PODCAST: Recruiting - Q&A Session

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What’s the QB name that’s been floating around

Update on Dent

Update on Neal visiting and Darnell Wright visiting

Update on Haselwood visiting
Alll i wanna know is, who was recruit #186 damnit!

For the love of gawd answer the question in here lmao
Stevenson has me confused with all of his visits, any insight (no pun intended)

Bogle really trending toward us?

What recruits are we going to target from the dumpfires up north.
What's the scoop on zip/summerrall.
Predictions and any new news for Evan Neal.
Where do we stand with offensive tackles and defensive back recruiting
Which recruits other than wackass Lucas will likely flip from FSU?

Any surprises that are good or bad developing?

Latest on TS, Neal, Battle.

Are we passing on QB? If so how do you guys feel about that? I personally dont mind.

Is it possible we take 5 DEs, Bogle, Weaver, Williams, Summerall, Harvey?

Are we gonna make a move for Wright?

Any rumors about a player being dropped?

How larger do u anticipate this class being?
Whats up with dt recruiting

Also Tyrique and Jordan......will we get elite players this cycle in the secondary. And elite DL
Fellas, that’s a pod we answered questions on from last week. I’ll save the ones you guys are asking and post in the next q&a pod
Thanks for the update fellas. Got a slam a couple espresso shots before the next one though . I admit I’m disappointed about How we are trending with Battle.