PODCAST: Roster overhaul after FSU loss? Featuring Steve "k9" Kim

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I'm on a bit of losing skid on my Underdog Fantasy picks, down to 7-5. Hope you've been betting against me the past couple weeks. This time, I got Nick Chubb over 84.5 yards, Jaylen Waddle over 69.5 yards and Justin Fields over 59.5 rushing yards.

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Portal not good for culture when our best players are from the portal….

That doesn’t sound like a HC who is evolving…

What the hell kind of video player is this?? :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: Youtube is a thing DMunchie
This whole roster overhaul will save us idea is ridiculous. This team is a train wreck and it's due to incompetent leadership at the top, that isn't going to change.
just asking a question…your fine with our roster being good enough to beat anyone?
At this point i don't expect to be a serious contender for the acc championship until 2025.