Podcast with Mike Harley and DJ Johnson

Podcast with Mike Harley and DJ Johnson

Peter Ariz

On this edition of the CanesInSight podcast presented by CanesWear, I am joined by Mike Harley and DJ Johnson. Both reflect on their recruitment and look forward to their future at Miami.


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This episode has been great so far, just finished listening to the Mike Harley interview section

Dj said
"I know if I go here I'm going in with a bunch of dawgs a bunch of monsters and I don't have to question their drive. They got families to feed and to do it for their mom. They got the same drive I got and to me that's something irreplaceable to play with guys with the same mindset."
Man.... we getting some elite kids in. Throwback type hurricane mentality

Man pete great job on the interviews. It was a great show. Mike and dj are going to be great additions to the program.
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These are some dog days, man.

Mid February through late March is unbearable. S/O to this podcast for bridging that gap.
Great Episode Pete!! Really like the drive and mentality of these young men. Glad I already have tickets as they are going to be tough to get here soon.