Raising Canes: Spring Begins

Raising Canes: Spring Begins



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its going to be so eerie seeing number 11 back at QB again....
As for the video, fap ******* tastic. Cleveland and Walford could play a huge role this year.
Great video. Williams looks solid and him and morris will be able to push each other. I think the TE position will be much improved this season which could take the pressure off the inexperienced WR group we will have
Really like the way Fisch is pushing his guys, love that he looks to see how they do after big mistakes. Williams may not have a cannon, but the ball gets where it needs to on time and he gives the receivers a chance to run after the catch.
I dont care if its Memphis, starting as a Frosh anywhere against good FBS competition to go along with the his poise (which is obvious if you just watch the kid) is something we could really use this year. I said this at the time of his transfer, if he ever got an opportunity here hed really open some eyes and surprise some people.
Glad to see Asante doing work. Really thought he was going to be a special player after watching him in '10 and was obviously disappointed by how little he played last season.
a few thoughts

first.......these videos are fantastic........a great way to reconnect with what was a fanbase that was becoming more and more distant.........especially after a 6 win season and ncaa sanctions looming

a great way to market the program........something the previous staff had no clue or interest how to do

i think williams is gonna be a solid qb........hes got experience and had last year to learn the offense.......and with morris being out all spring........hes got a huge opportunity

he reminds me a bit of dorsey in that he doesnt have a huge arm.....but his accuracy is great and he seems to be a smart qb

as for TE........i said this in another thread a few weeks ago.........cleveland showed 2 years ago that hes both a good blocker and could be a passing game weapon

we know walford is a weapon but he isnt the greatest blocker........and dye is a horse who is a solid blocker but is still an unknown as far as his pass catching abilities.........and im not expecting him to be much of a weapon there

but if they all stay healthy........we have 2 solid blockers and 2 good pass catching TEs.........barring injury........im confident that our TEs will be a solid unit

i dont think any of them are KW or shockey caliber........but as a unit they are a good group
Gotta say the kids Randy and al have recruited are well spoken and genuinely nice kids
I hope that their on field success matches their personas
I like the one quote from Cleveland about Williams:

"He will throw you open"