Position Group Superlatives: Defensive End

Position Group Superlatives: Defensive End

Defensive end is one of the most talented positions on the roster and could be the strength of the team. For this to happen, young and inexperienced players will be forced to step up big time. While the underclassmen are talented but unproven, the upperclassmen are experienced and poised for a huge year. With that being said, here are my choices for most valuable, most upside, and most underrated at the defensive end position.

Most Valuable- Joe Jackson

Although Joe Jackson is only a junior, many people, including myself, feel that this is going to be his last season in a Miami uniform. Jackson is just too good to not enter the NFL after this upcoming season. Forget his ability on the field for a second, just his body is enough to strike fear into offensive tackles. The 6’5’’ 265 pound defensive end is someone you want getting off the bus first. On the field, Jackson is a nightmare for opposing linemen. Jackson can either bull rush you with ease or use his speed to get around even the best offensive linemen. Jackson improved in his run defense during his sophomore season and we should expect the same again this year. Jackson would be the most valuable player on most defensive lines in the country, but in Miami it is taken to another level. Behind Jackson, there is very little proven talent, making him an easy choice for most valuable defensive end.

Most Upside- Greg Rousseau

This was a very close call here between Rousseau and Garvin, but I had to give the edge to Rousseau. Greg Rousseau, like Garvin, came in as an early enrollee and blew away the coaching staff very early on. Once Rousseau started in Miami’s strength and conditioning program we began to realize how physically impressive he is. Rousseau is currently 6’6’’ 250 pounds and simply put, a freak of nature. I stood next to Rousseau at one of Mark Richt’s camps and I cannot explain to you how small I felt. On the field, Rousseau had the most impressive Spring Football performance of anyone on the team purely by the stats - sack after sack after sack. Rousseau has Hurricanes fans everywhere excited to see him in a live game.

Most Underrated- Demetrius Jackson

Demetrius Jackson may be the most underrated player on the entire roster. During the past few seasons, Jackson was overshadowed by players like Chad Thomas and Joe Jackson. This year, young studs John Garvin and Greg Rousseau have stolen the spotlight. It also doesn’t help that Jackson suffered a season ending injury last October. The 5th year senior is poised for a huge year and is dominating the offseason on multiple accounts. Whether it is playing out on the end or moving inside in pass rushing situations, Jackson will prove that we should have paid more attention to him.

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Most upside is still Jonathan Garvin.

He has future 1st rounder written all over him.
I really don't care about superlatives, just that all three and Patchan are Canes and give us a super 4 deep DE rotation.
I like the 5 we have - just hope we don't have any serious injuries in the group because we're paper thin.
Patchan has more years on scholarship than plays logged.
I have to give ‘most upside’ to Garvin because he has actually played and made plays. He ran right by a Top 10 NFL pick multiple times.

The U is blessed to have both.
Don’t sleep on Rousseau now he’s going to come flying off that edge - could see several strip sacks in the making come season time. Gavin is a stud and he’ll get his this year for sure.
I’m rooting for Patchan. If he stays healthy they could have a solid 4 man rotation.
This is a DE lineup that would make any Canes team proud. And with Willis and crew on the interior... Bring on LSU!
Joe Jackson is a first rounder all the way. Big fan.
If this defense improves against the run and I think they will improve greatly, these DEs are going to wreak major havoc.