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PODCAST: What’s next after Texas A&M and Middle Tennessee preview

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Great pod, I'm really hoping Campbell and Ivey have finally arrived. That UNC game is really gonna be a huge pivot point to the season.

The A&M game is disappointing but we still have everything infront of us. It might actually help us moving forward.
One thing all who watched can agree universally..... it was one of the most boring Canes games we have watched offensively.... especially considering we had an Heisman contender at QB.
Gattis better get to work with the amount of $$$ dumped on this Canes remake.
I don't like mope D$. Koolaid D$ is more fun.

Pete needs to start polarizing people again--he's too corporate now. It it rip, Pete.
Appreciate you guys taking my question.

Enjoyed it all, good work fellas.