Q & A with Booker T Head Coach Harris

Q & A with Booker T Head Coach Harris

Tito Benach
CanesInsight got the chance to speak with Booker T Head football coach Ice Harris and talk to him a little about his team and Miami.

Q: Coach Harris, Booker T Washington has been a factory school for college football players for over a number of years. How do you guys get so many prospects ready for College Football?

A: Just the opportunity to get so many reps at a young age and be able to play young. We feel really good about that. With the more reps they get the better they become and thats how we do it for all our kids, they get reps and become great prospects.

Q: Whats the one message you guys are trying to pass to this team now coming a state championship and looking into next season?

A: Definitely trying to make sure that they are all good academically and continue to do a good job. Also Track, a lot of our kids are in track we are trying to prepare them for the conditioning phase from the spring to the summer. Also we are making sure our kids are constantly competing by attending events like these and other combines and Sparq’s training.

Q: Focusing in on a few prospects individually talk a little bit about Chad Thomas, Nigel Patten and Treon Harris and what are some of the things about them that make them as talented as they are.

A: Chad Thomas, we like his work ethic. We think he had done a great job of competing during the offseason and doing a great job of staying in competitive shape. Nigel Patten, he has been doing very well in track, his track base helped him even be a better football player by improving his conditioning and playing more on the field. He has been working with a lot of guys including Brandon Harris and he has been taking advantage of all his skills. With Treon, we are going to continue to develop him as a quarterback and be able to show that he can compete at a BCS level and continue to show off his skill.

Q: Miami is actively recruiting some of the previously mentioned players and seems to be serious contenders for each. Would you say the relationship with Miami is good?

A:I have a great relationship with the Miami coaches, Recruiting is open to everybody around the country and the relationship is the same everywhere.

Q: After the incident with Miami and Denver Kirkland this past recruiting cycle would you say that the relationship with Miami is still the same or is it torn or different?

A: No, it is still good and I don’t have a problem with Miami, not one bit. The relationship with Miami is the same if not better than the relationships with other schools in the country.

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**** him

**** Ice Jr

**** Thomas and Kirkland

**** that school even if we get Thomas and Patten
Should have asked why he went *****ed to the media if he had a great relationship with Miami.
Great interview Tito! Like how you threw change-ups to set up the fast ball.
I want us to steal Thomas and Patten and tell T Harris "sorry, look elsewhere".
Not sure what to believe but hopefully Brandon Harris can mediate a good relationship.

If Golden and Ice are both men they will do what's best for the kids and not themselves.
Nice work Tito...still dont care for Ice, Ice Jr., and Mr. Bean.
Good work Tito...I think before we jump all on Ice lets see how this year goes and we will evaulat it from there...

I love this site...man
Tito did you get the sense that he was being honest or just feeding bs?
Ice is a good coach, but I still hate the situation what happened between Patrick peterson and his son...
Question you should have asked: how the **** did you not steer Matt Thomas to us and let him go to FSU?
Unlike poopa who aint neva lie, harris is lyin his *** off.
Ice lying right through his teef.

What do you want him to say?

Sheesh. He said some not so great things about Miami less than a day after the Kirkland fiasco went down while he was clearly emotional. It's been over a month since then and he's clearly calmed down, moved on, and has remedied his relationship with UM.

Ice has moved on. The recruits have moved on. The staff has moved on.

Everybody has moved on and gotten over it but the people on this board. What is wrong with you people? Get over it already FFS. Move the **** on. It's over.
Losing Matthew Thomas still stings.

Worst loss of a recruit in the past 5 years IMO.

Biggest black mark on Golden's record so far.
Losing Matthew Thomas still stings.

Worst loss of a recruit in the past 5 years IMO.

Biggest black mark on Golden's record so far.
Not saying you do but a lot of people try to put that on Ice which is clearly not the case. The kids 1st choice was USC for Christ sake.