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PODCAST: Manny Diaz is Miami's new Head Coach - Instant Reaction ft. D$

PODCAST: Manny Diaz is Miami's new Head Coach - Instant Reaction ft. D$

Stefan Adams
DMoney and I discuss Miami's hire of Manny Diaz as the new head man in Coral Gables, the fallout of Mark Richt's departure, and how the future sets up for the 2019 season. Also, the pair analyzes the potential next moves in terms of coaching staff and personnel, including some insider tidbits of rumblings around Hecht.


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I'll give him a chance but only because of this reason, I believe the players like him despised richt. He better go hire a real oc.
Great job as always guys. Love the enthusiasm. Definitely ready to move on and let the guys get to work!

My main concern, as you guys discussed, is the recruiting aspect. If he's going to be successful, Manny needs to put a strong and robust recruiting organization around him. That will be what makes him or sinks him.
Rumor has it that Tee Martin wants the OC job. Probably already posted somewhere.
Later for Tee Martin. He just got canned from USC because he couldn't produce. Why would we want him here?

We need a stud OC, later for these bum names that keep popping up.
I don’t think Ponce runs a spread offense the way you normally think of a spread offense

...well, I saw App State in the Sunbelt Championship and they were running some kind of spread wishbone deal.

Lot of misdirection, stuff to create confusion. 2-3 backs on the field at the same time, option plays, along with designed qb runs.

It was like 80 percent run, 20 percent pass.

They did have some innovative run concepts. I loved the scheme. Just very very run-heavy.

I could see it working here with our current roster, but if you guys are expecting air raid, this ain’t it.

It looked more like georgia tech than texas tech.
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Willing to give Diaz a chance. No experience but I think you will see instant improvement on offense simply because of player attitudes.. The biggest factor going for him is his willingness to say this is not working and trying to make it better. I fully expect he will demand this same stuff of aggressiveness from his oc and their being willing to admit something is not working. . The biggest key may not be his u initial.hires but what he does the end of year 1 to change what does not work. Very risky naming Diaz head coach but time will tell how good or bad it is.
The gaytors whoop miami week 1, 6-7 season coming.

The more I think about it, the more this hire is growing on me, actually.

D Money said something that was very true - Manny is a smart motherfucker. If he gets the OC hire right and hires an equally smart motherfucker to scheme up the x’s and o’s on that side of the ball, I could see this working.

We have the talent to beat Florida. If we win that game, then Diaz could go on a roll.
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