2-0 with this kid coming to games this season. After that it was time for kickoff.


Yawn. Metallica sucks.........let's recap.

1st Quarter:

Miami received to open the game. 3 plays and 3 Duke Johnson carries later Miami punted. Virginia Tech went 3 and out as well because Raphael Kirby shot through the gap and drilled Marshawn Williams for a loss on 3rd and 1. When Miami got the ball back they came out in a Wildcat look with Kaaya split out wide, and Duke in the shotgun. Duke calls his own number and runs up the middle for 15 yards. He gets the ball on the next 3 plays too, before he finally gets relieved by Gus Edwards. So the first 7 plays were all runs by Duke. On the next play Kaaya goes play action and finds Gus leaking out of the backfield for a 25 yard gain down to the 11 yard line. Miami ends up settling for a 28 yard Michael Badgley field goal to take the early lead.


Bob Donnan/USA Today

3-0 Miami

Virginia Tech doesn't have the ball long. Facing 3rd and 8 Jermaine Grace came down on a blitz and sacked Michael Brewer for a 9 yard loss, forcing another punt. On Miami's next possession they quickly find themselves in a 3rd and long situation and end up calling a timeout. When we come back from the commercial break Kaaya finds Duke slipping out of the backfield for a 15 yard gain to continue the drive.


That's one a hell of a throw. He sees the pressure, doesn't give a ****, and takes a hit to make the play. Great catch too. It looks like Miami is going to face 3rd and long again, but Jon Feliciano goaded Dadi Nicolas into committing a personal foul. On the next play Duke picks up 29 yards up the middle to the 15 yard line.


Watch the left side of the line. Clive Walford cuts his guy down to the ground, Erek Flowers pancakes his guy, and Nick Linder cleared the way with a cut block on the Mike LB. That kid is going to great. Duke picked up another first down 3 plays later to set up 1st and goal at the 4 yard line. The play also ends the 1st quarter with UM knocking on the door hoping to add to their 3-0 lead.

2nd Quarter:

On the 3rd play of the 2nd quarter Miami finally punches it in with Gus Edwards scoring the first of his 2 touchdowns. I was listening to the game on the radio and didn't believe what I was hearing. I couldn't fathom what the words "Gus Edwards" and "moving the pile" would look like.



Steve Helber/AP

10-0 Miami

The Hokies are in 3rd and long again on their next possession and Michael Brewer pulled another lucky play from his no-talent ass. He avoided the pressure of a collapsing pocket long enough to throw a 23 yard pass down the sideline to his fullback Sam Rogers.


Anthony Chickillo had him twice but couldn't wrap him up. Chick made up for it 3 plays later when he forced a punt by breaking up a pass at the line of scrimmage.


Steve Helber/AP

When Miami gets the ball back they quickly find themselves facing 3rd and 9. The crowd is going nuts and Bud Foster sends the house on a blitz. James Coley was all, "LOL" and called a draw to Duke that went for a pickup of 13 yards and moved the chains.


Lulz at Shane McDermott trolling with the first down signal. He was doing that all night. On the very next play they hand it off to Duke again for a 25 yard pickup.


Linder helped create a huge hole with another cut block on a LB. The drive stalls, but Justin Vogel's punt lands right on the 1 yard line and the coverage unit pounces on it. For some reason Virginia Tech's offensive coordinator called 3 straight passes. All 3 were incomplete and that was the first time the boo birds came out. What terrible fans, AMIRITE? To make matters worse their punter shanks it and the ball took a huge Miami bounce.


The Canes would take over at the Virginia Tech 24 yard line. On the next play Duke felt like scoring a touchdown, so he did.



Bob Donnan/USA Today

17-0 Miami

Dead silence in that place. Another Hokie possession, another 3rd and long situation. Chickillo chases Brewer around and finally sacks him for a loss of 13. Brewer is lucky he wasn't stripped. He sucks so much. Miami takes over at their own 35 yard line, and the first 3 plays are handoffs to Duke to get near midfield. A few plays later Miami calls a timeout on 4th and 1 with just 32 seconds left in the first half. Edwards moves the chains on a 3 yard run, but without any timeouts left the clock starts ticking away. Kaaya snaps it with only 9 seconds remaining on the clock and sees Duke leaking out of the backfield. Duke catches it and shakes Kyshoen Jarrett out of his jockstrap on the way to another touchdown.


Sad Hokie is sad. The place was so quiet you could hear a Tick fart. Miami ran a similar play like that against Nebraska that went for a big gain. The Hokies were booed off the field by their fans. I swear, they have the worst fans in the nation. They should just shut up and support their team.


Matt Gentry/Roanoke Times

24-0 Miami

Vogel squibs the kickoff to bring the 1st half to a close.

3rd Quarter:

Deon Newsome returns the kickoff from his own goal line all the way down to the Miami 42. The play gets the crowd going again and the Hokies' offense fed off that energy. They hand the ball to Marshawn Williams 5 plays in a row to get down to Miami's 13 yard line. It's starting to like the Miami defense we came know over the past 3.5 years. 4 plays later the Hokies are knocking on the door. Williams runs up the middle and Deon Bush is the only thing keeping him from scoring. Bush stood him up at the 1 yard line and just took the football from him. Just an absolutely perfect time to force a turnover.

On the next play Kaaya drops back and throws a beautiful deep ball to Phillip Dorsett, however Dorsett didn't have his head turned around and didn't make the catch. It would have been 50 yard gain at the very least, if not a 98 yard touchdown. No matter because after Miami punted, Tracy Howard forced a fumble on the next play. Jermaine Grace was there for the recovery.


Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

Miami went 3 and out, but Artie Burns absolutely destroyed some guy right when he caught the punt.


Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

Virginia Tech was determined to continue running the football. Marshawn Williams went 41 yards on their 1st play to get across the 50 yard line. He'd carry it another 4 times to get the Hokies into the redzone. That's when Denzel Perryman forced another fumble by putting his helmet on the football.


That's 3 possessions, and 3 fumbles for Virginia Tech in the 3rd quarter. Miami's next drive was 10 plays and went 80 yards. All 10 plays were runs by either Duke or Edwards and they went for big chunks too. All 3 of Duke's carries were for 11, 13, and 29 yards and that 29 yarder was a thing of beauty.


He hops over somebody, and then it's stiff-arm city for Kendall Fuller.


I could watch that all day long.


Bob Donnan/USA Today

Miami can't punch it in after Gus gets stopped on 4th and goal from the 2. The Hokies take over at their own 3 and hand it off to Williams twice to close out the 3rd quarter, still trailing Miami 24-0.

4th Quarter:

Virginia Tech can't even get to their own 20 yard line before punting it back to Miami. On the very next play Duke gains another 29 yards by zig-zagging all over the field. He avoids contact by going out of bounds, but he can't slow down and runs right into a steel bench.


It was the best defensive play the Hokies made all night. The drive stalls and Vogel pins the Hokies inside their own 10 yard line with a perfectly angled punt. Michael Brewer sucks so the Hokies punt the ball right back. On the next possession Duke is just padding his stats at this point. He sets a career best for rushing yards in a single game (249), eclipsed the 5,000 yard mark for career all-purpose yards, and went over 1,000 yards rushing for the season. He's now just 58 yards away from moving into 2nd place for rushing yards in school history, and needs just 429 more to break Ottis Anderson's record. We still have at least 4 games this season for him to do it.

Despite all of that, Duke was still in the game with about 6 minutes left. The announcers couldn't believe it; and just after they mentioned it wasn't very bright to keep him in the game, Duke took a helmet to the leg and had a hard time getting up. He limped off the field and got his leg re-taped. Golden realized he was THIS close to undoing anything positive about this win and benched Duke for the rest of the game.


Duke was ok, and 3 plays later Gus Edwards went 38 yards to pick up his 2nd TD run of the game. He cut back to his right and Kendall Fuller fell down. He basically walked the final 30 yards. Dadi Nicolas blocked the extra point but nobody cares.


Bob Donnan/USA Today

30-0 Miami

At this point Michael Brewer is benched in favor of Mark Leal, who leads the Hokies on a 10 play 77 yard drive. Leal found Isaiah Ford on 4th and 10 from the 14 to get on the scoreboard. They went for 2 and failed.


Hokies Sports

30-6 Miami

Kaaya took 2 knees to end the game.

Final Score:

Miami 30
Virginia Tech 6


Steve Helber/AP

Flubberneck had a lot of nice things to say about Duke Johnson after the game.


The 249 yards by Duke was the most ever by an opposing running back in Lane Stadium history. Then Carter got into the locker room after the game.


We won a game last night. That's 2 in a row. The Jim Kelly green-out game is a week from this Saturday. Win that game....that's called a winning streak. It has happened before.

Comments (10)

"Win that game....that's called a winning streak. It has happened before."

Fucking fantastic drop.
That stiff arm was so disrespectful
Their field entrance is pretty cool. Never gets old for me. They didn't bite our smoke and they get that place rockin.

I am one of the few who cares about the blocked extra point. Our special teams are still fvcked.

We covered!
Would love a 3 game win streak.

FYI Heaps took the knees at the end of the game. No big deal.
Did he say he heard a tick fart? bwahahahaha. Well don't as per the usual Dan! That stiff arm was magical!

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