PODCAST: Weekend Quickie ft. DMoney

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Great stuff! The point about the consistency of the offensive personnel I think is huge. Beyond the obvious QB race, we can just about name every other offensive starter right now based on the rotation in fall practice, and that's a good thing, IMO.

Also it's gonna be so nice watching #26 roaming the backfield this year.
Great stuff !
Filled with (to the point) useful information, updates, evaluations, forecasts, etc.
Sounds like a not-flashy Tate would be the guy if the defense holds forth and we have some 10-7 lead or such. (Field Position Battle!) If UF breaks thru and we find our selves down 21-7 or the like, sending in a bit riskier (flashier) Perry (or JW) might be the Plan B. I'll happily take the former.
Nice great stuff on the TE"s, can't wait to see Brevin and Mallory making plays this year.
Starting not to care if Tate decides to toss Kiki in the stands a game ball every now and then on first down so long as he sticks with not turning the ball over. Let’s lean on the defense hard and avoid putting them in unfavorable positions. The logic has always been that we can go far with a decent enough game manager at QB and Tate can probably be that for us and more.
Is Joyner just MIA?

He goes from being the next great thing after Orlando scrimmage to somehow injured with no timetable for return

Thanks for the update and insight.

Just bought two Miami Hurricanes "three stripe life" tee shirts from Caneswear. I talked to Brett for a while about the upcoming season. Nice guy. Brett says, "What's up D$." Had some delicious smoked brisket at Mission BBQ two doors down.
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Thanks for the info.
I also hated the musical chair routine at OL the last couple of years. Makes it difficult to develop any sense of cohesion. Between the change in offensive philosophy and the hiring of an OL coach who seems to actual known something about coaching OL, I have to imagine we'll look better up front this year than last year.