Quarterback Offer Breakdown: Gregory Spann

Quarterback Offer Breakdown: Gregory Spann

Roman Marciante
Gregory Spann is a talented dual threat quarterback who recently received an offer from the Miami Hurricanes. This 6'4" 180 pound signal caller from Lake Wood High School in St Petersburg, Florida also touts an offer from ACC coastal rival Duke. Deuce wears number one on his jersey and will now be the solo focus in this edition's CanesinSight quarterback breakdown.

Gregory Spann HUDL

Footwork/Rhythm: Some concerns in footwork. Steps are not always in rhythm with the receiver's routes. Noted inconsistencies with his front foot not aligning with his target. Under center footwork needs more consistency and he has a propensity to not drop back with head straight. Will leak to a side and not fire directly out from center in line. Saw instances where Spann over-rotates with plant foot after release thus leading to some inaccurate ball placement.

Accuracy/Arm Strength/Mechanics: Some inconsistent ball placement limiting run after the catch potential. .444% Accuracy noted last year during sophomore campaign. Noted some deep balls left short. Intermediate balls will show good zip when feet are aligned. Will list arm strength a 7.1 out of 10 with the potential to be higher once mechanical aspects are improved upon. Deepest ball on film listed at or around 45-50 yards. Arm slotting can be variable at times and needs to be more repeatable. Good front arm placement.

Mobility: Excels in this area and shows effectiveness as a runner. The ability to one cut and go is impressive. Dynamic runner whose offensive coordinator calls various type of runs for and would need to be accounted for in the run game. Shows the ability to escape the pocket and stretch the play laterally. Would like him to keep his eyes down field more once outside the pocket.

Roman Rank: The potential is there and you cannot deny Spann's ability as a runner. Spann will also show these glimpses where everything is in rhythm and he looks more than capable as a passer. Right now it just centers around consistency for me. If Spann would just be able to reign in the mechanical aspects of his game coupled with the sheer athleticism he possesses, this could be lighting in a bottle.

The staff seems to have developed a quarterback dichotomy in terms of offers. You have really refined passers in this 2020 class in Harrison Bailey and Max Johnson. Those are two examples of young men who excel at the high school level in terms of footwork and mechanics. Then you have 2019 Michael Johnson Jr. and Spann who are absolute mobility monsters that terrorize defenses but could shore up in terms of fundamentals.

In the end, until Spann improves in the passing game, he looks more slotted to be a class's QB2 in need of development rather than a QB1. You can only hope that Spann takes that assessment to heart as did Jarren Williams did a year ago. Williams displayed a monumental jump in his game after a couple camps had some scathing constructive criticism. Just goes to show you that tough love isn't all bad. InSight will follow up with Spann and see how the upcoming Junior fares. Roman Rank 3.1 stars

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With 2020 QB Carson Beck on verge of committing to UF, Coach Enos may need to give Spann's recruitment another look.

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Do we have a chance with Harrison Bailey? Saw him play live and he is legit!!!
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